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Top 10 Ways To Propose Your Man


Wondering about how to propose to a man? Here are the top 10 ways to propose your man. Choose any of the way that suits your choice to pull off an amazing proposal. Try to make it as romantic as you can so that he gets butterflies every time when he thinks about it.

Go win him over! Happy proposing!

1. Old-fashioned but ever-green t-shirt

You may seem the idea of proposing him through t-shirt a little old, but still, it is in trend. You must give a try doing this as it hasn’t lost its significance completely (or maybe your man loves this idea the most).

Take an old t-shirt, may be new or old, and print it with a beautiful picture of both of you. You can print a question asking him to marry you. Printing I love you with his name on it will be great too. Writing yourself with your hand can be good option. Wear a t-shirt, take him to a park, and then show your shirt. This is the right decision you’ve ever made!

2. A Romantic Dinner Date

A romantic dinner date never goes out of fashion. Among the top 10 ways to propose your man, this is the best one. If you and your boyfriend are romantic, that will be a bonus to your romantic date. What about making your romantic dinner a candlelight dinner? Nights are the most romantic time period for two lovers. And you know; candles and romance always go hand in hand. Book his favorite restaurant for a dinner.

Try to make him comfortable with you. Start a conversation and enjoy the romantic music playing in the background. Don’t forget to give him a rose. Order good food and ask him to be your life partner. It is the time he would never say ‘no’ to you. After all, you have not given him any a single reason to say no. Congratulations!

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3. Plan An Adventure

Do you know that most of the men love spending time outdoors? If your man likes this too, this is going to be great way to express your love. Arrange something adventurous (something he likes the most). You can prefer an exciting road trip. If your man is a basketball player, go to the court to propose him. You can also think about his favorite activities, like camping and trekking to plan an adventurous proposal.

This is definitely going to his memorable day when you propose him playing an adventure. Is it a trip with friends? Don’t worry! Call him to see you alone. Ask him that important question. At his favorite adventurous place, he can never reject you.

4. Propose him with a text message

Looking for a short and crisp idea to propose your man? What about sending a simple text message? This is the best one on this list of top 10 ways to propose your man. Write all of your feelings in a message and just click the send button. Don’t overthink! Write a clear message. Don’t make it difficult to understand for him. A beautifully written message will attract him more.

Use beautiful words like you are the only boy who makes me feel safe. You make me fall in love again and again. You make me smile. When there is no one by my side, you’re the one. I love you. I feel peace when you’re around me. And I want to spend my whole life with you. I love you!

5. Bend down on your knees

It is the idea boys love the most! Bending down on your knees is one of the best ways to propose your man. Just bend down on your knees and ask him a question if he is ready to make you the queen of his life. Don’t forget to take a beautiful ring or a flower with you while asking. You may ask anything according to your choices and need of that location or time.

If you bend down to propose your man, he will sure come to know about your inside emotions. An amazing expression of your love! If you do this in a public place, this will become the best proposal ever. An added benefit for you!

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6. Give Him a Symbolic Gift

Don’t know yet how to propose your man? Gift your man a symbolic item/gift. Doing this you will definitely win in proposing to him. His name engraved ring, pocket watch, bracelet, or even a necklace can do your work when it comes to jewelry for men. Since you know your guy best, pick out what he would love best.

Other than that, you can prefer investing your time in him to make something epic. Make something by yourself, a little cool, attractive or elegant. Cool leather wallet or key chains with engraved names are super trending these days. It will make him happy enough to decide spending the rest of his life with you.

7. An Intimate Letter will be enough

Isn’t this a great idea to turn your love letter to a proposal letter? It is the most romantic way to express your love with words. If you are not a good writer, you don’t need to be worried. You can leave secret notes writing a short cute proposal on it. A simple note can express your expressions as well. If your boy studies in the same university or works at the same place of yours, you can leave an intimate letter on his desk during break time. That will be great!                                                                                                             

A sweet proposal letter from a little one near his phone to one in his bag and wallet will make him marry you (Hurrah!). Keep sending him these cute notes throughout the day.

8. Make It About Him

Care about your man only. Make things about him. There is no better way of proposing your man than making it all about him. Check out what he likes the most. Do you know about it? Great! When you will consider his likes or dislikes and arrange things accordingly, he will take no time falling in love with you.

That can be something simple or fancy (depending on his choices). Men probably like simple scenes more, right? You can hire his favorite luxury car for a day. He will drive it around the city being happier and happier. You can also get tickets to a concert where his favorite singer is performing!

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9. Recreate A Memorable Moment

There are a lot of ‘firsts’ that come along when you’re dating. Where you guys had your first kiss? Recreating a special moment like this, will increase the chance of ‘yes’. You can do anything small, like proposing at the place where the first time you said ‘I love you’ to each other. Here the point is choosing the most memorable time of your relationship.

Go the same restaurant where you had your first date, or propose on the day you first confessed your feelings to each other. Or recreate your first holiday together. Guys usually don’t care much about location. They are more about romance! He will always remember this cute surprise.

10. Propose him on his birthday

Is your man a birthday freak? Great! No day can be better than proposing him on his birthday. The day he is born will become more memorable for him. Surprise him with a perfect birthday plan. You can invite his best friends too to make his big day more special. It would be the best day to pull off the perfect proposal. Not all girls follow this, but this is the most favorite one of the top 10 ways to propose your man.

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