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Powerful Ways to improve your Quality of Life


We see a lot of people struggling to improve their lives. What do we mean when we say we want a good life? A good life means you enjoy little things in your life, be calm and satisfied with the money and stuff we have, and not compare our lives with anyone. We can improve the quality of our life by being more grateful to the people and God every day, and by spreading love, positivity, serving humanity, being useful to people. To make your life more peaceful and improve the quality of your life, here are some strategies.

Practice Gratitude:

Being positive and thankful for the things we are blessed with makes us happier and satisfied people. Write every day for little things you feel grateful for in your life.  It will have a magical impact and drastically change your living. Is there something in your life that’s irreplaceable, your family, your wife, your children? It could be being healthy, able to walk on your own feet, not depending on anyone for survival. 

There are a hundred other things that you can count on your list. Doing this activity will make you realize how blessed you are and there’s no point in comparing your life with others. This will make you change your perspective about looking at life from a different angle. You will have more gratitude and serenity in your life. Many people can’t be happy because they are not grateful, they are playing the blaming game, comparing their life to others. It will only make your life miserable. One way to get rid of this is to look at the life of other people who have nothing to eat, children starving for food in Africa and India, living life in slums, sleeping on the road.

 If you started practicing gratitude like a ritual for a long time, you will find positivity even in the negative things that happen to you.

Save money and invest:

The best tip to prepare yourself for the crisis is to save money. Life’s unpredictable, you will encounter many problems and challenges in life. You can have an accident, lose your money in bankruptcy, lose your job, etc. In that case, the saved money can help you out, and saving is a good habit that can help you in critical times. 

Use credit cards that have a low-interest rate and have balance transfer credit cards. If you are in your early ages, my advice for you is to invest in the stock market and cryptocurrency, and NFT’s. Many people will, tell you that you lose money in the stock market, do not believe them, turn your ears from them. If you don’t know how to invest, learn it, and I bet it is easier than the statistics questions you practice that actually make s no sense in real life.

Long-term investing has much lesser risks. The other way to build confidence and maintain a healthy life is to have a life insurance plan. The insurance plan can take care of your loved ones even when you are not there physically to support your family. Register yourself for a good life insurance plan, and life is uncertain; we are not sure about our lives. Be prepared and think about the survival of your family without you. 

Have a balanced diet :

 Is there a secret I have not told you about being healthy; that is you are lucky to be in good health? You don’t believe me, just think about those who can’t sleep and have to take sedatives, who can’t come out of depression, fighting with insurable disease cancer, AIDS.

Health is the greatest blessing of life. Keep balance in every food you eat, avoid unnecessary snacks and junk food. Go to the gym or hire a physical fitness coach to be physically fit all the time. If you cannot afford a physical fitness trainer, go to the gym, the least you can do is to have a walk on the roof of your home. A balanced diet decreases the risk of having life-threatening diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, or heart disease. Meditate daily and practice yoga to keep your thoughts balanced. Good mental and physical situation builds peace and serenity in our life.

Build a good relationship with your loved ones:

Another secret to living a happy life is to be loved by someone. Make family your priority; love them unconditionally. Make small sacrifices for them, be grateful to them. You can learn about how to show gratitude here. The key to a healthy relationship is to accept the person as he/she is. You cannot change the other person. If you are trying to change them/her, you don’t love her according to relationship experts. 

Spending time with your loved ones, listening to them, and participating in little activities in their life like playing with your children, swimming, hiking, and even laughing together can make a difference. These little things count a lot, and they can bring more happiness to your little word called your family. A good relationship can make you laugh a little louder, feel good about yourself, and your life more enjoyable, making it a peaceful palace to live in.

Avoid debt:

Most people struggle with paying heavy debts. The people usually move to spend more than their income, which makes their lives miserable. So debt can be troublesome and can get on your nerves if you have made the mistake of taking a loan from the bank, as they have policies to add interest rates every year.

My sincere advice is to not take on debt unless you are in dire need. Don’t delay the debt for a longer time, and pay it as soon as possible. Hence, get rid of these loans as early as possible by paying them on time. Loan free life has less stress and you enjoy your life, you don’t have to look at others to help recover your loan.


These are some of my suggestions that you can do to improve your life and you can add more points to the list. Success and happiness don’t have one definition, it’s specific for every person. A few have a belief that money can solve all their problems, others think being healthy is a success, and others have a strong belief that inner satisfaction and mental peace is true success. So you see, different people have different opinions. We are all imperfect living in the imperfect world. Don’t take life too seriously, otherwise, it will hit hard on you.

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