Is Suicide The Only Solution?

If suicide the only solution to all dellimma. There would be no survival of human race.

Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States, taking the lives of approximately 47,000 Americans each year. But not only the region of the US is affected by this but the whole globe is experiencing its destruction. Apart from any region, country, or religion, a human when sees no way out of any of his problem he thinks that suicide is the solution!

The Competition!

From the last five decades, this universe is experiencing the worst kind of competition in which if you just rest for a while just to take a single breathe you will be left a hundred years behind! Maybe a little bit exaggerating, but it really causes the damage beyond repair. The thought of left behind or feeling of being less from our contemporaries devastates us in a very humiliating manner. And we thought that it is the time where escaping from the world is a better option than to live. It’s the point where this nasty business starts.

We are living in an era where everyone wants to involve themselves in the competition of earning more and more money, for having the best lifestyle, outstanding life partner, having more followers on social media, and the most intelligent offspring. And in the fear of losing the competition, we totally forget to enjoy the real blessings of life. It totally justified for having a better life but not for comparing yourself to others!

Criticism; One Of The Core Cause Of Suicide.

Criticism; One Of The Core Cause Of Suicide

We want hype! by hook or crook we want it. Whether by criticizing the newly married couple as this is their second marriage or by bullying an actress for taking separation from his husband etc. Why do we think that our opinion on everyone’s life is important? Not only important but important enough to be posted on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter. I know that self-love is very important for our growth and well being but it does not mean that your opinion to just everyone in the world is worth telling to the whole world!

These above are the very core reasons that lead to suicidal thoughts and even straight suicides too. There were an estimated 793 000 suicide deaths worldwide in 2016. This indicates an annual global age-standardized suicide rate of 10.5 per 100 000 population.

Problems Are Temporary.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Remember that problems are temporary, but suicide is permanent. Taking your own life is never the right solution to any challenge you may be facing. Give yourself time for the circumstances to change and for the pain to subside. In the meantime, you should take the following steps when you’re having suicidal thoughts. At the moment, it may seem as though your unhappiness will never end. But it’s important to realize that with help, you can overcome suicidal feelings.

Issues; That Could Lead To Suicide.

There is usually no single reason someone decides to take their own life. Several factors can increase the risk of suicide, such as having a mental health disorder. Depression is the top mental health risk factor, but others include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders.

Aside from mental health conditions, other factors that increase the risk of suicide include:

  • poor job security or low levels of job satisfaction
  • history of being abused or witnessing continuous abuse
  • being diagnosed with a serious medical condition, such as cancer or HIV
  • being socially isolated or a victim of bullying or harassment
  • substance use disorder
  • childhood abuse or trauma
  • family history of suicide
  • failure in exams
  • previous suicide attempts
  • having a chronic disease
  • social loss, such as the loss of a significant relationship
  • loss of a job
  • access to lethal means, including firearms and drugs
  • difficulty seeking help or support
  • lack of access to mental health or substance use treatment
  • following belief systems that accept suicide as a solution to personal problems
  • Mental health. In many cases, thoughts of suicide are caused by an underlying mental health disorder, such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. If a mental health issue is suspected, the person will likely be referred to a mental health professional.
  • Substance use. Misusing alcohol or drugs often contributes to suicidal thoughts and behavior. If substance use is an underlying problem, an alcohol or drug addiction rehabilitation program may be the first step.
  • Medications. The use of certain prescription drugs — including antidepressants — may also increase the risk of suicide. A healthcare provider can review any medications the person is currently taking to see if they could be contributing factors.

How to prevent suicidal thoughts

If you’ve had suicidal thoughts or feelings, don’t be ashamed and don’t keep it to yourself. While some people have suicidal thoughts without any intention of ever acting on them, it’s still important to take some action.

It's the one mistake you won't live to regret.
It’s the one mistake you won’t live to regret.

To help prevent these thoughts from recurring, there are several things you can do.

Talk to someone

You should never try to manage suicidal feelings entirely on your own. Getting professional help and support from loved ones can make it easier to overcome any challenges that are causing these feelings.

Many organizations and support groups can help you cope with suicidal thoughts and recognize that suicide isn’t the best way to deal with stressful life events. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a great resource.

Take medications as directed

You should never change your dosage or stop taking your medications unless your healthcare provider tells you to do so. Suicidal feelings may recur and you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop taking your medications.

If you’re having unwanted side effects from the medication you’re currently taking, speak with your provider about switching to another one.

Never skip an appointment

It’s important to keep all your therapy sessions and other appointments. Sticking with your treatment plan is the best way to deal with suicidal thoughts and behavior.

Pay attention to warning signs

Work with your healthcare provider or therapist to learn about the possible triggers for your suicidal feelings. This will help you recognize the signs of danger early on and decide what steps to take ahead of time.

It can also help to tell family members and friends about the warning signs so they can know when you may need help.

Eliminate access to lethal methods of suicide

Get rid of any firearms, knives, or serious medications if you worry that you might act on suicidal thoughts.


Suicide is equal to murder and one murder is equal to the murder of whole humanity. It breeds an awful impact on society. Never forget to listen to the person you know when he/she is down, depressed, or in any kind of crisis. Listening to these people is the minimum thing we all can do at no cost. Whether its Lockdown or a usual day, always stay connected with your loved ones via phone calls, messages, etc.

Stay home,Stay Safe, Stay Connected with your loved ones.

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