Matthew Perry star from ‘FRIENDS’ Died at 54 after Apparent Drowning


Matthew Perry was the well known American and Canadian actor and director. Despite his passing from this world, he will always have a special place in people’s hearts due to his amazing achievements in the field of entertainment.

Perry will always be remembered as Chandler Bing. Friends was one of those unique creatures, which is a  generation defining television program that was adored by both adults and youth. Perry played the funny and sarcastic Chandler Bing character. Friends rose to popularity and became a Thursday night habit for many Americans. In the end, each received $1 million for each episode. Even critics praised the show. During its tenure, Friends received 62 nominations for the Emmy Award, with Perry receiving a nomination in 2002 for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Matthew Perry star from ‘FRIENDS’ died at 54:

On October 28, 2023, Matthew Perry at the age of 54, passed away after apparent drowning. At approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday, officials got a medical call from Perry’s residence, which has a view of the Pacific Ocean, stating that the actor was unconscious in a hot tub. The caller’s identity remains undisclosed.

 The Los Angeles Police Department arrived around 4:10 p.m. on Monday, according to officials, while the Los Angeles Fire Department responded at 4:07 p.m. Prior to the arrival of the initial response, an adult male patient had passed away, according to a statement from the LAFD. In a freestanding hot tub, “the patient was discovered by a bystander who had repositioned the victim where the head was out of water.” According to the statement, “Firefighters took the victim out of the jacuzzi and did a quick physical examination to find he was deceased.”

FRIENDS Star Matthew Perry found Dead in Hot tub:

FRIENDS star Matthew Perry’s cause of death is yet unknown. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office has begun an inquiry that will probably involve toxicological testing and take several months to complete. On Sunday afternoon, the medical examiner amended Perry’s online record, indicating that his cause of death was “deferred.” The LA coroner’s instructions state that “a deferred certificate will be issued until additional studies have been completed in cases where the cause of death cannot be determined at the time of autopsy.” The cause of Perry’s death has been ascertained through an autopsy, but toxicology report results are still pending, according to the medical examiner’s office, completing these reports can take several weeks.

The Los Angeles Police Department Robbery-Homicide Division is investigating Perry’s death, but a law enforcement source told there were no reported drug finds at the location, and no signs of foul play are suspected.  The actor claimed to have been sober since early 2021 in an interview with the New York Times published in October 2022.

Dr. Baden stated, “On the basis of the information provided so far, it is quite possible that he could have died of natural reasons, especially given his past record of surgeries and medical emergencies.” It is possible for someone to naturally collapse in a hot tub due to heatstroke or even drowning. Additionally, he would be more vulnerable to drowning if he had suffered brain or cardiac damage during any of the previous comas following surgery.”

Dr. Baden draws attention to Perry’s continuous Health Problems:

“Once you get into this cycle of taking medication and getting addicted to medications, it’s hard to get rid of it,” he stated. It’s unfortunate that he was able to undergo rehabilitation, which he has done. However, addiction to alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, or painkillers can have a cumulative effect on the body’s ability to function normally. It is a risk factor for deaths from overexertion, heat stroke, and drowning.” The celebrity returned to treatment multiple times during his life after experiencing a relapse in his addiction.

He made an effort to help other addicts even as he struggled with his own addiction. In addition to pushing for changes to drug courts, he briefly converted his former Malibu, California, house into Perry House, a men’s sober-living community.

Matthew Perry’s Family and Friends Reaction on his Sudden Death:

People magazine received a statement from Perry’s family on Sunday in which they expressed their “Heartbreak at the tragic loss of our beloved son and brother.” “Matthew brought so much joy to the world, both as an actor and a friend,” the statement said. “You all meant so much to him and we appreciate the tremendous outpouring of love.”

Playing Janice, Chandler Bing’s girlfriend on “Friends,” Maggie Wheeler said Perry passed away too young and that everyone who knew him in real life and on screen will miss him. She expressed her hope that Perry was at peace, acknowledging the difficulties he had recounted in his memoir.

“Matthew was an incredibly generous actor. There was no single time I stepped onto a stage with him that I did not feel lifted by his brilliance,” she said. “Even in his darkest moments his comedic timing was impeccable.”

In a statement released on Saturday night, the Warner Bros. Television Group, the company behind “Friends,” said, “We are devastated by the passing of our dear friend Matthew Perry.”

The statement continued “His legacy will live on in the hearts of so many people, and his comedic genius was felt around the world.”

The network that broadcast “Friends,” NBC, expressed its sadness.

“He brought so much joy to hundreds of millions of people around the world with his pitch perfect comedic timing and wry wit,” NBC stated in a statement. “His legacy will live on through countless generations.”

Alfred, Matthew Perry’s dog, will be cared for by Molly Hurwitz, his former fiancée and during the time of his death Perry didn’t own a dog.


Matthew Perry star from Friends died at 54 after apparent drowning. Authorities found him unresponsive in a hot tub at his home in Los Angeles. His death’s cause has not yet been determined. Actor Matthew Perry was a skilled and well liked person who made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. He became well-known because of his memorable portrayal of Chandler Bing in “Friends,” and his comedic abilities are still praised by fans. In addition to his career as an actor, Perry has inspired many people with his story of addiction and recovery. Matthew Perry has left a lasting impression on the entertainment business with his witty, humor, and endearing appeal.

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