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Top 10 traits of strong people

traits of strong people

Do you think that people are born with strong personalities or weak personalities? This is not true, this is scientifically proven that humans don’t inherit pass-on personality traits to their offspring. So even if you have low self-confidence, insecurity, or personality disorder, remember that this cannot be a part of you, the moment you decide to work on your personality. Only a few people have a desire to change themselves but not everyone can sustain it, as it is a long-term process and requires a lot of discipline and persistence. If you have worked on any of your insecurity, you are already on the list of strong people. In this article, we will discuss the personality traits of strong people.

1. Self-confidence:

 People with strong personalities are highly confident. They believe in themselves and have strong willpower. These people are socially active and they want to lead in different situations. They easily communicate with a bunch of people around them and do not hesitate to set their point in front of other people. 

2. Strong people do not seek the approval of other people;

They do not allow other people’s emotions or mood swings to control their life. They don’t seek approval from others and take responsibility for their actions. They know that if somebody doesn’t like them it’s their problem. They know that they cannot make everyone happy so they rarely give a damn about what other people think of them.

3. Ability to say no:

 People with strong personalities know how to say NO to other people. they don’t sacrifice their comfort zone to satisfy other people. When something doesn’t fit them, they say a straight ‘no’. It’s not harsh, as sometimes people try to take advantage of them.  They did not let other people overpower them or control them.

Although it is considered a good practice to be good to others as we all morally believe in ‘Do good, have good.But if you are not comfortable going to a party or don’t want to hang out with your friends, dare to say no. The people who are not able to refuse sometimes suffer from anxiety or stress. Truly strong people understand that they can’t help everyone, and there’s nothing scary in saying no.

4. Strong people set boundaries:

Setting boundaries with other people is a commendable trait.  They set boundaries with their friends, household workers, at work, and outside. Thye defines their boundaries very clearly to not get offended or triggered by others. This also lets other people know what they can say or do in front of them. 

5. Don’t back off from their statement:

People with strong personalities are not liars. They stick to what their statement is while communicating and don’t back off from what they have said earlier and don’t lie to cover it with a false statement when they are losing. They truly believe in what they speak, their every point makes sense,  they are excellent communicators. When someone doesn’t agree with them, they quickly slide away and they don’t convince people to agree with them. They understand that people can have different perspectives as they come from different backgrounds, and it’s not possible for people on the table to agree on the same point.

6. Hard-working and don’t quiet attitude:

People with strong personalities are hard-working and they don’t look for short-term or overnight success. They know that for being successful, they have to work hard.  They don’t make excuses to run from the steps that lead to success. They don’t quit easily and they don’t let failure define them. They understand that failure is a part of life and people who fail in life are those who don’t even try. They embrace every hardship that comes along with success.

7. Strong decision-making skills:

Strong people have good decision-making skills and they’re confident in their decisions and don’t keep changing their decisions under pressure from people. If they decide on one thing for themselves they stick to it, instead of trying other options that they think will work better if they choose them.

It doesn’t o mean that strong people don’t make wrong decisions in life, they sometimes fall from the edge, but they come back stronger instead of repenting over their decision.

8. Risk-takers:

People with strong personalities are risk-takers.  As mentioned above, they are highly confident, and they do take calculated risks in life. If they learn that something is going to change their luck and fate but also has a negative side effect if they fail. If they are passionate that they can make it, they don’t hesitate to try. Also when investing, when they have to choose between the stocks, although it’s a lot risky, they get their hands on investing in risky yet profitable businesses for startup businesses that they think will flourish in the future.

9. Emotionally Intelligent:

People with strong personalities are emotionally intelligent. They invest their emotions in good people and if someone unluckily deceives them, they don’t let them take control over their life. People with high emotional intelligence quickly catch and understand the emotions of other people around them. They know how to react and behave when someone is feeling or going through emotional trauma.  They express their emotions in front of people who matter to them and understand their emotions as well.

10. Don’t try to be perfect:

A Strong personality doesn’t mean that they are perfect in everything. Striving for perfection is toxic. They understand that it’s okay to make mistakes. They accept their flaws and don’t feel insecure. The people who try to perfect have some fear of being exposed and insecurity, and weak personalities.


These are some traits of people with strong personalities. Do you know other traits of people with strong personalities? Now, at the end of the discussion, I hand over the mic to you to discuss strong personality traits in the comments that are not mentioned here.

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