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How to Fight Winter Dry Skin?

How to Fight Winter Dry Skin?

The majority of us enjoy invigorate and bracing air of the winter season having a cold breeze along with a hot mug of coffee. Other than this, sitting by a roaring fire can make your winter peaceful and wonderful doubtlessly and you feel this warmness as one of the most comfortable things in this cold weather. But on the other hand, this season brings some unexpected kind of side effects for our overall skin, especially winter dry skin. Now, you think about the dryness of the skin and also you experience some itching in this dry and rough cold weather. Including me, everyone knows about this fact of skin stretching just because humidity level becomes low, especially in this season and there is much need of applying moisturizer over your skin.

But still, some people get too much tired of this drying and confusing weather, do you too? So, no worries, I have an ultimate solution of how to manage your overall skin and how to take care of your skin this winter. Before giving you advice, I use to suggest having a look at what kind of problems you face in the winter season. Now, let us have a look!

How does winter affect skin conditions?

Do you have any idea about those skin conditions which we all experience during this dry season? I guess, no! Only professional dermatologists have been warned about this knowledge. Now, there are some genuine skin conditions that might every human being face and these conditions are mentioned below:


Imagine, there is extra freeze weather along with the cold breeze, so, would you like to sit in the sunlight? A big yes, you all want to say! But, be conscious that there are some skin conditions that might affect your skin texture and Psoriasis is one of them. After getting sunbath, your skin gets reddish and suddenly your face complexion becomes dull and ugly. Decreased exposure plays a vital role in the intensity of the skin condition during this cold season just because the lack of humidity is the main reason for winter dry skin. Make sure to use a humidifier in your home which permits your skin layer with a coat of hydration.


One of the most common skin conditions that occur to every next person is Eczema. Of course, due to the reason temperature changes, this problem happens and your skin becomes reddish and bumpy. All the time, you feel uncomfortable and itching becomes an ultimate problem along with this skin condition. Try to regulate the surrounding temperature and minimize the heater temperature as well. You will definitely feel relaxed from this eczema, I am sure!


I think all of us experience that when we come from outside, our face automatically gets reddish and you will feel frustrated just because it is all about your skin. Usually, this situation happens throughout the entire winter season when you go outside for any purpose. All you need is to wear a hijab or cover your body with clothes or any kind of shelter. The most important care you have to do is to cover your whole face just because this organ of the body is highly damaged by ultraviolet rays.

Don’t forget to apply rich quality moisturizer so that your skin can become nourished and happy!

How to cure winter dry skin?

One of the most significant causes of protecting your skin from winter is low humidity levels. As this cold weather comes, a harsh kind of breeze sometimes makes our eyes unable to open and our tighten skin becomes old-aged skin texture. I guess all of us face these hurdles, so, take a chill mode, I have some smart and quick remedies for how you secure skin from this winter season.

Please have a look below:

Moisture is a must-have for winter dry skin

Just like tea is incomplete without cake, similarly, your skin is incomplete without moisture in winter! Now, I am telling you how to apply it. First of all, try to add moisture from the inside out just because the severe condition of dryness can lead to your cracks and bleeding on your body.

Don’t take hot and long showers

Yes! Everyone wants to enjoy hot water in cold weather. I think you also wanna take a hot shower along with a long duration. Remember, this warm water can destroy your overall glam skin because it can easily strip essential oils from your skin.

Apply sunscreen

Do you know the combination of snow and sun can effectively damage your entire skin nourishment? Remember, it is not necessary to apply sun protectors only in the hot summer season. Therefore, try to apply SPF for about 30 minutes max. The frequent reapplying of this sunscreen is one of the good things whenever you go outside.

Avoid tanning

Basically, tanning is just like pinkish melanin which use to travel and is absorbed into the skin as well. Most people have a concept that tanning can provide vitamin D as they lack it during cold, short as well as dark days. Always keep in your mind that ultimately loss in tanning can enhance the situation of a temporary boost.

Aware about your skin language

No matter whether you are vigilant or a sun worshipper regarding sun safety, it is all significant to investigate your skin track regarding any kind of existing change. Remember, you have to be vigilant about your skin in almost every season.

Visit a dermatologist for winter dry skin problems

If you have any skin problems or not, try to visit your professional dermatologist just because they can easily identify your skin type and the way your skin language fluctuates because of the weather changes.

Use of Fragrance-free cleansers

The majority of us have a habit of using bar soap, the chances of dryness become faster by using this soap. All of us have different skin types, so, I always suggest using rich ingredients in body wash just because it contains oats, hyaluronic acid, oils, and ceramics as well. Those cleansers which possess these ingredients are fragrance-free, so, make a habit of using this.

Try to modify your skin regime

Some people have itchy and dry skin, no matter, what the season is. One more thing, a good dermatologist always recommend those products which included natural oils, alcoholic fragrance, and alpha-hydroxy acids. So, for your daily skincare routine, always use natural oils and moisturizing creams. Make sure, you have applied it all over your legs, arms, and midsection.

Moisturize hands after washing

As we all know that specialty of this winter season is cold, flu, and fever. Especially, due to this pandemic, it is vital to wash your hands after coming from outside. After this, try to apply hand cream and any good moisturizer gently and smoothly.

These tips are just like a magical treasure because you can easily follow all of them. I guess every good skin specialist will advise you on all these methods just like I explained above. I hope, you will definitely get succeeded after applying these healthy and quick tips but until n unless you will experience some dryness and itching over your skin. Try to visit a good Dermatologist on weekly basis!

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