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10 Best Ways To Feel Better When You’re Depressed


Depression is more intricate than you think. It’s not about just being upset and obviously isn’t about being lethargic. But those can be frequent misinterpretations that may avoid you from getting proper treatment and seeking the help you actually need to feel better.

Even when you’re going through bad times of your life and experiencing stress and anxiety, it can be difficult to identify how you’re reacting to life circumstances. The profound feelings of sadness, fear, and anxiety are paralyzing. This cannot be easy to precede further steps to boost your mood and improve your mind-set in the moment.

In this article, you’ll get a competent helping hand so you can cop with your symptoms on your journey. A wholesome understanding of how you feel and what you can do to empower yourself so you can live your super best life even when you are not feeling good.

How you can feel better in depression?

There will always be gloomy days, weeks or even months where your problems seem hopeless or every single day looks like an adventure through a complicated way.

Most of the times, resolutions and positive progress can appear quickly. But some other times, you can only keep persisting forward with faith and patience. You may not be able to get rid of hard moments instantly, but you make them easy, enhance your journey more endurable and moving forward in the right way.

Below are 10 best ways to make yourself feel better when you are depressed and in a hurry. You can carry them out anywhere and anytime.

1. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Take a 15 to 30 minutes power walk regularly. Increase your walking time slowly, and soon you will undergo a daily aerobic activity under your belt. Meditation, yoga, stretching, or dancing can uplift happiness. You should not feel much like being lazy in depression. Get yourself be active anyway. For this, exercise may be the best option as this an effective treatment for anxiety and stress.

Exercise improves new nerve cell development in the hippocampus, part of brain that helps regulate the mood, and facilitates cell functions there. When you’ll make your hippocampus work better by exercise, then, it will make you feel better ultimately. So, keep doing it best!

2. Eat healthy foods  

It’s quite natural being unhealthy in depression, isn’t it? Mostly people with depression don’t crave much for foods. While some may overeat. But remember, what you eat will directly affect your mood and energy. You need to take a balance diet to cope with bad vibes.

Depression may trigger you to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You have to limit yourself to simple carbs and foods with added sugar. This will be much better! Don’t stay for too long without eating food. Not only it will make you feel down but decrease your body functioning as well. Also, make sure to eat something light and healthy even if you’re not feeling hungry.

3. Be Kind To Yourself

Most important you should try to be kind and compassionate to yourself. Try to grant yourself a permission to be imperfect. Treat yourself with love and kindness. Have patience, there’ll a time when everything will work as you wish.

Do not let internal criticism lose your self-esteem. It’s never easy for your internal critic to get something it doesn’t want. This can result in ultimate sadness. Avoid it as much as you can by seeking help from meditation, therapies, or counseling.

4. Embrace the Present             

Identifying sadness and anxiety acts as another function as well. It keeps your mind precisely in the present. When your whole focus will be on the present and here and now, your mind will avoid replaying past hard times over and over. You will also stop bothering about your future. Embracing your present will make you ignoring irregular sadness.

Try practicing deep-breathing exercises and meditation to feel the inner you at present time. Or you may prefer sitting quietly in your room considering your present consequences.

5. Do Good for Someone Else                                          

Volunteering will help you to focus on others and away from your own problems. You will feel much better when you’ll help others. There are several chances to come forward in your community and no shortfall of others who require help.

So, sometimes this is better to take your time away from yourself to concentrate on others. Your battle with depression takes grit, perseverance, and determination. Doing good for others will be enough to get you out of your gloom and back into the world.

6. Talk to your best Friend

Are you stuck in a negative mindset? You should better spending some time chatting or texting with your best friend. This will be enough to place you in a better state of mind. You can feel positive talking through a problem with your loving friend. But depression can make people to blame, complain, and rehash problems more often. It can keep reminding you about the wrong doings in your life.

According to experts, social support can be a key factor in the emotional well-being of depressed people. So, always air your thoughts and feelings with the people who care about you. This can boost your mood leading to more positivity.

7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Insomnia is an all-too-frequent symptom of sadness. It’s hard to sleep when feeling depressed. But sleep is essential for your brain to function properly, and it also plays a big role to your mood.

To prevent insomnia, there are a couple of solutions you should give a try. First, exercise improves sleeping power. Second, your consistent nightly sleeping routine will send a stimulus to your body that it’s time to go to bed. Do not get worried or feel panic if you find yourself lying awake. That can depress you more!

Practice an activity that can fill your mind and soul with peace. You will get better!

8. Be Thankful for Everything and Everyone You Have in your life

To keep yourself away from negative impressions, start thinking of what makes you so much blessed. Take a look at the simple things around you like a loaded lunch, your beautiful mom, and fancy clothes. Yes! That will make you happy inside.

If you practice counting your blessings every day, it will become a habit of your mind’s thinking process and you will constantly admire all the things you’re thankful for. You’ll consider good things what you have in your life, and all the positive stuff that will keep you going on.                    

9. Crank Up the Music

According to 2013 study, it has been proved that listening to upbeat songs can bring happiness and boost mood relatively quickly. Isn’t listening music an enjoyable experience?

Music has psychological benefits as it influences positively on your mood. The time when you’re feeling down, just play on your favorite playlist of upbeat, catchy, and motivational music to uplift your mood quickly.

10. Notice good things

Depression and stress give negative vibes. It can alter your view of things totally. Everything around you may seem dismal, dark, and hopeless. To make yourself happy and uplift your mood, make this a goal to observe 2 good things every day. Catching positive aura is extremely important to alleviate depression level. This is possible only when you repel negativity and notice pretty good things. The more you notice good things, the better your mood will be.

Hope so this article will be helpful showing you how to be happy again forgetting about depressed feelings. Feeling worried is difficult as well as depressing. But there is always a bright way at the end of the tunnel. The above ten recommendations can help you feel happy anytime.

Do tell us in comments which recommendation helped you the most!

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