Ten fundamental items in a lady’s purse

Ten fundamental items in a lady's purse

Women have a committed relationship with their bags. We ladies adore handbags, we could kill or die for a nice purse, and there is no lie in this statement. Ladies do not have deep pockets like men. This man-driven world has never given us the bliss of pockets, but instead, we are given handbags. As much as it seems like a red flag, we have accepted shallow and meaningless pockets and embraced purses. Women would spend blindly on the bag. There is a vast collection of handbags for women to choose from. Every outfit demands an explicit purse to go with. But the more exciting thing is what we put in them. It not only works as a style accessory, but the handbags are also super handy in all sorts of lady problems. Well, of course not all! Here is a list of some essential items a girl must have in her purse.

1. Sanitizer

We are experiencing a pandemic. Corona has been with us for a long time now. He’s here to stay, and the only thing we can do to make him go is to use hand sanitizers frequently. Therefore sanitizer comes on top of our list. The use of sanitizers has become customary for everyone because of Covid. But sanitizers have been in ladies’ bags long before corona. We don’t want germs or filthy men on us.

2. Hair-ties or Scrunches

If you have three girls, I’m positive that you’ll find a bunch of hair-ties in their bags or a scrunchie on their wrists. That’s how we roll. And the girl left, in this scenario, would make her way into the sum of those women who are always asking for a hair tie. Girl! I’m all for sister helping out sister but put some hair-ties in your bag. Everyone seems to love flawless hair, and they put you in awe. There’s no question about it. But handling long hair is hard work. The hair-ties are there to ease the struggle of long hair by turning them into pretty pony tales.

3. Make-up bag

Yes, you got it right, a purse in a purse. Make-up is an important content of every women’s handbag. You need a quick touch-up no worries, you’ve got your bag of make-up. Make-up products are very delicate and not very portable. You have to be extra careful if you bring them in your purse. Because they can spill or break, which can ruin both your bag and make-up. So, to avoid this inconvenience, most handbags come with compartments to place make-up or a small pouch.

The contents of women's handbags. Make up bag with cosmetics.
The contents of women’s handbags. Make up bag with cosmetics.

4. Hand cream & Moisturizer

I’ll have my doubts about the person who doesn’t bring hand cream. It is a necessity, especially in dry seasons. You have to have your moisturizer and hand lotion, or you are living wrong. You want that glow, then stay hydrated and moisturized.

5. Wallet

The life of men is so easy; just put on the pants, pick up the keys and the wallet, and boom, you are ready to go. Did I skip the shirt? Well, does it matter… with women, it’s too many steps to be able to get out. Anyways the wallet is essential for anyone. You don’t want your money to be all drooped into the pit of a bag you have. To avoid this, you must have a wallet in your handbag.

No-Wallet situation of a handbag
No-Wallet situation of a handbag

6. Breath Mints

Breath mints are a big deal, it may sound so trivial to keep them in the purse, but it is not. Every girl keeps a pack of breath mints in her bag. She never forgets to get a new packet when the last one goes out. Because we all know stinky breath tops the list of most off-putting things in the world. You had a tuna salad at the office, and now you have a sudden meeting; what would one do? Take out the magic pills and conquer the world. Well, that might be an over-exaggeration, but the gist of the discussion is that breath mints are a compulsory item of the handbag.

7. Tampons & Pads

Pads and Tampons must be available at every public restroom. But unfortunately, that’s not the case, and you have to be ready. Periods are hard enough, but it does not have to be topped by the lack of sanitary pads or tampons. That’s why a girl should always bring tampons or pads in her bag, even on the other days, because you never know, and you might be able to help other girls in need.

8. Nail filer

The maintenance of nails is not an easy job. You need pretty nails; you got to work for them or simply pay. Either way, you need a nail filer in your bag. Because you need quick, on-spot fixation if you chipped your nail a little. A nail can be saved by having the right tools at the right time.

9. Lip balm

A day without a lip balm could be the worst nightmare for a girl. A girl can live with everything but not with chapped lips. Especially if you have dry lips like me and wear matte lipsticks, which tend to make your lips drier. You can coat your lips first with lip balm and then with your regular lipstick to avoid extra dryness. And just like this, you just said goodbye to the dry lips days.

10. Aspirin

A girl’s day is tiring as hell. A workday is an ineffable misery. Most of the time you cannot relax and have to work continuously. You cannot take a break or a nap. The pressure of deadlines in killing you and the dying process has started with the headache. But the work burden won’t even let you die. There all you can do is take out aspirin, make that headache go, and win like you always do. Hence last but not least, aspirin is an important content of a women’s handbag.

There you have the top 10 fundamental items of a women’s purse. Let me know which of the above items are on your list and what should be added to mine.

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