Grace Is The Power To Love


In the kingdom of grace, the Lord walks among us. Today is the measure of the opportunity to grace each part of ourselves. It is in this moment of grace that life will spin within itself.

Long lasting love is upon us, and its beauty is to behold each and everyone of us. The tomorrows dance within the kingdom of the love spinning within each of us.

The days of the unrest are over when the sun shines its greatness upon each of us. The dancing and the singing of love is with us eternally.

Take the moonbeams of love upon your life and vision will come with you into the kingdom of grace. Life and love combine to witness the beauty of self.

Long lasting love is forever at the treetops of wisdom garnished by the desire of freedom.

Joy now covets the earth, and all life is beholding to us once again. The days of unrest are over, and life begins anew within the pillar of joy.

The stellar life of me comes forward as the grace of morning echoes its chant of loving surrender into the heart of me.

The divide is no longer with me as the seasons of love change forever within the joy of the rapture of love. Grace is here always to be within the cause of me and long lasting is the foreverness that garnishes life and beauty to the eye of the beholder.

Staying within the eclipse of morning, life and love come together as the journey continues to the awareness of once was. The telling is now upon each of us as the growing place of desire is the fire of me.

Today as always, I come before the life of me to inhabit the journey of the kingdoms of love and grace to once again enjoy the beingship of love and grace.

Tomorrow will only dance within the reason of self as so described in the beauty of self. The resurrection of self is the beauty of self that rises among the ashes of not knowing.

The kingship of self is the blessing of joy that will inhabit the species of loving surrender to the will of the people that dance within the grace of the beingship that belongs to the decode of love, burning within the heart of me.

The knowledge has come to be here within the mountain of the places of me and to the end of life that one calls it, the prism of self explodes into the consciousness of the belonging of love and life.

The tomorrows dance the singing, and joy is here once again that furnishes the night inside the day and all of the loving comes upon each of us as we further into the darkness of desire that was implanted into the self of us.

The me of you is now dancing together to bring forth all the graces to attest to the reasons of love. Long standing love is the grace of tomorrow and the joy has come now upon me to surrender the cause of me.

Lois Hollis © 11/08/2022

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