An Increasing Trend Of Online Shopping

online shopping

Shopping is an integral part of everyone’s life. Some people also say that it changes the mood seems like who is doing shopping feels happy and who’s going to pay is in bad mood and on a lighter side, it is good for a woman’s health. Hehe! Just kidding! There was a time when going on shopping is fun. Most family members decide to go shopping with each other. They do a lot of fun while shopping. Eat meals and snacks. Window shopping is also fun. But everything is changing with time. As you know new society has its new values, demand, and patterns. Similarly, the change in shopping patterns is so visible in the last few years. People consider online shopping over market survey. I am not just talking about the Western community. These things are happening here, in Pakistan. Even I am one of those.

Why people prefer online shopping?

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Presently, people have materialistic attitudes and therefore the trend of online shopping is gaining prevalence in the entire globe. Nowadays, this has become quite an interesting activity online. Going to physical markets, buying fashion products from there and being worried about the prices, these all matters are very insignificant now. Even more, I personally feel that online shopping is much more convenient than going market and spend hours to find something. Well, of course, everybody can have a different opinion. Some people still don’t like it. But trust me once you get addicted to it is not easy to leave it. Especially when you are not a market survey’s lover and want a peaceful shopping time. So you can easily choose what you want. If this thing has become popular then there are obviously some trends in online shopping that are rejoicing people over here. Let’s have a deep insight.

Benefits of online shopping

advantages of online shopping
advantages of online shopping

Everything has its positive and negative impacts but here I am going to discuss the positive sides of online shopping because I feel that there should be a proper way out for it. So people can easily do shopping while relaxing at home if they don’t prefer to go to the market all the time. So here are some benefits that I thought I enjoy the most.

1) Convenience is the major relief

easy shopping

It is very convenient for most of us. Like we don’t need a partner all the time for when we go to do shopping. We can easily do it by our self with just the help of our mobile. No tension of taking permission and no sadness for cancelation of the plan because of the panic situation in the city. So I think it is very easy everything is on your fingertip like Daraz, Hum Mart and many other websites they can deliver you everything that includes vegetables also.

2) Cost Saving is a real happiness

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With ever-increasing gas prices, shopping online saves you the cost of driving to stores, as well as parking fees. You will also save time by avoiding standing in line, particularly around the holidays, when stores are very busy. Usually, we found more discounts on online shopping as compared to go to some malls or shops. Like in Daraz they mostly offer sale. Similarly, some girls who do this business from their homes offer discounts when they left with few products and they have to clear their stock. Those girls sometimes even give you fewer prices from the market because they don’t keep high profits like the shop’s holder do.

3) Variety

Tell me one thing about how many shops you can visit in one day? Max 10 or 20? What about the traveling expenses? But in online shopping, you can watch as much as live sessions as you can and you won’t have to pay to auto or any other rider. The Internet provides sellers with unlimited shelf space, so they are more likely to offer a wider variety of products than they would in brick-and-mortar stores.

4) No Pressure on must buy rule

In a virtual or online store, there is no salesperson hovering around and pressuring you to purchase. You can silently watch sessions, ask prices and if you don’t like it then just move on. Nobody will say you anything or nobody will call you from their sessions “guriya” come to our sessions or what you want. These are the freaking voices that I am sure all of us hate.

5) Easily compare prices with others 

Shopping online eliminates the need to wander from store to store comparing prices. Not only between two stores we can compare prices easily like if you want to buy anything that you do the first market survey? Exactly, the same phenomenon is applied here. Watch all the live sessions about what you want, compare the prices and quality, check the seller’s reputation and then buy what you want at your preferable prices. That is the biggest fan of online shopping.


Keynote; must protect yourself while shopping Online

Overall, the advantages of shopping online outweigh the disadvantages. Though it is important to note that while they might be smaller in number, but the disadvantages can be a major hardship. So be careful while selecting your online shopping’s medium.


online shopping

Whoa! Seriously I love writing over this topic because somehow I am also addicted to it. I know it has several risks especially when you don’t know who the seller is and what if we can’t get a refund if anything is not what we order? There are many if and buts. After all those queries, it has a positive sight as well. Though it has relief from hectic and panic kind of shopping also. And in some cases, it has more secure that nobody knows what you are buying. That is why many people do prefer this kind of shopping. So do online shopping from trusted sides and official sides. And I wish that there should be a proper check and balance over scamming in this field. Keeping these trends in mind, let’s see what the future brings to the retailers and buyers!

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