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7 Wonders Of Honey

7 Wonders of Honey

Who knew that the tiny honeybee can be so magical? Honey, no doubt, is a multipurpose ingredient. It has amazing health benefits for diet, skin, and hair. Honey has always been a popular culinary delicacy as well as a medical remedy. Want to know more wonders of honey?

Wonders of Honey
Wonders of Honey

1. Treats Cough

What two teaspoons of honey can do? It may help cure your persistent cough. Well, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of honey, it not only calms the throat but also kills infection-causing harmful bacteria.

Honey is least as effective as the cough medicine dextromethorphan. Take a small amount of honey by mouth (take it at bedtime for better results). In no time, it will reduce your coughing spells. Can’t eat honey straight up? You can add it to warm water.

2. Helps control Eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition that causes cracked, red, itchy, and flaky skin that causes discomfort. Most of the time, eczema develops in young children and teenagers. Honey is beneficial for the treatment of eczema.

If you are suffering from eczema, simply make a mixture of raw honey and cold-pressed olive oil. Apply the mixture to your skin to get rid of the skin problem. Honey is used as a natural cleanser to remove dirt and make the skin-soothing and soft. You can exfoliate your skin by mixing it with oats for the removal of dead cells. Consistent use of honey helps control eczema from occurring or coming back again.

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3. Helps sinus problems

Are you suffering from sinus-related issues? Nowadays, as the pollution and dust are increasing, you may have sinuses problems. These are small cavities in your skull capable of producing mucus to protect the respiratory system from allergies and infections.

When you get infections the viruses may block your sinus and may trap the air and mucus which causes distress. If you use honey, it will help clear the infections and lower inflammations. It is a natural anti-bacterium that also soothes the throat and reduces coughs. Honey has a natural ability to strengthen your immune system thereby causing fewer sinus attacks.

4. Improves Digestive Health

The antiseptic properties of honey help improve acidity in the stomach and improve digestion. Whenever you feel indigestion problems, use honey to normalize your digestive process. Honey will soothe your stomach by neutralizing the gases present in it. Also, if you take honey on a regular basis, it can help in getting rid of all the indigestion problems.

As a prebiotic food, honey can nurture the good bacteria living in your gut. It is also the best remedy for ulcers. Antibacterial properties of honey make it a tough match for the Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria, which causes stomach ulcers.

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5. Prevents Dryness of Scalp

Got amazed reading this? It is one of the wonders of honey that it can act as an effective shampoo. Honey can help you profoundly cleanse your scalp and retain the natural moisture. You will get rid of all the dry skin and itchy flakes giving your hair a natural shiny look.

For better results, add one tsp honey with two tsp olive oil and one tsp lemon juice. Mix it thoroughly and then massage the solution into your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off with shampoo. Repeat the same process once a week for much better results.

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6. Uses as an Energy Food

One of the astonishing wonders of honey is its use as an instant energy booster. Honey includes several different kinds of beneficial sugar molecules, especially glucose and fructose. However, in honey glucose and fructose are separate, while in white sugar, both are present in combined form.

Thus, honey acts as an instant energy source as it contains multiple vitamins and minerals in good amounts. A few of these vitamins are riboflavin, copper, pantothenic acid, magnesium, calcium, niacin, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

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7. Protects against Free Radical Damage

Have you ever used raw honey? It is full of powerful antioxidants, which protect against cell damage.

Free radicals are harmful agents which can cause damage to your cells by a process called oxidative stress. Free radical damage usually results in aging, inflammatory disorders, and diseases, including cancer. Antioxidants present in honey forfeit an electron to protect your cells.

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