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Things You Need To Know Before You Turn 30


Are you about to enter the third decade of your life? Our experiences drastically change as we progress through life, and there are several aspects we neglect given the lack of prepping. We seem to be more often hesitant to set priorities. You’ve managed to reach your 3rd decade in this body. And that’s an impressive achievement to be grateful and appreciative of. The 20s are indeed a period for fun and curiosity. So many will end up settling down, start lovely families, and then become integral parts in our best suitable communities. With that being said let’s move onto the key things you need to know before you turn 30 to make the best out of your life.

First Thing To Know Before You Turn 30

You need to travel to a new place, learn their language and know their culture before you turn 30.

So many people believe that the most effective travel experiences can be had once someone has set up a pretty good career and therefore can manage to travel to other countries.

Such folks are wrong in that assumption. The greatest achievements in an individual’s life occurs in their 20s, and this is the most sensitive time in their emotional and psychological progression as grownups. This is the high time when one should consider travelling.

Woman travelling and navigating through cellphone. Things you need to know before you turn 30
Woman travelling and navigating through cellphone

You must really have come to the realization the added advantage of being able to speak additional languages now that you’ve been all grown as a person. Once you can interact in various languages, you will have much more professional opportunities and you’re travelling experiences will be far more fun and interesting.

Learning about new cultures and understanding their backgrounds can benefit you in broadening your vision about the world and the people living in it. This is often a time if you’re already halfway between becoming independent and becoming curious about the world.

Second Thing To Know Before You Turn 30

There are no money plants having actual money growing on them.

For becoming financially secure, you can and should devote a substantial lot of time and resources. It does not happen suddenly. Below are some ways you can take care of your finances.

Woman pouring water to plants of coins. Things you need to know before you turn 30.
Woman pouring water to plants of coins
  1. Consider taking making the leap with a side hustle whilst you seem to have the potential. It can also be a great way to bolster your earnings.
  2. Trying to get rid of your debt payments could indeed prove to be very helpful in your 30s.
  3. To initiate with, investment decision can sometimes be off-putting due to the high risk and the understanding needed.
  4. Health insurance is rather costly now a day, so you’ll want to be geared up.
  5. Trying to make financial objectives makes it far easier to save and spend in the future.
  6. It’s indeed recommendable to continue to stay smart with money by making purchases on a predetermined budget.
  7. You would have to be aware about every aspects of personal finance.

Not Everyone You Meet Is A Friend

As of now, you have progressed in life so much to understand the fact that the people around you not necessarily have the same intentions for you as you do for them. People taking advantage of your selflessness are not your friends. Becoming selfless to maintain friendships is a sign you have toxic people in your life. You need to get rid of them rather than holding on to them.

A man covering half his face with a mask. Things you need to know before you turn 30
A man covering half his face with a mask.

Some people will come into your life. They will show you rainbows and fairy dust to achieve some personal gains from you. Once they are done, people will express their true nature, disheartening and adversely affecting you. So, just be careful and aware.

Others Opinions Don’t Matter

Your 20s are when you realize, whatever you do in life, whether right or wrong, society will judge you. If you keep on letting people decide and define who you are, you will never really be able to find your true voice. This way you will not be able to achieve the true meaning of what your purpose is in life is.

A post it note saying I don't care. Things you need to know before you turn 30
A post it note saying I don’t care

This will result in you being demoralized and demotivated. Unpleasant as it may be, doing what your instincts and conscience tell you to do are the best things you can do for yourself.

Life Can Be Uncomfortable At Times

Discomfort is part of progression in life. In order to grow, one has to go through the discomforting transition. Feeling uncomfortable in any situation can be taken positively. It can be taken as a motivational factor to do something to push away that feeling of discomfort.

A boy sitting alone, sad and other people behind him are interacting easily. Things you need to know before you turn 30
A boy sitting alone, sad and other people behind him are interacting easily.

Before turning 30, you need to realize that your mind is like a muscle. The more your workout the stronger it gets. You need to work more consciously in life to tackle with things like discomfort. This will help you handle life’s tough situations in an effective manner. Allow yourself to think and act outside of the box.

Honesty And Integrity Is Essential

As a person, you will feel much more confident in yourself when you are not honest about your morals and values.

You can get a momentary sense of accomplishment by taking short cuts and cheating your way through life. But what will actually provide you with pure bliss, is the honesty and integrity with which you proceed through life’s challenges.

Placards that have Integrity, Honesty and Ethics written on it. Things you need to know before you turn 30
Placards that have Integrity, Honesty and Ethics written on it.

Being in your 20s, you will see how being honest will take you places you never have imagined to be at. All we need to do is to be true to ourselves first. Honest about what we want in life. If you don’t grab hold of integrity and honesty, you will eventually lose everything.

Not Everyone In An Authoritative Position Is Right

Last but not least, when you approach your 30s, you will see that the information you are provided with is not always accurate.

Sign Board sayong Do Not Question Authority. Things you need to know before you turn 30
Sign Board sayong Do Not Question Authority

When you are provided with any kind of data or documents, do go through them on your own before signing or approving it. If you don’t feel the things provided to you are correct or are in a doubt, do go with your instincts and recheck or get it rechecked. There is more bogus data out there than the ones that are authentic.


Till now you may have learned quite much about the things you need to know before you 30. Life drastically changes and proceeds way faster than anticipated when you transition from your 20s to your 30s. It is the high time in which you go through emotional and major life changes that may have a long-term impact on your life after 30. Understanding these things and getting hold of a few tips can ease your way through life.

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