Lack of respect in today’s youth


If youth is not respecting their elders that means they are not giving authority to the elders. Well the youth is still learning various things about society, about behavior and how to balance between various relations and things. Sometime they are unable to balance things well then mess happens.

Youth should understand that elders who have gone through same stage as you are going. They have learnt a lot with their life’s experience that’s why they are telling you what’s good and what’s not. If you do not agree with their opinion the best way is convince them about your opinion or try to understand why their opinion is different than yours.

Just like if you tried to learn language on your own and did not want to learn it from your elders guess what you would have been speaking today 🙂 So we learn by seeing, by listening, by understanding. Try to understand. And for elders they should also try to understand why youth is not agreeing with them.

Lack of respect in today’s youth

Disrespectful words and actions are rude and show a lack of respect
This could be caused by a number of things.
● Children who feel they aren’t being herd or treated fairly.
● Children who feel they don’t get enough attention. And the way parents choose to discipline and raise their children.

It seems to me that children’s behavior has drastically changed within the last twenty years due to parenting choices. I speculate that if parents spent more time with their children and disciplined them at a young age their behavior would not be as out of control as it is.

parents are not spending enough time with their children:


In today’s society parents are not spending enough time with their children, or even disciplining them. Parents could be doing things such as home work, bed time routines, or even something so little as having a meal with them.
● Instead parents are to busy working, watching TV or just to tired to do anything. So in result of that the children do what ever they want, which causes the negative behavior.

● Parents could change this by reading a book at bed time or even playing a game, even watching a movie together as a family once a week. All it takes is a little interaction with one’s child.

Parents are focused on their careers:

Modern families contain parents who are more driven and focused on their careers and less focused on the success of their family.

Trying to discipline one’s child in today’s society may be a little harder than it was twenty years ago. Twenty years ago parents were able to spank their children with out being accused of abuse.
Today if a parent spanks their child their being “abusive”. society is making parents afraid to punish their children. Parents who avoid discipline harm not only the child but also society. By disciplining one’s child is teaching the child self-respect and willingness to take responsibility for their own actions. Discipline is kind of a way of showing a child that the parent cares and love them.

The future is coming

Some people say “the future is coming,” but the future is already here. Almost everything in society is new and improved including technology, education, government, living, industry, and communication. With changes to every day human life comes with changes to human behavior. The primary purpose of the improvements is to make living easier and better. In doing this, people have become ungrateful and inconsiderate of the work that has been done in the past and the present. One primary drawback of current society is the disrespect among relationships between children, adolescents, and adults.

The way people raise their children has much to do with how they were raised and the area that they live. Though people are raised with many diverse values, one common value is respect. Of course this is in the past. Many people have strayed away from the tradition in the way they were raised. It is understood that not all tradition should be up held when time changes, but the foundation of tradition should be maintained. Parents are more disengaged and uninfluential on the lives of their children resulting in less moral stability. Or one of the parents are too engaged in their children’s life, trying to be their child’s best friend and smothering them.

One question to ask is, “where is this path taking us?” If the negative behaviors of today’s youth has escalated so much already, the problem is going to keep growing if not addressed. An issue left unsolved does not dissipate. Adults have been personally victimized with the heinous words and physical abuse of children and adolescents. Respect has not been properly taught or enforced in a considerable amount of today’s youth and it is consequently shaping today’s society in detrimental ways.

Parents use harsh & demeaning terms:


This isn’t saying that children are these evil, disrespectful, adult-haters. Children learn a great amount from their parents. What a parent consistently does, their child will most likely to do. One of those things that children learn is disrespect. Parents themselves often use harsh and demeaning terms to talk to their children. Harsh tones, negative terms, and deconstructing criticism deeply influences how children feel towards their parents and other adults. It also affects how children associate and deal with anger. While the youth of today has a real problem with respect, so does the parental generation. If a parent wants respect, they should also respect their children.

Overall disrespect is a growing problem in society. The primary concern is how children and adolescents treat their elders and it can very well be fixed by parents observing their own behaviors and the values they enroot in their children

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