Confidence: The Leader to Success


Being confident is a very important part of our success. It is something that make us able to achieve our goals in a better way. This is something that we learn from our society and experiences. This is not an inborn tendency of human being. It plays an important part to fulfill a person’s dreams. It helps people to dream big and work hard to achieve their dreams. Every successful person has a proper amount of it. Being confident is important to survive in every field of life such as education, business and even in society.

We spend excessive amount of time discussing about how confidant we are. Some people have enough confidence to work better in their daily life. On the other hand, some people don’t have this much of it to work better and they always struggle to be more confident. If you are a person struggling with confidence and someone you know have confidence problem then this article might help you to be a confidant person.

What is Confidence?

Being confident defines as our strong belief about our abilities, capacities and talent. It is define as our trust in our abilities to succeed all life challenges and our willingness to act upon those challenges accordingly. Confidence means have positive sense and regards about you. A confident person belief in his/her abilities, but not in excessive, negative or arrogant way. A confident person has a realistic approach about his/her abilities. Being confident doesn’t mean to feel superior from others. It is an inner knowledge of a person about his/her abilities and capacities.

The word confidence is deriving from a Latin word called “Fidere”. This means that “to trust”. So a confident person has sense of trust in his/herself. It is a person’s feeling of well-being, strong belief in his/her knowledge, skills, capabilities and sense of acceptance of his/her body and mind as they are.

This isn’t a set of rules that a person learn and become confident. It is a state of our mind which also includes positive thinking. It is just like an attribute that is possesses by some people and other wants to possess it.

Confidence Does Matter

Confidence does matter in almost every field of our lives. It makes us ready to strive and work in different life experiences. It makes us to move forward and work with different people and for different opportunities in a better way. When we are confident we don’t back away from different opportunities that life gave us. When we are not succeeded at first then confidence is the only thing that makes us to try again until we achieve our goals.

On the other hand, lack of confidence makes people to hold back and they never reach to their potential and achieve their goals. People with lack of confidents have no power to try new things, follow their dreams and make connection to new individuals. When people with low confidence fail they have no courage to try again and they easily give up from their dreams.

Importance of Being Confident

When you have a sufficient amount of confidence it will give you so many benefits in different aspects of life. Following are some positive effects that confidence brings into your life.

Good Performance

When you have confidence your all focus is on your performance and you make effort to make your performance better. Rather than keep worrying about your knowledge and wasting your energy and time on focusing about you are not good enough. So, when you are confident ultimately your performance will better.

Better Relationships

Confidence in you also plays an important part to maintain healthy relationships. It just not makes you feel good about yourself but it also helps you to love and understand others in a better way. When you are confident you also make good decisions related to your relationships. You are also able to stop being in the toxic relationship and easily walk away from where you are not treated in a way you deserve.

Experiencing New Things

Confidence helps people to think out of the box and tries different things in their lives. Confident people always have courage to do things in different ways. Confidence makes it so much easy to putting yourself out there and tries new experiences. This is because confident people have strong belief in their abilities and in themselves.


When you are confident and you belief in yourself it enhances your ability to easily cope up from difficult situations and crisis. This ability is known as resilience. A confident person can easily cope up from difficult situations both mentally and emotionally. Confident people have a high level of resilience.

Over-confidence VS Under-confidence

People have confidence on different levels and in different amount. Different amount of confidence effects differently into a person’s life. When a person have low amount of confidence he/she is not able to do something new, have fears, lack of management skills, poor knowledge, criticism about themselves and unprepared for everything. The reason behind having a low confidence is also that we think too much about how other people think about us. We lack confidence when we spend time on thinking that may be my knowledge is not enough, people make fun of me, and other people will criticize me or laugh at me. Due to these thoughts we are not able to do what we have to do in our lives because we fear of embarrassment.

The excessive amount of confidence is also not good for us. Over confidence leads us toward negative thoughts and actions that may harmful for us as well as others. When our confidence exceed from a limit it leads us toward thoughts like I know everything, I have better ideas and people should listen to me more. People with over confidence become cocky, egotistic, narcissist and arrogant. Over confident people also believe that everything is easy for them and they can do anything. But everything needs some knowledge, skills and experience. So, this misconception of over confident people leads them toward failure.

Confidence VS Self-esteem

Self-esteem and confidence are not the same things. They are linked but have completely different meanings. Confidence defined as a strong belief in your abilities, capabilities, knowledge and skills. On the other hand, self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves, and what we think about ourselves. It is our feelings of worthy and value about ourselves.

It is not necessary that if a person is confident he/she much have self-esteem. Sometimes people with high self-esteem are lack of confidence. Moreover some people with high confidence level have low self-esteem. But low self-esteem does affect confidence level of people.

Ways to Improve Confidence

Confidence is very important for so many fields of life. When we lack confidence and are not able to achieve our goals we strike to gain confidence and want to become more confident. There are different ways that help you to improve your confidence level and make you able to achieve your goals.

Stop Comparing

Don’t ever compare yourself to others. Every person has their own uniqueness and individualities. When you start comparing yourself with others you also lost your unique abilities and never find out about your capabilities. We never know that how much struggle that person face to achieve his/her goals, we comparing ourselves with. When we start comparing ourselves with others we automatically find bad things about ourselves and we lose self-belief.

When you start comparing yourself with others, stop for a second and take a look on your own life, your achievements and successes. Life is not a competition so rather than look on others successes find your strengths and do something better for yourself.

Have Positive Influence

The people around you have so much influence on you. They also affect your confidence level. Such as if your friends make you feel good about yourself, mention good things in your and make you feel special then it will boost your confidence. On the other hand, when your friends and anyone around you make fun of you, criticize you and negatively comment you, it will lead you to feel bad about yourself without any reason.

You have no idea how much people around you effect your behavior, attitude and thinking. If you are getting negative vides and suddenly feeling bad about yourself by hanging out with some people then it is better for you to say bye to them.

Taking Care of Your Physical-Self

We all know that a healthy body has a healthy mind. When you are not healthy physically you couldn’t feel good about yourself. When self-care is a part of your life and you feel that you are doing something for your spirit, mind and body then automatically you feel confident. There are so many self-care things through which you can boost your confidence.

Healthy diet will fuel your body and you feel energize, healthy and strong which leads you to feel good about yourself and improve your confidence level.

Healthy sleep pattern also help you to improve your confidence. Moreover quality sleep also helps to improve self-esteem, positive personality traits, and increase optimism level. These things will help to boost your confidence. Insufficient sleep will lead you toward different problems such as poor emotions, thinking problems and memory loss.

Meditation and exercise also improve confidence. Researches claim that physical exercise improves a person’s body image and this makes a person feel good about him/her and boost their confidence. Through meditation you find your true self, recognize your abilities and develop a sense of self-acceptance. It also helps you a lot in positive self-talk and through meditation you can easily shut down everything that interfere in your confidence level.

Facing Your Inner Fears

Most of the people don’t try new things and new experiences because they have fears. People have fear of failure and embarrassment. Facing your fears will boost your confidence. People mostly don’t try to do things they fear because of their consequences such as other people laughing at you. But when you try new things, tell yourself that it’s okay if you are bad at first and you are doing this just for experience. When you cope up with embarrassing situations it will increase your confidence level and you keep trying new things. This will help to achieve your dreams.

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