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My Everyday Makeup Routine

My Everyday Makeup Routine

As we live in that modern era where every female wants to look pretty and attractive. Makeup along with a decent smile is one of the most precious jewels, a female can wear just because makeup is not just a tool that makes ugly things beautiful but to explore the beauty that already exists in you!

Do you know my makeup vanity is full of varieties and what I love the most is full-glam beauty incident? I am such a robotic person having too much hectic routine but it is necessary to search for a perfect beauty routine also. I thought my everyday makeup routine is one of the most flexible and beneficial for you guys, so, here, I am going to share this.

Before telling you exactly the major tips for make-up, I would like to say that there is a strong relationship between dressing maturity and beauty cosmetics. Imagine, if you do perfect make-up but you are not prepared yourself with satisfied and marvelous dressing, so, there is no advantage of making these efforts of make-up. You have to be very careful about dressing.

Now, I am going to tell you the makeup directions, found below:

Prime your face before applying makeup

Here are a few quick and easy ways to prep your skin for makeup:

Face oil

I guess, everyone knows whatever the weather is, moisturizer makes your skin gentle and settled in all kinds of aspects either before starting make-up or for the whole hectic day! Especially in the cold climate, there are many benefits of hydration in which the stay of make-up for a long time period is one of them. What I usually do is overlay my foundation along with the hydrating face oil.

Do you guys hear about the significance of this hydrating face oil and its use to supply nutrients when your skin needs it?

Basically, this face oil consists of omega-rich and antioxidants ingredients which seems to be like the sound of salad but I want to put these face oils having ingredients on my face. After applying, you will definitely experience moisture-rich feelings but I am not willing to do it twice a day.

Shaded and stained moisturizer

You can never imagine making yourself feel happy when you use it. One of the most important aspects is the settlement of the countless beauty steps throughout the entire world just because this product really works.

Do you know? This product can easily give you a lightweight kind of coverage which is essential for fully glam night events when you use to apply the foundation all over your face. It also contains SPF 30, vitamin E, and vitamin C due to which you don’t have any need to properly do make-up except the application of this moisturizer.


What did you feel about yourself when you look your eyes with dark circles? I guess, everyone feels ugly after seeing the dark black patches under their eyes. So, if you want to overcome this problem, feel free to use a good quality concealer because it gives you the confidence that you ever want. Now, I am telling you how to apply the concealer over your eyes. First of all, put a drop of concealer on your finger and then apply it under your eyelid area. Now, rub it. When you need extra coverage, so, you can layer both sides altogether.


Guys, I really love bronzer when there is a need for contouring, I usually apply the laguna bronzer just because I believe that it will not give any harm to my skin. I must say this is used for multi-purpose, sometimes, I use to apply this bronzer for warmer months for all-over color and also for contour shade as well.

Translucent finishing powder

Do you wanna a shimmer look on your face? I think you cant say “no” to me. Definitely,  in my make-up vanity, this is one of the most highlighted beauty products and mostly I use Laura Mercier’s Translucent powder which is supposed to be a loose finishing face powder. You can trust me regarding this product, it does not only appear as a cakey appearance but also makes my overall makeup on my T-zone.


Imagine, you go to an elite party and when you come there without a highlighter, so, is your party will become satisfying for you? Obviously, your friends and gatherings will never appreciate your looks and will hurt you. Relax, make habitual use of these beauty cosmetics so that every event can become shiny and glamourous of yours. I usually brush it on my cheekbone tops just because it gives a glowing dimension that gradually radiates and it is better as compared to shimmering.

Adorable blush

Now, come to my blush fantasy. This is obvious that during the winter season, it is highly recommended to add blush to my daily make-up beauty routine just because it gives a natural kind of rosy ness to your cheeks which seems to be as beautiful just like you put the petal of a rose on your cheeks.

Dirty blonde eyebrow gel

As we all know a female can never underestimate the power of an eyebrow! For you guys, I use to apply strong hold gel on bushy brows just because eye pencil does not give your eyebrows a bossy look.


All I need is the light and a decent touch of Bobby Eyeshadow just because it is the only single color that I wish to wear in my snaps! One of the most shocking facts is density pigmentation which can easily be built up if you look for a dramatic appearance.

Deep brown mascara

Who else does not want to look at her lashes curly and thick? Seriously, everyone has a desire to use strong performing mascara just because it gives your eyelashes a perfect definition, deep brown length as well as separation. If you want to wear light make-up for any event, make sure you use mascara with a thick volume brush, and then your lashes give a more magical look than ever before!

Lip pencil

When you talk to other people or attend any gathering, so, your lips play an essential role just because lips are the main important part. This is why never ignore the right choice of lip color according to your dress code. When you apply lip color, try to coat another layer of lip color and this gives you another different lip shade. Do some tricky methods in your make-up!

Enduring lipstick

Remember, when you have hectic and tough days all around, never forget to use long-wear lipstick just because it gives you an effective look all over the day. Red color lipstick is one of every green lip color shade which is one of my favorite colors and you can wear this lip shade at every kind of party either fancy or casual.

So, here is my complete beauty make-up routine. I hope you all enjoy every little detail about how to do perfect makeup and which beauty cosmetic products best suit your entire face. Similarly, there are some other make-up products such as make-up settling spray and lotion which you should apply after completion of make-up.

Doing makeup is one thing but taking care of your makeup tool is also essential. Here is your guide for cleaning your makeup brushes.

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