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What is the Happiness Hormone

What is happiness hormone

In the human body, a lot of chemical reactions take place by a variety of hormones. One of them is the happiness hormone which is responsible to make a person happy. If we talk about happiness, it is regarded as an optimistic mental or emotional state. The term happiness is used in the context of pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy While hormones are the chemical messengers produced in our bodies. A hormone is a Greek word meaning  ‘setting in motion. Hormones are chemical substances to signal organs within a body. They also develop communication between different organs. Their place of production is different from the target for action. Hormones are transported from one organ to another in living things. They are necessary for the healthy development of the body.

What is the Happiness Hormone

Happiness in us is caused by some happiness hormones, so we must know about these in detail.


Man is acquainted with such a state of ecstasy, which is a priceless blessing for him. Now we will check out some important information about these amazing endorphins.

Exercise Aids in the Release of Endorphin

When you exercise, your body releases a chemical called endorphin. This chemical reaches the brain and interacts with the brain’s receptors that reduce the sensation of pain and give a pleasant feeling of relief. Endorphins are an amazing happiness hormone that can lead a person to a spell of excitement and joy. We should exercise at least 20 minutes daily for a full dose of endorphin for a better mood. Find out more how exercise brings happiness

Endorphin and Comedy

When we watch comedy programs on television channels or online and read jokes, our human body produces endorphins. So for a healthy amount of this happiness hormone, we should spend some time appreciating good humor.

Natural Intoxication

Endorphins, like morphine, stimulate addictive positive emotions in humans and act as the happiness hormone. Understand that this is a natural intoxication of the body that does not alienate man from consciousness but afflicts him with the same conditions which are compatible with intoxication.

Natural Pain-killer

Endorphins also have the potential to greatly reduce the severity of pain. Therefore, in headaches, pain in the legs or arms is relieved by pressing and massaging the affected parts, as doing so naturally releases endorphins.

Sedative Nature of Endorphins

Endorphins are also very sedative to humans. It makes a person go through a state of semi-intoxication and relax completely. Endorphins are formed in our brain, spinal cord and many other parts. And is released upon stimulation of neurotransmitters in the brain. Despite the sedative effects of endorphins, the good news is that humans are not addicted to this natural drug. However, if some people get in the habit of massaging the head or pressing the legs, then it is difficult to miss.


In the journey of life, we accomplish many small and big tasks. When we complete a task, our body releases the happiness hormone dopamine and that makes us happy. When we work in the office or at home, we feel successful and good, this feeling is due to dopamine. Now you can understand why women are generally not happy with housework because no one appreciates housework. Whenever we buy a new cell phone, car, new home, new clothes, or anything, our body releases dopamine and we are happy. Now, you will understand why we feel happy after shopping.


When we do something for the benefit of others, our body secrets serotonin inside us and a feeling of happiness arises. Providing useful information on the Internet, communicating good information to people, answering people’s questions on blogs, Quora and Facebook, inviting people to Islam or their good ideas all produce happiness hormone serotonin and we feel happy.

Oxytocin as The Happiness Hormone

When we get close to other human beings, our body releases oxytocin which is the happiness hormone. When we shake hands or hug our friends, the body releases oxytocin. In the movie ‘Munna Bhai’, ‘Jaddo ki jhappi” really works like the magic. When we hold someone in our arms, the human body releases oxytocin.

Bonding Hormone

Oxytocin is a hormone with a variety of capabilities. We understand, for example, it is oxytocin that connects us to different humans. It is something that inspires us with a unique force that plays its part in love, breeding, breastfeeding, and love in all its shapes and colors. That is what affects birth and constitutes existence.

It also encourages psychological and emotional mechanisms that help us connect better. It has to do with internal balance. Now that we have mentioned some of its functions and explained how important it is, we are trying to better recognize this super hormone, oxytocin.

Oxytocin, Facilitator of Existence

Oxytocin controls generosity, care, acceptance with truth, and empathy. If it’s real, it’s easy to see why people call it the “human hormone.” But, we cannot ignore a completely necessary fact. Even in animals, mothers protect their children from any danger. Oxytocin also controls their behavior. In fact, we acknowledge that this happiness hormone leads to spectacular competition between humans.

So, as opposed to just calling it a human hormone, we have to look at it from a broader and more important perspective. In all aspects, it is a facilitator of life. Because in reality, it lets us connect with each different, other generation, our surroundings or even ourselves. It enables coexistence. We believe that love, future, care, and self-care are the guarantees of survival.

Oxytocin Motivates Us

Scientists found that oxytocin increases our consciousness of social and emotional data around us. This helps us understand what motivations are necessary. We can keep this method in mind, interpret them and follow them. Here again, we have that “connection”. The force that invites us to connect with those around us. To experience like individuals, a part of the whole. This detection can be important for humans with autism spectrum problems (ASD). In fact, they have proved that lack of oxytocin can play an important role in the expression of autism. That is why the first clinical trials have begun to improve their social brotherly love and interaction.


Eating chocolate boosts happiness hormone in human body

Phenylethylamine is the hormone that results in the feelings we get in the early stages of a relationship like excitement and joy. So, it is a happy hormone. Cocoa beans contain Phenylethamine. Eating chocolate might be helpful too.


It is a hormone that reduces stress and can help you become more relaxed so it is a happiness hormone. Ghrelin produces in the body when we become hungry that’s why eating too much is not always a good idea. Just eat according to your body’s needs and never fill your stomach to maintain good Ghrelin levels.

How to boost happiness hormone in children

  • Encourage them to play physical games on the ground in addition to mobile or video games. (Endorphins)
  • Appreciate your child for small and big achievements. Appreciate (dopamine).
  • Get your child into the habit of sharing things and helping others. For that, help yourself by telling others. (Serotonin)
  • Cuddle your baby in your arms. (Oxytocin).
  • Offer them chocolate once in a while (Phenylethylamine)
  • Make healthy eating habits in children (Ghrelin)

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