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Magical DIGITAL honeybee that works as drone!


Magical DIGITAL honeybee that works as drone!

Green brain project is a U.K. based company that have successfully plotted a drone with digital honeybee. A drone is worked with built in video cameras and honeybee brain. Honeybee can easily be run away in corridor, that dummy digital honeybee did the same accordingly artificial intelligence. This is a trained honeybee brain which is fed by Jordan to act like a real honeybee. James marshall has reproduced the same behaviors noticed in honeybee.

This is the real photo of honeybee robot!

Scientists only created the robot like the brain of honeybee all other features are not similar with the true honeybee. They are hoping to develop a full prototype of honeybee that will shape a true honeybee.

According to sources, if scientists will be able to complete this task, then drones could be able to use in many field of life. The main purpose behind this inventory is that drone will be able to rescue people and search the findings of different departments.

There were different types of drone cameras that fly and record the video, even they capture the live moments with live coverage in media fields. The use of drones is becoming the most vital part of life nowadays. This honeybee drone will be able to record live moments of life, it will also record the voices of people. So it must be proven the true spy of 20th century which cannot be seen by the people easily because of its small shape. Scientist described their intention that they will be able to capture land imagery by the passage of time. Yet the actual functions of this drone is not clearly defined yet. But in coming days this inventory will be disclosed to public. U.K. government is trying to put an allegation on it because it is not safe to use openly it may play a role of capturing secret spaces of crucial and red handed zone.

Moreover, Scientist has disclosed the technology used behind this honeybee robot. They told to the sources, “We have used the artificial intelligence theory to feed the real bee in this drone bee. Artificial intelligence is a theory and machine learning language. This technique stores the real entities functions in its theory and act like a real person, animal or whatever you want to feed in it. A good example of artificial intelligence is Tekken Games that each time the victim is hit, it responses to the opponent with new bounce or fighting trick motion. We are trying to enhance the bee more, so it will be easily to even produce honey using this drone.”

Additionally, they have spoken to media and told that this service will be available to the citizen of United Kingdom in first phase. James said it is his invention, they will contribute and share the theory behind this bee to other universities and department for the purpose of doing research in very sophisticated way. This is a new advancement in technology which is appreciable.

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