How to get over a break-up with your best friend?

How to get over a break-up with your best friend?

If you are reading this, Primo! I feel you girl. You are not alone in this. Let’s just admit that breakups with besties are way more tragic than baes. It’s the glummest feeling ever to feel. Losing a best friend could change one’s life completely. The change can be good if you left the negativity along with your ex-bestie. No matter what made the friendship go into the ruins. Rather it’s a good thing it’s over or bad. Either it ended in a fight or you just drifted apart. The pain caused, still has to be processed in some way. Here is a list of things to do that could cheer you up in this hard-hitting time.

Accept the facts

The first step in order to relieve the pain from emotional trauma is to accept and acknowledge what has been done. And what are your terms now? Don’t let your mind fool you that it’s not a big deal. Because it is and you know it damn well. Your grief is legitimate. If you will not acknowledge your grief you’ll never be able to get over it completely and positively. You lost a friend, do yourself a kindness and try to be your own friend by not feeding negative thoughts to your mind.

Find a new show to Binge-watch

Get a break from the shows you were watching together and try to find something new to get your mind off from all the disturbing thoughts. I must suggest you watch a sitcom. There is nothing like a classic sitcom. Bingeing may sound a little unhealthy but in the initial stage of trauma, this could help a lot.

Find a new show to Binge-watch
Find a new show to Binge-watch

Listen to the music

Listening to music is the best ever practice to calm one’s nerves. Music allows the listeners to dive into an imaginary world of their own. Whenever you are alone especially in situations where you and your bestie were always together never go without your headset. It’s a pro tip for you to save from the severe nostalgia attack. Moreover, music plays an important role in one’s self-care and mental health.


Meditation is an effective way of relieving stress and depression. Meditation is a must-add to your self-care routine. You can meditate to cleanse your negativity and induce your body and mind with positive energy. These are not just big words Yoga and other meditation practices have proven to be very helpful for people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Yoga Meditation
Yoga Meditation

Do not block yourself 

If you had a bad experience, or somehow it couldn’t go well. This does not mean you have to ignore all the potential friendships which are open for you. Just because one person you failed does not justify that you will always fail. Be open to others, and let them share your grief so that your burden is divided.

Be the bigger person

You can only be freed from the toxicity, anger, and pain if you become the bigger person and forgive the other person. Admit the fact that people change with time. Try to see things from other perspectives. Don’t passion yourself by ranting or calling her ill traits out, be kind to others even they are not with you anymore.

Do not rely on anyone for your happiness

Consider this time as an opportunity to love yourself you never did before. Do things you always wanted to do but couldn’t. Get yourself treats. Always put your needs and happiness first. Focus on your self-care. Don’t grow around the theory that being alone is not a happy thing. Make yourself happy enough so that you may want people around you but you won’t be needing them to heal or make you feel worthy. This should be the number one rule of self-care.

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