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Students are the important pillars of our society and the future of the nation depends on the students. But if the students are not satisfied and content with their life choices, they can get themselves in great trouble. Most students ignore the factors that can help them to perform better in life. The main focus of students is to get higher grades in college but the grades are not everything. Life demands much more than that.So how can students excel in practical life? Here are some self-improvement tips and skills for students that can help them to perform better in school as well as in real life.

1. Setting realistic goals:

This is one of the most important tips for students to set realistic goals. Sometimes students without even prioritizing goals, make an unrealistic timetable. Obviously, they will miss out because they have followed a time routine.

.Students should set a meetable study schedule, and they should take it seriously or ask one of their friends and be accountable to them about their routine. Set a reward for yourself if you accomplish all these goals and if you don’t you can also make small punishments that can motivate you to be more disciplined.  Make a to-do list for yourself and avoid all kinds of distractions to accomplish the desired goals. Make a schedule for everything you have to do in a whole day and should follow a specific timetable. Generally, the students who don’t set any goals or follow the timetable are less productive than other fellows.


2. Healthy diet:

You can also study better if your body is performing well, the only fuel for the body to perform well is mental and physical health. You cannot make it to the top or make good grades if you are undervaluing your daily intake of food.

Remember that if you are not in good health then you cannot enjoy a lot of things in your life. Eat healthy food and stay hydrated. Avoid eating unhealthy food and snacks all the time. If you are a medical student, you need to take such food that can boost your memory. Many fruits can boost memorization like almonds, berries, and cherries. The students spend most of their time studying so they should keep a bottle of water with them while studying. Chocolates also help in sharpening memory skills so take chocolate bars in between y9our study breaks to perform your best in exams.

3. Reading the books out of the syllabus:

The students should read books other than the course. The course books are boring and make us tired and sick due to the educational content in them. There are many genres of books that you can read to widen your perspective about a specific point like fiction books, self-help books, and even mystery and horror novels to experience something new.  They can help you feel more refreshed than ever. The students who read books are more avid and active in class than those who don’t. Bookish people don’t know anything outside the books, which creates trouble to participate in other activities.

It is not only limited to reading different books, you can also learn something entirely different like learning a new language, learning guitar, piano, practicing songs if you have good vocals, or painting, or gardening. As these activities lighten up different parts of our brain, We become flexible when we learn these things and it makes our brain loosen up and open and adapt to learning new and challenging things. So keep on doing challenging things whether it’s a small task.

4. Adequate sleep:

Most students ignore the fact that sleep can help to retain information better. Studying more than other students is not a solution to succeed in the exams. You should know how to use your study time productively to perform better than other students. The students should take eight hours of sleep to maximize their productivity.

5. Normalizing failure:

The students mostly fall apart when they fail in one or two subjects. Failure is just a lesson to perform better next time. Most students go into depression and this affects their quality of life. They are generally less confident than their fellow beings. Even if you fail you should not give up. The students give up too early and they think they can never perform better. Learn from your failure and move on and keep on repeating it. The day will come when you will be better than the high achievers of your class.

6.    Focus on learning life skills:

Apart from their studies, students should focus on life skills. Getting high marks in academics does not guarantee success in life. As a student, you should work on your communication skills, cognition skills, and emotional and social intelligence. There may be not any scale to test these skills, but in real life, you can’t survive flaunting your grades. For example, you can learn about people management, all your life you have to deal with different kinds of people in your life, whether, for personal matters or work, you have to rely on people, you even have to trust people for many things. 


The world is rapidly changing and if your parent is still asking you to improve your grades, or to be in the top place, then it does not work anymore, the grades are just part of life. Also, the proportion of people who get successful in practical anger gaining high grades is lesser or unnoticeable, as they cannot start something on their own. So it’s time to think something out of the box. Star learning real skills, instead of cramming notes and falsifying the success.

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