How You Can Rekindle A Relationship?


Love is not an easy job. It may be a fun at first. What actually matters is two of you! After the romantic obsession (and usually done with sex) honeymoon time of your relationship may end. You will find feelings of “head over heels” for you and your partner may slow down in the opposite way that they used to. Let me tell you guys this is totally normal! Don’t panic!

Your love used to be strong at once. But after a few years, you have to deal with the bills to pay, your crying children, judgmental in-laws, and sleepless nights. There may come a time in your relationship when you feel that you are no more important to each other. But this is not true. Maybe the stress of life has become your priority, not each other.

Often there’s a cost of your feelings in the form of sacrifice and concession. Accepting the normalcy and companionship is something you can never ignore in your relationship. You can rekindle your connection that is lost somewhere under piles of dirty laundry inside the corner of your bedroom, pile of dishes in the kitchen sink, and disputing over what your spouse just said. As soon as you clear the air from your relationship, you’ll start looking at each other with eyes full of love again.

If you face long-distance relation or simply after a few years, trust me, you are going to feel more comfortable with your partner. This can lead to a long-lasting, stable, dynamic, and more romantic relationship. After you and your lover will get into your normal life, things may begin to feel more normal. Isn’t that a great thing?

Whether you’re going through with the backwash from a betrayal or trying to keep your long-distance relationship work, here are some tips to rekindle your relationship.

8 best tips to rekindle a relationship      

Want to rebuild a happy and healthy relationship? It may not always be easy and take more time. So, how will you do that?

Scroll down and read the 8 best tips to rekindle your relationship. These are going to help you start this out again and live happily ever after.

1. Settle Your Conflicts With Fun

When working on how to rekindle a relationship, do not ignore conflicts just because you’re scared to work through complications. If you are serious about fixing your relationship conflict, you will enjoy a happier love life. Sort out the problem before getting out of control – but discover a way to make it fun instead of being burdensome. 

Avoid being angry about the conflicts instead doing a ridiculous dance can help you get out it. Resolve your issues with humor. When you start laughing, you will learn how to vibe with your spouse enjoying happier emotions even if there’s a conflict between the two of you. 

2. Schedule intimacy

It is common to slow down the level of intimacy in the relationship after the honeymoon phase. Can you speed this up?

Obviously this is a natural turn of events, but you should not disappear this completely from your relationship. Consider scheduling time to enjoy intimacy with your partner, if you are missing this. Also, notice the time period whenever you and your spouse feel unhappy with the amount of intimacy in your relationship.

Dress yourself like you did when you were dating. In hectic schedules, you may not get enough time to dress up attractively. Don’t keep wearing your sweatpants and pajamas. Take your hair out of the ponytail and put on a little lipstick and blush.

Focus on both physical and emotional intimacy. Most frequently, emotional intimacy can facilitate you more reactivating your relationship.  

3. Laugh and Dance together

Dancing and laughing together rebuild the hidden happiness of your relationship.
Laugh together, dance together

Life is quite serious. Do not let stress overcome your love life. Enjoy and have some fun! It’s up to you how you take a break away from the stress. To remove stress, dancing and laughing are the best medicines.

Dancing is very romantic. Have a slow dance in your bedroom (probably at night). At early morning, dance a few steps with your partner in the kitchen before heading towards work. Feel the dance moves, feel the emotions. Dancing is two people enjoying in harmony. Enjoy the rhythm you carve up.

Put in extra effort and schedule your time to laugh together. You will be able to live and love your life more. Have fun and laugh together happily ever after again!

4. express gratitude      

A few words can rekindle your relationship in no time. Saying, “I’m extremely grateful to have you in my life” or you are the most reliable partner I’ve ever seen” will reactivate your relationship and share more love.

When you express gratitude towards your partner you just don’t list his/her qualities but also show how your partner has positively impacted and benefited you. You explain how much your partner means to you.

To rekindle your relationship, sometimes it becomes extremely important to express your love and gratitude. Tell your partner that at a time when love between us had diminished, I have learned from you how to be patient and calm. Eventually, this will stress you out and your spouse as well.

5. Set aside time for dates

A candle light dinner along with some roses can blow your love to the higher level.
A happy romantic date

Plan a romantic date to restore your relationship that used to be romantic at once. Send a text to each other at afternoon, “let’s have a date tonight, honey! <3.” A few candles, roses, and your lover’s favorite dish will blow this relationship again. You can even arrange a date with a specific theme.

Even if you’re overworked, try making an effort to rekindle your romance. Organize scheduled time together to enjoy a perfect date. Talk on such topics you used to discuss before getting into a relationship. This will arise that lost love and load your heart with warmth, intimacy, and fondness.

6. Manage expectations

Even though if you are physically apart, more often than not can be even presumed, in a relationship you should manage your expectations in a much better way.  

Keep the romance alive. Discuss with your partner and set absolute rules that can take into account your specifications and devotion for each other.

Always direct your expectations from the very beginning and be honest with your spouse. This will prevent things from worsening. You’re going to enjoy an admirable relationship in a long run.

7. Be on the same page

Making a relationship more special and ever-lasting is a team work. You have to go side by side. If, in case, you don’t agree with your partner (even for some big thing), let it go. Support each other as teammates. Uphold your partner by saying, “I’m on your side”. Try to be as cooperative as possible.  

Isn’t that the beauty of a pretty relationship? That you are not against each other, in fact you are there for each other every time and everywhere. This can make a relationship quite pleasing!

8. Put your ego aside

Ego can destroy the relationship either partially or totally. Your ego should not spoil your relationship. Remember everything isn’t about you. Can a car run with one wheel? Same in the case of relationships, it takes two to live happily. When your ego becomes dominant over love, your relationship is more likely to ruin quickly. Remember; when you only care about yourself, there is no room for the second person. Love your partner as you want to be loved.

Learning a few tips to rekindle a relationship is not easy – it takes a little time and effort to develop and manage a supportive and healthy relationship and even more time if you’re confronting with a broken relationship. But you don’t worry! With time and patience, you can restore happiness and connect deeply with your partner.

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