To Find Love

To find love.

Love is the most powerful force on this earth. Some say finding a genuine connection today is harder than ever but that’s no reason to give up trying. That’s no reason to give up believing that you deserve it.

The Way To Real Love.

Knowing you deserve it. Real love will find you when you are ready for it. Your love will find you when you do not search for love in others, but you find it in yourself first. We all deserved to be loved, and the first step on the journey to real love is to love yourself first!

Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.
Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.

Next, You will need to do the work rather than waiting, for someone else to come along and “fix” you. And finally now is the time to let go of the habits that have kept you from getting hurt, but are also holding you back from a true partnership built on love and respect.

So, If you are asking, “Will I ever find love?” You must stop doing these 5 things first.

Stop Looking to Others to Love you.

You have to stop looking for others to love you, and instead love yourself first. In the search of real love, the very first step must be loving oneself first. If you don’t love the special being you are, how can you expect anyone else to? Really if you want a true partner to share your life with, someone who will walk by your side and encourage you. To live your best life, you have to treat yourself that way first.

When you stop looking for others to notice you, you begin to notice yourself.
When you stop looking for others to notice you, you begin to notice yourself.

When you find yourself frustrated in search of a loving and respectful partner, take a step back to examine how you honestly feel and treat yourself. Take a close look at your self-talk, and begin to shut down the negativity that we can often inflict on ourselves. When you are not at peace with who you are and you are constantly waiting for someone to “fix” you. You will likely attract toxic people, who are looking for someone to take advantage of. Don’t fall into this trap. Take the time to do the difficult self-work that makes you an attractive partner and will help you to attract loving and respectful people into your life.

When you want someone else to do the heavy lifting for you, you will likely be disappointed with the caliber of people who enter your life. When you know that you are a whole and complete person who is looking for a partner rather than a savior. You are opening yourself up for the attraction like-minded people who are also seeking someone to walk the journey of life with.

Stop Wearing Mask

Stop wearing a mask and trying to appear perfect. Be yourself. The most common mistake people make when looking for a connection is inauthenticity. True love will never find you. If you are not ready to reveal your true self, If you want someone to love you despite your faults. You must be ready to do the same for them. “False Advertising” has never been higher. Tinder, Facebook, Insta and these all are at time authenticity killers. People seem more obsessed with appearing “perfect” than ever before. If you want to love, be yourself.

Love has a powerful mask of removing the mask we all insist on wearing.
Love has a powerful mask of removing the mask we all insist on wearing.

Your raw, true, authentic self, flaws and all. Learn to love who you are and stop hiding it from the world. One day someone will fall for who you are, not how you wished to be perceived. If you are always wearing a mask, covering up your real self. How can someone love you for who you are? Real love only comes to those who are real themselves. Remember: the right person is always waiting for you to reveal your real self.

All the wrong people will always be available for the masked you. Most people do not learn it until much later in life. So, start expressing your true character today because you never know who is watching.

Stop Expecting Someone To Be Something.

Stop expecting someone to be something. You are not giving back. This is the concept of the mirror. Most people are not actively looking for someone, who is negative, pessimistic, lazy or uninspiring. You set the standard for the type of person you want in your life. If you want a particular type of person, you must mirror that quality. If you want someone fit and healthy. You must be a mirror of that person.

The real key to happiness is to stop expecting others to make you happy.
The real key to happiness is to stop expecting others to make you happy.

Do you want someone who always sees the positive in every situation? Mirror the mindset, with your own outlook. If you want someone with drive and ambition, ask yourself if you possess those characteristics. Like attracts like. Mirror the person you want and that connection will happen much more naturally. Finding genuine happiness within yourself is one of the most important steps to making a genuine connection with someone else.

Stop Hiding.

If you want people to love you for who you are, you need to stop hiding your true self.
If you want people to love you for who you are, you need to stop hiding your true self.

Nothing will come to you in this life if you are hiding from it, nothing will come if you are running scared. If you something, you are going to have to be brave and put yourself out there. And if you don’t put yourself out there no one will be able to find you. Sure, this won’t work for you every time but it will never work. Become someone capable of loving and being loved. Self-worth, the stories you tell yourself become your reality. So do that work on your self. The real deep self-work that creates a better you. Because the better you feel about you, the better you are going to show up in the world. The better you show up, the better your relationships will become.

Stop Holding On To A Comfortable Habits.


Stop holding on to comfortable habits that hold you back. There are a lot of habits that you know do not serve you well, but you have become comfortable with the perceived protection that they offer. Habits that you know are not helpful in your quest to find true love but you may be reluctant to give up them. If you want to find love, you have to make sacrifices. If this is your situation remember that life’s greatest growth comes when you leave your comfort zone.

Do not let feelings comfortable and safe hold you back from a full and vibrant life that could lead to the love of your life. Opening yourself up and allowing emotional vulnerability is an essential part of finding true love. Let go of the defense mechanisms and withdrawal strategies that have kept you from getting hurt and also hold you back from finding love.

Do you recognize yourself in some of these five things to stop doing if you want to find love? If you do, it’s time to get down to the hard work that is necessary to get you to the place where you can attract true love. Yet, it may be scary to let go of these behaviors and mindsets that have protected you from emotional hurt, but if you really want to find love, you really have no choice. Let your light shine brightly, bravely be yourself and like moths to a frame, you will attract the right people. Make sure you mirror the characteristics you find important and will find love. And never forget:

No one will love you until you love yourself.

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