Loneliness and a remedy

Loneliness, I think the entire world, the entire globe is gripped by this dreadful symptom we call loneliness. Loneliness is where you feel totally disconnected. You may be in the midst of people, but you feel left out, don’t feel like associating with anyone. You’re all alone by yourself, arising out of some level of disconnect at this emotional level. But this emotional disconnect makes one feel lonely.

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.
Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

Marcus Aurelius once said,

” Its not death that we should fear, we should fear from never beginning to live”

When we die our lifeline becomes straight, when we are alive our lifeline is like crust and troughs. Notice how that connects with our real experience of life. Life is full of ups and downs, it means you are alive. Twists and turns, love and loss, happiness and sadness, success and failure. We experience extreme high peaks and summits. And at the same time experiences the troughs, the lows and submit.

Life is like a kind of big crazy roller coaster. It starts slowly fills you with anticipation and curiosity, takes you up and then sends you flying down only to rise up quickly again! We laugh until it hearts, we cry inside a little, experience a few moments where we want it to stop and hopes its all over, but it just keeps going. We somehow think that success is linear, an upward line there is literally no case study for that. Everyone we admire has ups and downs.

Loneliness; A State Of Mind!

There are times when you are all alone, on your mountain house. Still, you don’t feel lonely. You could be in the midst of family, though you may be having dinner together. But you are on your own islands. So, there is a difference between aloneness and loneliness.

Psychological Aspect.

Psychologically, loneliness has many faces. Let’s have a look if you have an inferiority complex also. Though you have loved ones all around you, but you have denied this connection. Nobody belongs to me. You have denied it. Feelings are like, “I don’t need to associate myself”, “I don’t want to be a part of it”. The reason why they are lonely is themselves. They have such a bloated ego. But deep down when you will see a whole scenario, you will say, “Oh wow, this person is the lonely and only reason is his arrogance”

Lack Of Connections Leads to Loneliness.

Loneliness has nothing to do with other people. When you feel lonely take it as a signal. A signal from within. There is an inner connection that needs tending. Get back in touch with the most essential thing, which has been with you since the very beginning. That is the root of all longing.

Lack Of Connections Leads to Loneliness.

Let suppose that you are on a flight. Observe what happens inside you? where you are? where your focus is? When you are first sitting on the flight, you are observing “This person is carrying too much baggage”, “This person looks so good, that person is not so good”, ” This air hostess, she is gorgeous.” See how the thought processes are always outward? Analyze this, ask yourself “Am I settled? Am I drawn within myself at any given moment?” Most people today are drawn outward, which is unnatural life.

The Way Out!

You are investing your energies into objects outside you. But when you settle down, you focus yourself. Then you are able to pay attention to the outside world. At the same time remaining focused within yourself. With this practice of meditation, your loneliness will be replaced by joy. And, you will feel that joy no matter what. Whether you are in a crowd or you are alone.

Do Not Be A Prisoner Of Your Life!

Do Not Be A Prisoner Of Your Life!

The majority of human lives are lived in painful limitations. We live little, miserable lives. We identify ourselves as being our bodies alone and live in fear of sickness, old age, and death. Or we identify ourselves as our part of histories, and achievements alone and live in pride or humiliation. To awaken to purpose require us to get off our veil of separation. The purpose is for every aspect of life. If you do not have a clear purpose. You just go through the motions. We wake up every day around the same time, have the same breakfast, kiss the same goodbyes, meet the same people at work. There may be the semblance of external order in all of this, but internally there is an absence of drive in all we do.

So, How Then We Discover Purpose?

The discovery of purpose is a single step journey. Only when we break free of our limiting preoccupation with ourselves and awaken to a state of connection, will we find our purpose unveiled.

So, What Then Is Connection?

The connection is gratitude. It is the awareness that we are the result of innumerable efforts of life forms and efforts we know and may never know. A connection is a compassion, It is the awareness of the oneness of human experience. When we awaken to any of these expanded states of connection, we simultaneously tune into the problems and unmet needs of the society and the people around us.

So, What Happens When We Discover Purpose?

We enter into a different realm. We become part of the magical flow of life where synchronicities unfold. This means the randomly moving universe will arrange itself in pattern to fulfill our heartfelt purpose. So let me put the art of discovering purpose into perspective. Please do not set out in search of a purpose. Set out to discover the beautiful state of connection, and your purpose will emerge

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