Why Writing is always therapeutic.

Therapy by writing

Writing is a free form of expression which lets one to convey ones thoughts and emotions, that can’t be expressed otherwise. I’ve had books inside me all my life. I think everyone has a book inside, whether they apprehend it or not. It’s not essentially a book of fiction. It could be a book of their experiences. Why autobiographies are popular? People want to share their stories. And everyone has a story to tell. Writing is the only way to get that story into the hands of people who care. Writing really changed the way one distinguishes the world and helped them build themselves. To be honest, writing isn’t easy. Writing down our experiences and goals can alter the way we live forever.

Writing helps you comprehend how you truly feel. It leads to a deeper insight of yourself. It helps us understand our standpoints and know what people think of us. Writing enables you accept the past and move to the future. It assists you look back at what you’ve written and value the true significance of your life. Writing of things that impaired you in the past enables you become stronger than the existing situation. It helps you overcome them and progress forward. Writing comes from the heart. Writing goes side by side with reading. You want to be an enhanced writer then read. Reading is a significant tool in developing the skill of writing. Writing clears your head so you would be critical in thinking. It facilitates you to process your emotions.

Writing down what’s on our mind is a great way to work through inner conflict or process your sentiments around a particular situation. It’s similar to talking a situation through with a friend, except it’s a constructive way of reinforcing your self-soothing capacities and broadening your self-understanding. Writing is a good way to keep a record of the past so you’ll never forget about it. When you are able to look back and see how you have piloted and handled situations in the past, you’ll feel more confident in yourself and have more courage to do so in the future.

Emotions are the part and parcel of a human being. There are many times when one can’t express oneself through verbal conversation, that’s when the expression of writing comes handier. It lets you to pour out your deepest thoughts and emotions freely and ambiguously. One always feels the sense of comfort and a kind of liberation in writing. According to many psychological evidences, writing is the best vehicle of the innermost thoughts, which doesn’t significantly, comes to the surface otherwise. Sometimes an idea makes little sagacity until you can see it in words. It also helps when you’re trying to explain your idea to another person; if they can see it written down; it goes a long way for understanding.

Free write:-

Journal writing

Free writing or journaling is merely writing what’s on your mind. It’s letting it all express out without repressing yourself. It is like writing in your journal or diary your everyday personal thoughts. Like, ‘Today I woke up with a strange feeling that something might happen….’. According to journal writers this type of writing is always about confronting your dark and repressed self which you don’t even know exists.  It’s much more useful to acknowledge and accept our thoughts and feelings about everything.

Pen poetry:-

Poetry writing

Poetry is a natural remedy; it is like a homeopathic elixir derived from the substance of life itself ––your experience,” writes John Fox in Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making. It is something the recollection of all your past memories and thoughts and putting them in words. Poetry doesn’t have to be rhythmic. Recall the impressions you experienced i.e, what you saw, smelled, heard, felt and tasted. Take in the illustration into your body and believe as if you are reliving the remembered image. Write a poem using the details you’ve collected. Stay in touch with your senses as you concentrate on your illustration; listen for the influence of the image; and then communicate the feeling drawn from your chief image. Show the sentiment in your poem instead of categorizing it as happy or sad.

Compose a letter:- 

Writing letters

Experts suggest writing a short letter to a loved one. Picture this person has written to you and asked you: “How are you doing, really?” One more employ is to write to somebody with whom you have ‘on-going dealing’ without sending it. The goal is for you to expand a clearer understanding of your own thoughts and feelings about the person.

Hence writing can be a best therapy only if you tell the absolute truth about yourself, your emotions and thoughts. You’ll feel your mind relieved and unburdened by your own thoughts, whatever they are.

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