5 Major Reasons Why You Feel Alone in a Relationship


Do you suffer from loneliness even if you’re in a relationship? For different people, loneliness can mean different things. Although, it generally consists of some of the following:

  • Feeling of being confined or unaccompanied from others
  • Not feeling good about yourself, the relationship, or about the future
  • Feeling unwanted or unvalued
  • Not getting love by your partner
  • Not feeling heard or ignored by your partner
  • Feeling of isolation or disconnection from all relationships
  • Feeling apprehensive in bringing up issues
  • Dominating his or her input and not feeling like your input matters
  • Not enough communication with your partner
  • Not hanging out with your spouse
  • Feeling hopeless, empty, or anxious
  • No sharing of news, either good or bad, with your loved one
  • Taking all your relationship decisions lonely
  • Working hard to make plans (short or long term) that gets ignored by your other half

Getting married or dating someone does not eliminate you from the probability of feeling lonely. This emotion is not just reserved if you are single or alone. When something doesn’t work in the relationship itself, this may be because you look to your partner to fill a gap that you’ve been carrying within yourself.  

Whatever the convict, here, a few reasons are explained why you might be feeling all alone and what should you do to call the root of the isolation you may be experiencing.

Is it normal to feel lonely in a relationship?

Yes, it is! Getting married to the love of your life may make you feel lonely sometimes.

Such feelings can arise to anyone and at any point in the lives, in or out of a relationship. But if you feel lonely more frequently in your marriage or relationship, it may be time to know the reasons why you’re not loved in your relationship. It’s time to recognize the indications of a lonely relationship.

why you feel alone in a relationship?      

Primarily, you all expect a relationship to provide you with a sense of closeness, mutual affection, and deep compatibility. What you don’t imagine though, is to feel loneliness in that relationship.

Is your relationship not going as well as it once done? There can be many reasons for this.  A survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2018 discovered that 28% of people who are discontented with their family lives usually feel alone all or most of the time. The number of people who are not happy with their relationships is rising.

Most frequently, you may feel lonely when you or your partner loss emotional connection. Even if you are having the most loving relationship, there are going to be those times when you or your partner may feel distant and turn away from each other. You’ll notice your relationship drifting apart.

Do you want to know a few major reasons for loneliness in a relationship? Let’s get started!

1. Not spending Time Alone Together

Because of a few misunderstandings, or maybe some conflicting schedules, you might not spend time together in solitude. Infrequent or unsatisfactory sex can result in both loneliness and depression.  

Do you want to spend your whole life happily with your partner? Never stop expressing your love physically with hugs and kisses. Physical touch is extremely important. This can prove highly effective to stay your relationship much longer.

You should prefer going on a date, have a long drive, or practice intimacy with your partner. Even if you have to reschedule your important office work or cancel it altogether, manage a few nights each month to enjoy time together all alone. Having a happy sex relationship where you or your partner feel connected both emotionally and physically is well worth it. Isn’t it?

2. One Of You Could Be Going Through A Difficult Time

One of the possible reasons of feeling alone in a relationship may include if either you or your partner might be going through a hard time but not expressing it. Loneliness may occur when one of the life partners is combating a serious disease, battling with a chronic illness, or even hospitalized. What should you do now?

Take some time and figure out what’s making the problem more worsen. Work together, consequently you will hold yourself tightly and firmly in your lovely relationship. In a relationship, you behave like a team. If your lover is dealing with a difficult time, you both are in it together. You must need to hold on together to get through this hard time.

3. Reduced communication

Reduced communication may make you feel lonely in a relationship.
Lack of communication

Communication is the key factor for a healthy relationship. Lack of communication is a red flag and can make you and your partner feel alone. When you don’t improve your communication, even by asking, ‘honey! how was your day?’ or before heading home, ‘do you need anything?’ your relationship will definitely go down.

This happens when you don’t connect through conversations emotionally; in the end, you actually stop talking at all. In case, the communication in your relationship tends to be one-sided, let your other half know about the specific instances where he/she made you feel ignored or unhappy. Being as clear-cut as possible will help your spouse understand the problem.

4. Feeling unwanted in a relationship

When you feel that your presence doesn’t matter in your partner’s life, it can be a symbol of loneliness in relationship. You don’t feel yourself really important in your partner’s life maybe because he/she has become very self-sufficient and established several personal priorities other than the relationship. You feel lonely when your lover does not show the need for your compassion and love.

When you get yourself in such a relationship, acrimony, intolerance, bitterness, impatience, and unhappiness can put back what was once possibly a blissful, when a cold vibe get into your relationship, give some time to yourself and your partner as good things take time.  

5. Emotional issues

Emotional stress results in depression and anxiety. It makes you feel alone in your relationship.
Emotional stress can lead to loneliness.

Several issues like substance use and anxiety can result in loneliness into your relationship. Even if your partner is manipulative, dismiss you and your feelings, and is hypercritical, you’ll feel alone in your relationship. Ignoring each other’s boundaries and invading in privacy is also a sign of unhappiness.

If there exists any kind of abusiveness in your relationship, it can certainly make you feel lonely. Consult couple counselors to cope with emotional issues. Also, seek assistance from your health care provider or therapist to reduce emotional stress.

I hope you got to know the major reasons of loneliness in a relationship. Do you also feel alone in your relationship? Do you want to share your thoughts on loneliness? Would you like to tell your personal experience? Then let me know how you feel about it in the comments below. I’d love hearing from you!

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