Major signs that you are an introvert?

Major signs that you are an introvert

There are mainly only two types of people in this world. People are divided into Introverts and extroverts according to their nature. The distinction is based on both the personal and impersonal traits of a person. But it could be hard to tell about anyone whether he’s an introvert or extrovert. You might not be able to tell accurately about your type here is this list of characteristics that an introvert must possess.

You adore your alone-time

An introvert’s major trait is that they are content in their alone time. They don’t seek any attention from others. They are more than happy if you let them be in their room with their laptop. If you are an introvert, it’s no problem for you to stay at home on a Saturday night. You are looking forward to binge-watch your favorite TV shows. Perhaps your passion is reading playing video games making art writing, cooking knitting tiny hats to cats, or simply plodding around your home. Whatever your favorite activity for you to do alone is, you’ll do it for as long as your schedule permits. You’re relaxed in a space that is your own. Your place is where you feel yourself to be in full control. This control is not attainable if you are not in your at your personal space.

You find socializing a very hard concept

If you do not feel comfortable walking up to strangers and making a formal introduction. Then you are an introvert. A very obvious characteristic of an introvert is being not able to socialize properly. Any sort of praise about themselves would make them feel fake. Introverts have made up a public image of themselves in your mind. Before any meeting or social gathering, they need to make sure they can show others their “public personality.” The epic movie scenes of heroes prepping themselves before the big speech are the daily practice for an introvert. An introvert would say things to himself such as Smile!, and Make eye contact! and Be confident! After this show, an introvert would feel drained. They need some time off to recharge.

Socializing is a very hard concept for introverts
Socializing is a very hard concept for introverts

You have a small friend circle

A lot of introverts have one or two friends however, it’s not because they are unable to be friends with or hate people in general. For those of you who are introverts may prefer to keep a couple of intimate, close friendships rather than a large number of acquaintances. In the end, you’ll need more time for yourself than someone extroverted, and therefore you’ll have less time for meeting and connecting with many people.

You can zone-out easily

Introverts tend to zone out of any situation that is not of their liking. Do you find yourself escaping from difficult, stressing overwhelming, and uncomfortable situations, by having your thoughts wander off to something relaxing? You are a true introvert. The zoning out helps you to shut down and turn into your fantasy world. It is the top survival mechanism of an introvert. This tendency to become lost in your thoughts could make others think that you’re insecure, rude, distracted, or uninterested. However, it can be a great way to manage stressful situations, from a noisy festive party to a long meeting with prickly colleagues.

You are a super emotional person

Many indications suggest introverts may feel more emotional than extroverts. And struggle to manage their emotions. This greater sensitivity might explain why many introverts suffer from depression. Higher sensitivity to emotions and other stimuli may play into your choice to spend your time with family members who are aware of your desires for privacy and space. You’d like to share your passion with those you be sure will not overpower you.

You are loyal, and you seek loyalty

Introverts are typically very trustworthy and honest individuals. They tend to search for the qualities of honesty and loyalty in their relationships, especially in their love life. Since introverts’ energy is derived from them and not from other people. It’s easy to show honesty for introverts.

You prefer texts over calls

An introvert is not a call person. If you are an introverted person. You will always choose to text over calls. You would not choose to call someone if it’s really necessary. An introvert is not going to like it if you call them out of the blue. So if you have any introvert-friend you might want to avoid calling them without any purpose.

Text, Don't Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life
Text, Don’t Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life

Your thoughts are always in conflict with each other

An introvert’s mind is a battlefield in which his thoughts are always fighting. The constant conflict makes them indecisive. Introverts struggle to make decisions for themselves.

You don’t like to try new things

Introverts like to be in their comfort zone. If you are an introvert, you would not get as excited as your extrovert friend about the new restaurant opening in your block. They have kind of a complacent attitude towards exploring new things.

If you find yourself with the above qualities then you are officially a verified introvert. Consequently, what do you think of how many of the above-mentioned traits you have if you are an introvert? You can also share your other introvert qualities with us.

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