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How to become an attractive person to impress others?


I used to rethink at various times how to be attractive and how to be someone who can light up the room suddenly when he/she enters the room. Every person in the room seems to enjoy the vibes of that person that he/she brings with it.

Later on, l researched and learnt that anyone can be an attractive personality even if you are an introverted or shy person. Their presence just brings a smile to our faces. We don’t wish for him to leave the room as his charisma keeps us entertained and annexed at the same time. 

By the end of this article, you will get convinced that you can make yourself an appealing, charismatic and attractive person. Well, every person is different, equally amazing, and unique on its own. These personality traits of an attractive person, that you can add to make your personality more attractive, magnetic, and unforgettable.

1. Social with other people 

One trait that makes them different from the rest of the people is their superfast and ability to connect with others. They quickly approach other people and start chatting about the topic of interest, engaging topics to keep them engaged in their conversation.

One of my sisters says Teena has the trait of connecting with people. She is very active, naturally blessed with a charismatic personality. And knows how to quickly engage the other person in her conversion by talking about random things, yes she is not even prepared for it. She will randomly talk about her home, general topic, taking inspiration from the casual setup of the house, talking about her school activities, bragging about her painting skills (lol, she knows how to engage the other person, her way of explaining story is just beyond amazing and it keeps the other person engaged).

You can also be like Teena. Have a few topics prepared like baking, cooking, movies, books, and some amazing stories you can share with other people. Practicing this will make you prepared and you will never run out of ideas while talking to a strange person.

Nobody tends to like someone who is underconfident and hesitant to speak with someone. This is not a bad trait at all, to be honest, an introverted personality has its perks. Confident people know that they can have their own opinions, observations, judgment, and own decision that depends on their life experiences and external environment. 

They are confident of their likings and dislikes and do not change their perspective. They do not chase the style and opinions of another person. It’s okay to disagree with other people’s opinions and perspectives. This makes them different from the rest of the world, everyone in their surroundings tends to respect them more.

2. Imperfectly perfect

Attractive people embrace themselves confidently. We are told since childhood to be perfect in studies, perfect in manners, etiquettes and list goes on. But nobody has told us that nobody is perfect and one has flaws and imperfections which he or she doesn’t want to share. The difference resides in embracing heroes and owning them. Charismatic people confidently embrace them and it makes them attractive in the crowd where everyone is running in the race to become perfect. People who are trying to become perfect are usually more insecure and depressed. With the extreme desire of winning the society and to picture themselves as perfect dude, they get lost in an inner battle with themselves.

People with attractive personalities do not worry about the opinion of others, they know at the end, it’s just their way of perception and not everyone can realize the worth of diamonds. They take criticism from other people confidently if it can improve their personality. You can also become an attractive, charismatic personality by embracing your imperfections. It’s okay to not be good at something, it’s okay if people don’t like your traits.

Own your flaws, and you might also like this book “ Gifts of imperfections” to feel confident about yourself that will make you attractive to other people.

3. Cheer and lighten up other people

Being slightly humorous and entertaining can make you the center of attention for other people and they enjoy the company of that person. They have amazing storytelling skills, they know how to change their tone during a conversation to keep the other person listening to them. They cheer up others and often shift the stressful mode of the room into funny mode.

People with attractive personalities crack humorous jokes even in serious situations. It’s sunnah to put a smile on someone’s face and you wonder why comedians are so popular because they change our depression days giving reason to smile. Being entertaining and humorous can be rewarding and it attracts people towards them. 

 4. Sincere and honest

Charismatic people give a solid and honest opinion to other people. they don’t sugarcoat others. They admire when they feel like they deserve this appreciation. Fake admiration can attract people timely but in the long term, people don’t value what you say and they neglect your opinion because the review is not authentic, honest. They are not people pleasers and do not use flattery words and other ways to attract other people towards them.

People genuinely like those who are bold enough to state what they think about something or another person. Their sincerity and honesty attract people towards them.

5. Optimistic personality

These kinds of people are highly optimistic. One of their ability is to encourage and motivate other people with their presence. They always think of possibilities for how to solve the problematic situation. They don’t give-up even if they fail to achieve something. I remembered when one of my friends failed the exam and he didn’t care about it at all. He told me that it doesn’t matter, he will work harder next year and  I did not notice the slightest disappointment on his face. He then started telling me about famous entrepreneurs who have failed in their life, but still, they are successful. I was honestly impressed by him who takes failure as a learning tool to work on himself, instead of labeling himself as a failure.

Final thoughts

These traits are not hard and impossible to inculcate in your personality. These personality features cannot be developed overnight, you have to work on yourself. You don’t become attractive by trying to win other people, your sincerity and honesty, and natural authenticity is the one that makes you attractive towards them. So be comfortable in your personality and don’t try to imitate other people because you will lose your originality by doing this. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Work on yourself to become the best version of yourself. 

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