Power Of Creativity  

Power Of Creativity

What comes to your mind first when you hear the word “creativity”? A museum of art?. Perhaps you believe it is a waste of time or that you are not creative? While these are common statements, they are incorrect. Power of Creativity is wholesome

Yes, creativity is frequently associated with art, but this does not imply that creativity is solely concerned with being artistic. It also doesn’t mean you’re not creative if you don’t draw, paint, or design clothes. Everyone is born with the ability to be creative; we have had it since the day we were born.

Participating in the creative process has numerous advantages. Following are some advantages of creativity that show the power of creativity

  • Improves mental health
  • Improves problem-solving ability
  • Increases comfort with change and failure
  • Accepts our curiosity

What Is the Power of Creativity?

Creativity stimulates the mind. It liberates the mind, allowing a person to absorb information more easily. It improves the efficiency of mind with which learning is processed. Creativity allows for new ways of thinking. It removes impediments to old patterns or habits of thought. It enables non-linear thinking.

Empathy is enabled by creativity. Creativity brings us closer to ourselves. It opens our hearts as well as our minds. Creativity leads us to previously unseen aspects of ourselves. It enables the recognition of one’s own uniqueness and identity. Creativity can assist in bringing out what is already within – hidden talents and inner capacities can emerge. It connects us to our interests. Participation in creative activities fosters a sense of community. It brings people together and can help to develop teamwork and cooperation skills. Following are some phenomena which show power of creativity.

Worth Of Creativity

Creativity presents difficulties. Reflection and action can be linked through creativity. It allows fosters cross-cultural understanding. It links us to various cultures and subcultures. Creativity fosters self-assurance. It boosts self-esteem. When young people are self-assured, they are less susceptible to the influence of others.

Curiosity is sparked by creativity. It elicits inquiries. Creative expression gives a person a voice. It can assist in the capture of ideas, thoughts, and visions about the world. Young people are capable. They must speak up for themselves and others. Creativity is a collaborative and interactive process. When young people engage in creative activities, they are not passively listening/absorbing, but rather exploring, discovering, and communicating. It can help young people become more active and visible members of society.

Creativity both stimulates and motivates people. Creativity takes us beyond the realm of words. It enables exploration and communication that is not limited by the limitations of words. Creativity is enjoyable, joyful, and surprising. It stimulates the mind. Creativity stimulates various learning styles. Creative methods encourage participation through a variety of learning styles. Everyone learns and participates in different ways. It enables us to view and solve problems more openly and innovatively. Creativity broadens one’s horizons.

A society that has lost touch with its creative side is imprisoned, as generations of people may be closed-minded. It broadens our perspectives and can aid in the removal of prejudices. Creativity stimulates group thought. It breeds ideas. Resilience is aided by creativity.

What is the definition of creativity?

So, with that in mind, here is the accepted definition of creativity, which dates back to 1953 and has been in use for over 25 years.

Creativity is the production of something new and valuable

At first glance, this definition may appear to have nothing to do with creativity. However, one of the wonderful aspects of this definition is that it allows for all forms of creative expression in all disciplines. It examines the creativity of people of all ages, at work and home, novice, and expert, in fields traditionally associated with creativity as well as those that are not.

What exactly this definition explains about creativity?

‘Production Of”

In the first part of the definition “The Production of “this may seem obvious, but being creative means creating something that didn’t exist before, or improving on what was already there. Perhaps it’s a treehouse for your children to play in. Or a system you devised to help organize your pantry. Or perhaps you were in a situation at work when you accidentally erased your project file before a deadline, and you responded by quickly and miraculously recrafting a new document that was, frankly, even better. All of these outcomes were the result of some degree of creativity.


The second part of the definition which is “Something” – indicates that some sort of process occurs, which results in some sort of outcome or product. That is the point of using such ambiguous language! An artist’s process, an engineer’s process, a marketing analyst’s process, or a policymaker’s process will all result in a different kind of “something.” That something could be a physical product (such as a work of art) or it could be something more abstract (like a scientific theory). Whatever it is, for it to be considered creative, it must contain an element that is novel in some way, implying that it did not previously exist.


In the third part which is “Value,” We’re not talking about monetary value here, though that’s always nice. Something creative can be beneficial to society, an organization, your community, your family, or even just you. If you come across a piece of art that someone is throwing away and falling in love with it, that art has personal value to you. And isn’t that all that matters? Also, even if you spend six hours on a Saturday working on a poem that you never show anyone, you might appreciate how you spent your time. The value of a process or experience can be significant at times. . What matters is that whatever you produce gives you pleasure or satisfaction, saves your job and reputation, or otherwise improves your situation in some way.

The Ultimate key to explore the world is to be creative
The Ultimate key to explore the world is to be creative

Examples that show us what creativity is!

Following are some examples that show us the power of creativity

  • As a high school student, you participate in a variety of activities and work part-time. Your schedule and “to-do list” are making you feel overwhelmed. You decide that it is time to develop an organizational system that works for you. Because you are a visual person, you develop a color-coded organization system for your classes, activities, and job. It is now simple to find what you require – when you require it. Furthermore, you can quickly what needs to be done and by when.
  • As a parent, you notice that your child is unable to sleep because he or she is afraid of the monsters under the bed. To assist, you decide to create an anti-monster spray. Fill a spray bottle with water, label it, and tell your child that this solution will keep the monsters at bay. Before going to bed, you spray the room with the spray and reassure your child that the monsters will now stay away.


Creativity is the capability to create something new through imaginative skill, such as a new solution to a problem, a new method or device, or a new artistic object or form. The term generally refers to an abundance of ideas and originality of thought. According to psychological studies many people are fascinated by apparent disorder, contradiction, and imbalance, which appear to be perceived as challenges, which are highly creative. Such people may have an extremely deep, broad, and adaptable self-awareness. According to studies, intelligence and creativity have little significant relation; thus, a highly smart individual may not be very creative.

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