Things To Do When You Fail


Humans these days put so much time and energy into avoiding failure, which only gives rise to unpleasant situations. Why do so many people actually give up on hope upon failing, while many others return to normal perhaps harder to beat than ever before? You make some mistakes, tend to experience a bump in the road, or fail miserably. That’s not pleasant. The approach to overcome failure is really to change your approach. Getting to know importance of being able learn from failure in quite a constructive manner relieves most of the anxiousness. Today we’ll discuss about what to do when you fail to help you shift your concentrate toward moving forward with your life.

First Thing To Do When You Fail

Trying to either take too much stress on yourself for the failure or blaming it on others, both are the some of the many things to do when you fail. Almost everyone does it. Does it make them feel any better? For sometime taking no responsibility or too much responsibility may make you feel better but it prevents you from seeing what’s beyond the horizon.

Many hands pointing to a single hand that gestures to stop.
Many hands pointing to a single hand that gestures to stop.

Try making efforts to understand what factors contributed in that failure. Concentrate on learning from them and avoiding similar mistakes. Accept what you do and you will eventually learn and prosper in life.

Second Thing To Do When You Fail

When failure strikes a person, they become vulnerable to bad habits in order to minimize the guilt. This can lead to a life time of addiction which further can create complications in future. Drugs and/or alcohol can give you the high for a short period of time. They can give you all the serotonin you need to forget things for brief while.

Man spilling medicines on the table. Things to do when you fail.
Man spilling medicines on the table.

But they are not permanent erasers of the guilt one has stamped in their mind and heart. In order to get rid of the guilt, one must develop good habits that could result in a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle will give you proper motivation and courage that you need to face the failure and move on in life.

Once A Failure Always A Failure

What you just read is a proper misconception created over the course of centuries. It is the last thing on earth one needs after failing at something. Avoiding conversations and people that have this kind of mindset can help you a lot while you struggle with the guilt of failure.

A man drawing a graph of failure. Things to do when you fail.
A man drawing a graph of failure.

This kind of negativity in life will always pull you backward. Way too many people keep reminding themselves of their failure to a point where they are forced to believe they will not be able to succeed in life ever again. As long as you live you should continue striving to fail until you succeed.

Take Inspiration From Historical Failures That Succeeded

Libraries and now Google is full of articles and books of history. A subject most of us enjoy studying as they teach us about life with the experiences of others.

A globe on the table with a bookshelf in the background. Things to do when you fail.
A globe on the table with a bookshelf in the background.

Likewise, you can stud about the bad experiences of historical figures and how they managed to cope with it. How they took their failures and turned it into success that helped them make their way into history books.

Reward Yourself, I Mean It

It might sound weird, but rewarding yourself for not breaking down, for not getting involved in unhealthy habits to cope and all the other bad stuff is necessary. We are only taught that rewards are for when someone does something right. But rewarding someone when they fail can actually encourage them to succeed eventually.

Reward Yourself written on a chalkboard. Things to do when you fail.
Reward Yourself written on a chalkboard

Here’s a short list on what you can do to reward yourself:

  • Watch a movie and relax yourself
  • Take a soothing bath
  • Buy yourself a fancy coffee or a doughnut
  • Take a long walk
  • Hangout with a friend/group of friends
  • Watch cute animal videos
  • Cook your favourite dish
  • Plan a day to do absolutely nothing
  • Go for a long-drive, alone or with someone you enjoy spending time with

As of now you can see there are so many little ways to reward yourself. It does not matter how bad the failure struck you. If something helps decrease your guilt and can elevate your hope to move, just do it!

Be Grateful

“The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.” – John Maxwell

Being grateful for a failure can lead to success. Because failure teaches you the things that direct success could never. Counting your blessing and being grateful can distract you from the failure guilt.

A happy and satisfied woman standing with her hands open at the beach. Things to do when you fail.
A happy and satisfied woman standing with her hands open at the beach.

Practicing gratitude has proven to be calming and provides you with a better quality of sleep. A good sleep can assist you in reducing stress and anxiety. When we begin focusing on the good and bright sides of our lives, we will eventually forget about the adversities and learn to acknowledge our bounties and cherish them.

Keep Failing Until You Succeed

The most important thing to do when you fail is to stay consistent. Consistency can lead to prosperity.

Failure provides you a second chance. Every time you fail you are equipped with some of the required instruments you need to succeed. It means you get a little wiser everytime it does not work. Keep in mind that almost nothing tends to work unless you want to do.

Paper torn, revealing the quote, losers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed. Things to do when you fail.
Paper torn, revealing the quote, losers quit when they fail, winners fail until they succeed.

However, what you anticipated will just not come to an end precisely as you envisioned, but it is what tends to make the cavity between where we are and where we really need to go quite exhilarating. Whenever it comes to accomplishing significant greatness, it can also be an unsteady journey as you attempt to steer your direction to your set goals.


With that being said, let’s move onto the conclusion. We see numerous people fail around us in different aspects of their lives. Study, relationships/friendships, family, jobs, businesses, etc. More than half of them turn to things that further damages them instead of helping them get rid of their pain. Being humans, we need to understand to let go of perfectionism and embrace our mistakes. We need to let go of the fact that only the people who do everything right are the ones who can succeed. We ought to promote that failures are what lead us to success. Teaching this to kids at a young age can help society grow as a whole in a healthy way. Healthy individuals will be brought up that will eventually wipe out the toxic mindsets of people damaging our world.

Do you feel you are failing at life? Whatever you do eventually goes in vain? Try learning these Rules, Successul People Follow.

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