Why Pink And Mint Are The Perfect Pair?

Pink Mint Golden Combination

Two halves make a whole, as the saying goes, and this is never more true than where color is concerned. One-color often brings out the best in another, pulling together a scheme for eye-catching results. Sure, yellow and gray have taken all the plaudits recently, and black and white are enduring classics, but it’s time to make room for another potent combination: pink and mint. This pastel duo has been cropping up all over Houzz recently. Check out these sweetly hued homes to see how.

Look to the north

Pastel colors, while perhaps not the Scandinavian palette most people are familiar with, are widely used in our northern neighbors’ homes, championed by Nordic design companies such as Muuto, Ferm Living, and Hay.

Start off with a white base in a room and weave yourself a tapestry of pink and mint. Go for pale shades if you’re after true Scandi style, as the owners of this Norwegian home have, where a mint coffee table and peachy pink chairs function as the centerpiece of the living area without overpowering the space as a whole.

Look at the walls

Many of us are hesitant when it comes to putting color on our walls; faced with the risk of one shade dominating a space, we opt for variations of white instead. While that can look wonderful, a feature wall in one of these soft pastels can be a gentle way of introducing color to your room.

Choose a color and subtly get your partner in on the action. In this kitchen, a pink wall paired with pale peppermint cabinets works beautifully — but not overwhelmingly, particularly as they’re only seen as a duo from certain angles.

Alternatively, reverse the colors and have mint lead the way. Just be sure to let in as much light as you can to see this pair at its best. Cushions, a rug, or a painted table or chair legs could be another quiet way to introduce the second hue.

Work it out

Consider incorporating some pink and mint into your home office space to give it some lift and life — this is especially good in an environment where feeling inspired is important.

Whether it’s a pink chair and a mint desk lamp or more delicate touches, such as sorting your mood board or calendar notes into an arrangement featuring the two colors, you have free rein to sweeten up the proceedings.

Pencil it in

If you don’t think you’re a big pastels kind of a person, the joy of this mix is that it combines warm and cool tones in one, so it should never feel sugary sweet. But if you don’t fancy splashing it across your walls or large pieces of furniture, pink and mint can still pack a punch in tiny doses. Try going for a few pieces of stationery — a pen jar, notebook, or inbox, for instance. Dot them on a desk space or a lonely shelf for just a hint of this trend.

Fashion a beautiful bedside

Save your nightstand from being the neglected dumping ground it can so easily become and make it a standout feature of your bedroom.

Nightstands shouldn’t be brash, which is why a calm, collected, and never-in-your-face pairing such as pink and mint is made for a sleep space. Grab a stool and paint it a pale minty hue, then dress it up with a simple pink bloom. Alternatively, give a wall a pale minty makeover and smatter your bedside with some punchy pink accents, whether that’s books, decorative accessories, or a little clock, and look forward to sweet dreams.

Add a side table

Don’t overlook the other small furniture pieces in your homes, such as coffee and side tables, for the pink-and-mint treatment. In this space, a piercing shade of spearmint on the table legs and a rosy-pink flower work wonderfully against the rugged backdrop of an industrial living room. (This kind of contrast provides another idea for bringing out the best in these two softies.)

Other small-detail ideas include giving a set of shelves a brush of both pink and mint (alternate them, why not?), and if you have a lone wooden chair in your living space, give it a coating in one color and accessorize with a throw or cushion in the other.

Dine-in color

Dining chairs often offer the perfect opportunity to experiment with style and color, as they come in numbers and act as the sidekick rather than the centerpiece in a room. Go for one chair in pink of your choice and another in mint. If you’re feeling braver, split up all the chairs into two colors and opt for different styles.

If you can’t face sanding, channel your Shabby Chic side and try a no-effort chalk paint, which can simply be slapped generously over existing paint or varnish for a classic “lived-in? effect.

Go for traditional prep work and a gloss, satin, or eggshell finish if you’re looking for a more contemporary, clean finish.

Beautify your baby’s room

It would be unfair not to at least give a nod to children’s rooms when it comes to such a cute color combination. Soothing and stylish in equal parts, pink and mint fit right in with a nursery scheme. The best thing about decorating a child’s room is that it’s totally acceptable to be liberal with color, so don’t hold back.

For a nursery like this one, have the crib or bed frame act as the focal point, then choose mint bedding and pink walls or mint walls and a bit of pink bedding. Throw in a little gray to add a more contemporary edge — or for anyone who’s not quite ready to embrace an all-out pastel takeover.

Let one shade dominate

As already mentioned, pink and mint is very much a yin-and-yang kind of partnership, but sometimes it’s good to give one color a bit of leverage when the right space calls for it. Try a 3:1 ratio of color, letting one shade be the clear theme, but throwing in a flash of the other to break up and balance the wave of the initial shade.

This bright kitchen shines in predominantly spearmint accents while dainty touches of pink, in the form of plates and a cake stand, top the look off nicely.

Again, when using either color, you needn’t go all out and drown the space in it. Simple furnishings and accents, such as a tea towel or striking piece of furniture, like the Tolix stool pictured, are more than enough to have you rocking this pastel pair.

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