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Top 10 Ways to Look More Attractive


Ever wondered how to be more attractive? Attraction isn’t only about looks but physical appearance plays a good role. How you carry yourself unveils your natural beauty and is the dominant power behind attractiveness. No matter who you are, what you do, and what you’re working on, this is a natural desire to look good. Fortunately, figuring out how to look more gorgeous isn’t as difficult as you might think. In this post I’ll share the top 10 ways to look attractive which you can use to step up your style and put your best face forward.

1. Go For A Voluminous Hair Style

Study has found that voluminous hair is related to health and vitality, which makes you look better. Your hair starts thinning with age? Or is just on a thinner side by birth? In such cases, you should try using a dry shampoo to increase volume of hair. When roots absorb heavy oils, an instant look of fullness makes you look super dashing.

Trying to cut back on the heat tools might be a great conditioner for your hair. When you don’t always dye your hair it starts looking much prettier and healthy. Remember when your hair is healthy, you are just going to enjoy an overall more charming look.

2. Consider wearing sunglasses

Ever thought why sunglasses look so awesome? Sunglasses becloud the eyes (duh), which creates an air of mystery around you. Even when you’re trying to get romantic (imagine when you have to face your crush! Bloom!), it always pays trying to develop a sense of mystery.

Other than that, sunglasses improve facial symmetry by hiding any slight inconsistency around your eyes. Someone ever told you that one of your eyes sits quite higher on your face? That’s perfectly natural! But, you know, mostly people usually prefer symmetrical faces when choosing mates. Just imagine that tons of your beauty determining your flawless facial symmetry wearing sunglasses that makes you look more attractive.

3. Have a Great Skin Care Routine

Having a clear skin will ensure you look splendid and attractive. Taking care of your skin, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and wearing sunscreen are all important for glowing skin. Exfoliating your skin at least once to twice a week also plays an essential role maintaining a clear skin. Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Also, try to cover up any blemishes on your face using concealer for a natural look. Adding eyeliner to make your eyes pop will be a bonus to your attractive appearance.

Develop a consistent morning and night skincare routine and never go to bed without cleansing your skin and removing your makeup. Try keeping your skin as healthy and clear as possible.

4. Whiten Your Teeth

Nothing makes you look more attractive and approachable than a clean, pearly white smile. Yellow teeth are so unpleasant to look! Fortunately, they are much easier ways to fix! Consulting the dentist after every six months and following a healthy routine like brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly will be enough to keep your teeth clean. Not only as a telltale indicator of good health, your teeth eventually makes you look more attractive to others. Try recommended toothpastes, teeth strips, teeth whitening system, or glosses to help your teeth look whiter.

5. Wear Clothing That Fits

Figure out your body type to help select what kinds of clothes look best on you. Don’t buy clothes that are too big or too small for your figure. You know, there are all sorts of body shapes, like apple, pear, hourglass, or rectangle. Consider looking at your body in 2 halves, with your waist in the middle. Now, think about to create a balance between the halves. If your top is wider than the bottom, prefer wearing fitted pieces on the top adding more volume on the bottom.

When you get that exact shape that work for your body, buy such clothes over and over again! The clothing, overall, makes a huge difference to your personality. Trends keep changing, but dressing according to body type is important. Wear clothing fits your body perfectly! Don’t forget, you can get pieces tailored to fit you properly.

6. Long Lashes

Take an advantage of looking extra gorgeous by making your eyelashes longer and more visible. You know, lashes are supposed to stay debris away from your eyes, but, trust me, flattering them is also one of the most proven ways of flirting. This captures direct eye contact drawing motion and giving you a classic look. Use an eyelash curler to enhance your lashes and increase volume. It will open your eyes to look bigger making lashes look longer. Even if you’re not wearing any makeup at all, it will help you look much better.

7. Fill in Your Brows

Eyebrows enhance the insight of your facial symmetry which can make a huge difference to how your face looks. Bold brows can make you look younger and more attractive. Try brushing them up. Use a powdered one lighter shade than your original brow color for the best natural look. But if you’re a blonde, pick one shade darker than your brow hair. Filling your brows perfectly adorns your best features and looks much more charming than if you pluck and tweeze them away.

8. Have a sense of humor

Laughing and joking make you look at yourself in a positive light. When you treat every aspect of your life so seriously, it shows in your face and personality. So, try to make yourself more at ease, try laughing off a small thing that would get under your skin. Cracking jokes on other make you look more attractive, too. 

Do you know that laughing together in a relationship can increase attraction towards your lover? This is crazy, right? The more times you try to be funny and laugh, the more likely your lover will be romantically interested in you. The higher level of attraction, the more you laugh!

9. Have compatible Facial Expressions

Ever noticed how does your face look like when resting? Looking curious or interested in the environment? Or just grooving to the music? Compatible facial expressions will go a long way to make you look more approachable. It’s fine to be imperfectly perfect. And off course it is much better to be honest about your nervousness. So, even if your face is just bleh, make sure to accept yourself. This will tend you to come off as more genuine and likable. Just be congruent with your facial expressions and body language!

10. Make a Good Posture

Walking, standing, and sitting and with a good posture instantly makes you look more awesome. A nice posture with straight back or neck makes you look more confident. Symmetry, as well, plays a good part in making a posture. While you’re standing or walking straight, maintain a balanced upright position. But when you do not have a nice posture, you may bend forward or sway back. There’s nothing attractive about that!

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