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Top 10 Ideas To Propose To Your Girl


Not sure about how to propose to your girl in a way she can’t say anything, but yes? Keep scrolling on top 10 cutest ideas to propose your girl.

To bring about one of the best proposals, you must be creative. You know what’s more important thing to know? The choices of your girl that you must understand perfectly. This is special moment when a girl expects you to connect with her. So, do not here get your nerves on your girl’s big day (and off course yours). Pick the best way from the list to propose to a girl of your dreams. The girl you love the most and want to share your life with. Good luck!

1. Propose On Your Relationship Anniversary

Is that your relationship anniversary? Come on! This is gonna set the stage for something extraordinary. The day she told “I love you too” was definitely special for both of you. Why not take advantage of it then? Now you have you a chance making that special day even more dreamy by proposing to her on it.

You can never go wrong with your relationship anniversary day; it just uniquely bring the romance. What’s more? You can get bonus brownie points to remember your anniversary in this magical proposal idea. Great!

2. Propose over a Candlelight Dinner

What a perfect time to propose a girl on candlelight dinner! Romantic atmosphere and few chances of rejection of the proposal during this dinner! Propose her by giving a surprise during dinner or just directly confess her the talk of your heart.

Trust me, there’s no need to take your girl to an expensive hotel for a candle light dinner. It’s your love that matters! Simply arrange it anywhere according to you. You can have some romantic music playing in the background for an extra dash of the emotions. Also, give her a small gift (along with a red rose off course!) and get her something her favorite delicious food. You will definitely win her heart.

3. By Writing A Love Letter

One of the oldest and cutest ways to propose a girl. Even if you’re quite shy, this is gonna work for you! Write a letter expressing to her every talk of your heart. Everything you feel about her. Anything which is been hidden inside your heart for so many years. What a beautiful way of proposing a girl!

This one is literally an effort of love. An exquisite idea of how to propose a girl, a love letter delivers the feel of romance perfectly. And you know; a lot of girls actually get impressed with this. Do not think this is an old fashioned idea and your girl is not going to impress with this. Always remember this saying “Old Is Gold” and just go for it.

4. Propose On Valentine’s Day

There is no better day to propose to your girlfriend than Valentine’s Day. Even though when you fall in love, every day can be Valentine’s Day. This is the most attractive day to show your love to your lover! Valentine ’s Day is full of love, magic and warmth. Proposing to a girl on this day is one of the most exciting ways to propose to a girl.

If you are planning to propose the love of your day on this day, be happy! This is guaranteed to win your girl’s heart! The chances of her rejecting your proposal are little to none. Kudos!

5. Make a Romantic Photo Album to Express your feelings

For me, this is the best among all. You and your girl may keep saving pictures of each other. Just make a romantic album now to propose her. There is no perfect way than reminding all the magical moments you have spent together. A customized photo book with all of your pictures and special times in it will be enough to make her say ‘yes’.

Make a photo album and write by yourself asking your girl to marry you.
A romantic photo album.

Simply put in all your goofy, romantic, intimate, fun, and love-filled moments in your love proposal photo album. On the very last page of the album, customize a small sweet card asking her the question. You can also write a note by yourself asking her to marry you.

6. Propose to her while Watching a Movie

Is you’re a girl a crazy movie lover? That’s great! Take her to cinema to watch a movie. Start talking about this movie, how it should be, instead of this hero or this heroine this, what should be there, and about scenes of movie. Ask her if she love the songs. Then, you can take her to multiplex for a movie. And while watching movie, you can surprise her proposing what you have been trying to say for so many days.

A bonus tip: choose a romantic movie, this can increase the chance that she will say ‘yes’ (Hurrah!). There is going to be tons of romance! An amazing blend of film and real love story. Also, you can enjoy the two of its benefits, you watch the movie and your love life gets start rolling!

7. Propose On a billboard

Are you thinking to propose your girl in public? A billboard would go a long way. This idea is can be more charming if you’re a bold man. Go through all the creative ways you can use a billboard to propose. Keep in mind what your girl will like the most. What about trying this outside her workplace? Or outside her home?

Better writing the words “Will you marry me?” or “Will you spend your whole life with me?” Don’t forget to paste her beautiful picture on the billboard. Carry that special ring in your pocket. The moment she sees the billboard, bring it out. Go down on your knee to propose her then.

8. Take Her To A Long Drive 

Another classic and lovely way to propose to your girl! Ask her out for a long drive. Prefer making your way away from traffic routes. A long drive where you both can spend time on the open road surrounded by the beautiful panorama. A road to love!

What’s a better idea? Play a romantic music in car. Hide the ring either in your car or you can carry it in your jacket’s pocket. Wait for a suitable moment to propose to her. Make sure not to rush to propose. Take time and enjoy the feel!

9. Propose Her By Dancing Or Singing

If your girl loves singing or dancing you can propose her by singing her favorite romantic song or performing a dance. This is what all the girls love! So, just go for it. Do not forget to choose the place accordingly where you can perform a song or perform some dance. Doing this at her favorite place will definitely increase your chances of approval.

If you’re thinking to propose her in a crowded place, a mall or a restaurant can be a better place. You can also perform alone where only you and your love are there. Propose her by your song or dance. This is one of the most unique ways to express your love to a girl of current times.

10. Propose оn thе bеасh

This is one of the best romantic ways to ask your girlfriend to marry you. A bеасh wеddіng proposal іѕ an іnсrеdіblе ideal wау to propose to your girl. Fresh air will keep the romance alive!

Nothing is more romantic than a beach proposal.
Beach Proposal

What you all need is thе aesthetic beach, thе іntіmаtе fееlіng оf bеіng thе оnlу you and your love in thе wоrld, and thе romantic ѕсеnе to express your love. Don’t you? Tell me in comments if you ever think of an aesthetic romantic idea than this?

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