Covid-19 – Tragedy, Aftermath, And The Upcoming

Covid-19 - Tragedy, Aftermath, And The Upcoming

Covid-19 which might seem on hold for now left us with many shocks and distress (both mentally and emotionally). While we are barely out of the horror story the covid-19 aftermath is still ugly. The word ‘pandemic’ still shakes the world. Whether an individual or a society the consequences are faced by almost every human being. This article will discuss the tragic journey of covid-19 all across the globe. The effect of this airborne pandemic on people and where we as nations of developing countries are left after the damage made by the pandemic.

Covid-19 - Tragedy, Aftermath, And The Upcoming

Impact of covid-19 on health:

Though COVID has destroyed almost all major aspects of our lives health is the utmost important aspect. COVID has affected individuals health-wise not only for the particular time being but also has long-term effects in line. Post-COVID-19 syndrome as some may call it is what persists for more than 4 weeks after the diagnosis. Older persons or people with prior health issues are more likely to experience it. This may take forever to treat or you can get rid in near future.

We all by now know that COVID-19 primarily affects the lungs. Still, it can linger over to the heart, kidney, and brain. In some people, lasting health effects may include long-term breathing problems, heart complications (mostly blood clotting), chronic kidney impairment, stroke, and Guillain-Barre syndrome — a condition that causes temporary paralysis. Thus it is safe to say that this pandemic’s impact is not yet over but it will be there in the years to come.

Impact of covid-19 on industries:

A huge number of undertakings face an existential danger. Almost 50% of the world’s 3.3 billion worldwide labor force are in danger of losing their livelihoods. Casual economy laborers are especially powerless because the larger part needs social assurance and admittance to quality medical services and have lost admittance to useful resources. Without the necessary resources to procure pay during lockdowns, many can’t take care of themselves and their families. By and large, no pay implies no food, or, best-case scenario, less food, and less nutritious food.

Covid-19 and the economy:

Covid-19 needs no introduction now but its impact on the economy is too loud to be heard. The losses no longer concern public health but it has affected the global economy as well. Tens of millions of people are at risk of falling below the poverty line.

Pandemics, viruses, and quarantine have to have long-term economic effects on nations. There’s no denying the fiscal damage but the economic downfall while controlling the increased expenditure on the health and wellness of people cost nations much more than expected. The whole world is shaken by the economic burden that COVID left behind in its few waves.

For centuries now, the history of the Pandemic has affected youth, students, and the economically active population. The youth because of the low immunity, and the latter due to lockdowns. Although we can in no way ignore how COVID impacted older generations because the trauma and depression that lockdowns bring for them were unreal.

WFH (Work from home) – The legacy and its tragedy:

Working from home, the new norm or policy priority in most cases, helped to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. Video calls and instant messaging have replaced meetings and break room conversations. If not all then most employees all over the world have experienced it.

However remote work has resulted in a mix of both increased employees’ productivity and the threat of isolation and stress. The reason for this threat is the imbalance between work, life, closeness, and intimacy. Closeness connects with the sensation of profound association and closeness with other people. Profound association, through heartfelt, companionship, or familial connections, satisfies an essential human need. It firmly helps well-being, including diminished feelings of anxiety, worked on emotional well-being, brought down circulatory strain, and decreased the hazard of heart disease. Intimacy can be cultivated through commonality, feeling comprehended, and feeling acknowledged by close others.

Also, the Pandemic brings shock due to increased mortality rate and fear of contracting viruses among people. That we are afraid will continue to traumatize them until it’s completely over.

Importance of vaccine:

Importance of covid-19 vaccine

By now we all have remote access to covid vaccines. Most countries around the globe have made it mandatory for their citizens to vaccine shots before any movement around the globe. The pandemic isn’t over yet and God knows when it will be over but still, it is a life savior after millions of lives were lost. There are four categories of vaccines in clinical trials: WHOLE VIRUS, PROTEIN SUBUNIT, VIRAL VECTOR, and NUCLEIC ACID (RNA AND DNA). Some of them try to smuggle the antigen into the body, others use the body’s cells to make the viral antigen.

Solidarity – The need of the hour:

Right now is an ideal opportunity for worldwide solidarity and backing. Particularly with the weakest in our social orders. Especially in the arising and creating a world only together could we at any point conquer the entwined wellbeing and social and monetary effects of the pandemic and forestall its heightening into an extended helpful and food security fiasco, with the likely loss of currently accomplished improvement gains. We are going through troublesome times, and misjudging the job of science in the speediest going through the emergency with the most un-human and monetary losses is not imaginable. We should reexamine the fate of our current circumstances and tackle environmental change and natural corruption with aspiration and desperation. Really at that time could we at any point safeguard the wellbeing, jobs, food security, and nourishment, all things considered, and guarantee that our ‘new ordinary’ is a superior one.

Hope we all stay safe from every possible effect of the pandemic. For more such articles log onto our official website Fajar Magazine.

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