Tune-up before you missed the boat!

feel the pain

Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open”

It is the 21st century, we are achieving so much in every field like medicines, health, and care, remedies, new discoveries about the universe and we wind up to the moon, but, what about the personal matters? They also have very important to deal with full concern. Are we dealing it with much-needed care? Unfortunately NO WE ARE NOT! Land up to the moon or follow our work goals and dreams are more important to us rather than our personal consanguinity that is the basic balancing factor for any society. This is not the problem of any particular country, society or area the whole world is facing this problem and our family structures are getting weaker day by day. We have a full day routine like we do this at that time, we will take a nap on this time and this is our perfect time to do this work.

Ground reality

we are lacking the fact that in the process of reaching our goals, we lost those people or a relation that needs our care and attention the most. We always become conscious of something’s worth when we lost that. When our relations are near to us we take them for granted as they will always stay the same, without getting the idea that life is unpredictable and we never get a second chance to undo the damage. This is the misery of life once you missed something you can’t go back to time and overhaul that. There are many relations that are attached to us or sometimes it’s not only relations but our moral duties that we are lacking in gain temporary success.

Parents; the life givers need attention as well

do it on right time

parents who gave us life, a peaceful childhood, and a better future what we return them? When we grow up, get busy in our lives and start struggling for our future we totally involved in our lives that we forget that they are getting old day by day. They need our love and attention more than ever. Maybe they wait for us at lunch or dinner but never share this with you because they know how busy we are in our lives. And one day, there was no one on the table in our wait to come home and have dinner together. That empty table is the biggest loss of our lives.

“Say it before you run out of time. speak up before it’s too late. Tell what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake.

Children; don’t spoil their childhood for the sake of their future

inner peace

we are now used to of very comfortable and luxurious lives. Brands are now part of our lives and we don’t compromise on brands. We want our children to a part of a well-known and high reputed school so they can apply for higher colleges and universities so that their future will be secured but what about the present? Are you giving them a good childhood to remember after ages and ages? Wistfully, parents are considering their selves money making machine. They work sunrise-to-sunset just to earn more and more to afford that luxurious life. I am not saying that this is wrong but think about it twice is it really right? Your children need your time more than anything else. Money and expensive toys are secondary things. Be available for your children they have a lot to share with you and trust me it gives you more pleasure than a salary bonus.

value real happiness

Spouse also needs tender loving care

feel the pain

“There is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.”

Some relations are very beautiful and refreshing in our lives. They are the strongest and the weakest at the same time. The only route to this highway is showing some affection and proper time. In this busy world, in some cases, therefore both partners do jobs or at times only one partner manages the bread and butter so every so often they have a shortage of time for each other and this is the root of the problem. We always think once we have done with this work or project we will plan a holiday together or go on vacations and will spend time with each other but on occasions, it takes a lot of time and this planning goes wrong, it’s too late and it’s impossible to undo the damage. Life never gives second chance to anybody, so avail if it’s there before it becomes a story of past.

Friends; a relation that has no end!

fix it

Friends are the coolest relation in our lives. They are our partner in crime and our secrete keepers. We made many memories together and promises that we will always stay together and always stay the same but when we enter in our married or professional life we forget every promise that we made. We have to take out time from our busy routine to finally see our friends. And sometimes we didn’t even effort to do so! But once we accomplish our goals and happy with our achievements then we realize we don’t even have a single true friend.

Other factors that are very important to look in to

loving yourself is good but has a soft corner for those whom you don’t know is also a very good emotion. It is not good that we always care for our future, our children’s future or about our parents. We should also think about those people who don’t have anyone in their lives and alone in this world. Earning money is important but humanity comes first. So take out some time to serve for others.

End of the line!

bucket list

Cutting long thing short that, it’s good if u have ambition in life and want to attain your goals but don’t involve in the race so much that you forget who you are, with whom you are attached with or what is more important. Because balancing is the main success key so try to maintain balance in your life and in your relations. So don’t overdose it or don’t lose it just keep a peaceful balance then you will see by yourself, you will feel happier than ever before.

It’s never too late. Don’t focus on what was taken away. Find something to replace it, and acknowledge the blessing you have.”

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