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7 Obvious Signs He Truly Loves You


I can guess what you beautiful ladies are thinking right now!

About the basic signs whether a man’s love for you is real or not? Do you find yourself checking your phone all the time in wait of his call or text? You wait to hear if he’ll say those three little words when you’re having a romantic date? You may have a lot of questions regarding man’s loving signs – the answers are written down in this article, the signs you’ll get to know that he truly loves you, and he could be that special one.

You may experience love through your own personal lens, but off course, there are certain patterns that the men of different natures tend to display. You may possibly come as close as to read his mind by keeping an eye out for these signs that a man is falling in love with you.

What Does Love Feel Like for him?

Love, most commonly for a man, wanders beyond surface attraction to an infinite deeper level. Many men are brought up to ignore their emotions toughening up which might make them confessing their feelings of love. As such, expressing love may make them uncomfortable, sometimes.

But do you know that research has approved that men are more likely to fall in love faster and express their feelings earlier than women. When a man is in love, he will be affected deeply. He cares for and protects the girl he loves. He tries to make her happy. Real and reciprocated love makes him become the best version of himself.

If your man does not express his love verbally, he must be showing signs that he is head over heels in love with you. When he loves you with all his heart, you just know he makes you feel special in a way no one has ever done.

Signs he is in love with you

Isn’t that normal that you want to know how your romantic partner feels about you? You must be! No matters either you have been in a relationship for a while or have just started now. All in all, you want to know where you stand. So, get ready! Check out a list below of 7 signs your man is falling in love with you.

1. He introduces you to his family

Apparently, your man has been letting you in on all there is to know about his family. And it may left you at surprise at first, but trust me if he is really serious about you he won’t hide you and your relationship from his friends and family.      

He only keeps his relationship when he thinks that things won’t work out in a long run. So, if he introduces you to his family, he is definitely in love with you. He knows you are just being incredibly cute!

2. His interest in you is not all sexual

Do his feelings go beyond that initial glow? Is he about doing more than the minimum, or is he doing just enough to get you into physical relationship?

Intimacy is something a big thing. You should know whether he is interested in you or what you offer beyond the bedroom. Love often accompanies with  passion and excitement, but you should not confuse this with real, genuine love. While yeah, it can certainly be a part of it.

Let’s not talk about sexual intimacy, the feel about the random pokes or never missing a chance to hug you is much more. Do you feel the same from your man? If he loves you, he will kiss or simply care for you.

3. He Makes Time For You 

It’s tough to keep up with everything around hectic life, work, friends, daily life challenges, meetings to go here and there or to do this and that…

Not with your man!

He always makes the time to love you and to spend time with you more and more whether you’re together or across the room from each other. He can cancel his meetings to see you even for five minutes, believe me, he will do it when in love. If he really loves you, he will find a way to spend the time to be with you.

4. Your happiness is his happiness

Do you constantly receive cute forwards from him? Do you guys have dinner at your favorite restaurant? Your happiness is always his happiness. He will never put you on second making you smile. If he cares for you, he smiles when you are smiling.

Also, he is happy when you are happy. He must be trying to help you all the time with your problems. The same is the case with all the good and happy lovers, they want to make each other smile as often as they can.

5. He makes efforts to change his behavior for the better

Challenges and problems exist in every relationship as it is a normal part of life and something very common element in human relationships. But, what is important is how the both of you deal with those problems.

If your man always tries to fix relationship problems or constantly push any issue aside. He’s a good lover! He always puts his effort into strengthening and improving your relationship. He’s an open book to share everything with you when it comes to discussing these relationship issues with you.  He will not feel awkward to make changes in his behavior for you.

6. The way he looks at you

Does your man look at you like he can’t believe you exist? It isn’t a lusty look full of a desire but it’s marked by a specific level of inner calm, awe, and serenity. Only for you! His reserved looks only for you!

It’s actually the frequency of the way he looks at you when he just can’t stop looking at you. That feels amazing! If he does the same, do not wait to hold him tightly. This is your guy!

7. He will never judge you for your craziness

We women do like being act a bit crazy sometimes, may be more than others. Your man doesn’t mind that crazy side of yours. You feel comfortable enough expressing your funniest side. Also, you never feel shy to be yourself when you’re with him.

You can enjoy a happy relationship without the fear of being judged for anything. So consider it as a sign and put all your worries aside.

Get to know now, how it indicates to be in love? I am sure you have found out the true signs if your man loves you or not. I suggest you use these signs as a checklist. I would also love to know how many points your man got. Share those signs with me you find in your man in the comments below.

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