We Just Got Krissed! Zendaya Is Not Pregnent

We Just Got Krissed! Zendaya Is Not Pregnent

Many people seemed to think that Zendaya was pregnant. Why do people appear to be under the impression that she and Tom Holland are having a baby?

What is Krissing?

Fake news is becoming a major problem, with many recent trends swirling on TikTok. This is confirmed by the Kardashian’s Kris Jenner. He is the symbol for a new trend of posting seen as fake “news,” such as pregnancy rumors and hours of video snippets from old videos to make it look like a celebrity did or said something. The end result is that everything you see has been twisted to tell you a made-up story.

The prank, known as getting “Krissed” or “Krissing,” is meant to get viewers to believe a fake story. And it worked — well enough that it got Zendaya’s name trending on TikTok and Twitter and enough for the “Dune” star to give the rumor her attention.

What is in the viral clip of Zendaya?

In the viral clip, Zendaya’s appearance in the TikTok video, where she appears to be announcing that she is pregnant on Instagram. The person behind the account edited the ultrasound images to look like they were posted by Zendaya and captioned, “I love you. Halfway there.” Meanwhile, The Kardashians’ star Kris Jenner made a reference in a meme that says, “you just got Krissed!”

When they created the story that went viral, the pranksters never expected to get Zendaya’s attention. The false rumor got her name trending on TikTok and Twitter, and the Dune star was aware of the stories.

TikTok has been the speculation topic of conversation for some time now, and Holland credits that with his pregnancy news.

TikTok and rumors

The TikTok videos tend to be laced with rumors, and this one was an easy one to confuse. Usually, they are about the personal lives of celebrities, such as affairs and pregnancies. Some videos have “evidence” that may or may not have been posted by the stars. They post sped-up clips of Kris Jenner and her dance from the mid-aughts reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” before telling you that the news isn’t real. It’s like we needed more misinformation flurrying around TikTok!

Holland said he can’t wait to be a dad last year, fueling the TikTok rumor. In the end, now we all know it was all a prank and Zendaya was never pregnant.

Zendaya & Tom Holland

It is well known that 25-year-old Zendaya and 26-year-old Holland have been romantically linked for a long time. They played opposite each other in the Spiderman reboot film as teenagers and joke about their dating rumors on Twitter.

Zendaya and Holland have been romantically linked for years, dating back to their auspicious Spider-Man appearance in 2017. Recently, the two young actresses confirmed on social media that they are dating — not just romantically.

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