Ryan Gosling As Ken Broke The Internet

Ryan Gosling As Ken in The Barbie movie Is Breaking the Internet

Now that the cast has been announced. It’s clear that Greta Gerwig will direct the movie from a script she co-wrote with Noah Baumbach. In the movie, Ryan Gosling will play the role of Ken. And Margot Robbie plays her character, Barbie. With her classic blonde hair and smile, she seems to be perfect for the role. The casting is perfect because she looks like a doll version of Robbie’s Sharon Tate or similar characters from The Wolf of Wall Street.

And then there’s Ryan Gosling. He was born to play Ken as a Hollywood actor in the new Barbie movie. His blonde hair and blank facial expression are similar to what he was like in The Place Beyond the Pines, Crazy Stupid Love, and most Blade Runner films. Even his wardrobe style has been copied: his outfit is made almost entirely out of stonewash denim with little details besides underwear remaining.

Thank goodness for a snippet from the film that Warner Bros. showed Wednesday to an unprepared public. A photo of one Ryan Gosling as Barbie’s tanned, toned and plastic boyfriend, Ken. Gosling followers, cinephiles, and casual Twitter users are expressing the image of Canadian actor Gosling as the character made famous in the toy aisle. This is the film’s first official image of the actor as his character.
There is no plot yet, but in terms of content, it looks like there will be sunsets and pictures of Robbie with a pink convertible. Will Barbie tire of Ken’s shirtless, vapid ways? Will Ken prove to his beloved Barb that there’s more to him than an absurd amount of abdominal muscles? Or will Brian conspire against Barbie and become the villain of her story.

It includes stars like Issa Rae, Will Ferrell, Hari Nef, and Upcoming stars Ncuti Gatwa and Ndeshawn X. The rumors of who will be playing Barbie and Ken have been widely publicized — will there be a mystery Skipper?

Fans will have to wait until July 21, 2023. When the film is released, to find out what Barbie, Ken, and Will Ferrell are getting up to.

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