The ever changing trends of lifestyle with social media

social media as a game changer

Social media sites have become the important part of our lifestyle. Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, IMO and Pinterest… select any of these. How many times do you visit these sites in a day? In fact, there is no age limit in using social media sites.  Although, studies show that majority of the social media population are teenager, young people and middle-age. Gone are the days when people get information in a limited way. But today, getting information is become so easy and it is possible only by clicking a button. Moreover, people are more aware of each other’s activities and even easily access to their personal life. Correspondingly, social media has opened the variety of platforms for people belonging to every field of life.

Let’s take a look on how social media is bringing the tremendously changes in marketing, globalization, health, political and fashion industry of the world.

Marketing through social media

marketing through social media site
marketing through social media site

Social media gives a brilliant opportunity to grow the business to its extent. So, here I will discuss the benefits that different social media sites are giving to their followers:

Online shopping

The term online shopping covers both browsing the products and buying those products online Today, we are buying almost all kinds of things at home either using debit card or cash on delivery. If the website wins the customer’s trust, they buy more products from the website.

No geographical barriers

Marketing through social media sites is crossing all the geographical barriers. Although, it gives the open invitation to all the people belonging to any part of the world. It becomes so easier for all those having access to internet.

Grow with the global trends

When a person or a company is in a global market of social media he knows about the trends of society. He knows about his competitors and their tactics. In this way, people grow together and learn so much from each other.

Budget friendly

If a person starts a new business like starting a coffee bar but he or she is not financially strong enough to advertise his or her stuff through print or electronic media. In this way social media is there for you for the publicity of the business at very low cost or free. In addition, online advertisement is as long as the business and can be viewed by customer at any time.

Two-way communication

The traditional style of advertising the business is usually done by dropping promotional letter, brochures, fliers, or sending the message through radio or television. But this type of advertisement is only one way of communication in which only the company or business owner is delivering the message. On the other hand, marketing through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, the communication is possible in two way. Customers can directly talk to the cooperate representative and can give feedback to them. Moreover, the company can share the positive reviews of satisfied customers with others to win their trust too.

Group discussion

Discussion in a group on any topic is the best feature that social media is providing us. People can talk to each other regarding any product. They help others by sharing the personal reviews. Furthermore, customers also share their comments on the official page of the company. New comers get help by reading those comments.

Role of social media in Social Networking

role of social media in globalization
role of social media in globalization

Social media sites are connecting with people in number of ways. There are no boundaries between people. Each and every person is in access of other if he or she is on social media.

Connecting with the people

Social media is not only helping us to connect with our existing friends, family, partners but also give the opportunity to connect with new people worldwide. To stay in touch, Sharing the instant messages, images and document with your loved ones are the major element of social media. The social networking is usually done with the people of same interest and help us to learn new things, ideas and information.

Finding the love of life on social media

Social media sites are also facilitating and linking the love partners around the globe. There are no geographical boundaries between love birds. They can easily talk through these sites, exchange pictures and can check each other’s profile. Even, the concept of marrying through social media is increasing day by day.

Seeking professional help

LinkedIn allows people to form a professional network which help them in their professional life. They can join the professional groups on Facebook to learn the respecting skills from the experts.

Relationship between celebrity and audience

Celebrities can reach in the global audience through social media. They can talk and respond to their fans directly. It also paves the way for the audience to get the personal information of their favorite stars simply by following them on Facebook or Instagram.

Role of social media in medical care

online medical care
online medical care

The concept of giving healthcare through face to face interaction between practitioner and patient is not only way to solve any issue. Now a days, health expert can utilize the social media to share their surplus information with other experts as well as to patients. Social media is supporting its patients both financially and morally.

Here are some advantages of social media in medical care.

Patients share their problems freely

Social media is helping patients to get the help directly from the Doctors. There are number of medical groups crowded with the community related to medical professionals. In case of any emergency patients can seek help from those groups by updating a status.

Moral support

Social media is revolving around the concept of connecting people. When a person going through a difficult period of disease. There is also a range of survivors on social media who are supporting heartedly the person by sharing their own stories of same disease. Furthermore, there are also many people who support morally with encouraging words.


Financial support

Some medical treatments are not budget friendly. Although, sometime they are not affordable for the patients’ family. For this reason, social media is also there for help. people can start the donation campaign on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram. This world is full of generous people, who are passionate to help others can easily contact to needy patients.

General medical awareness

People become so clever they diagnose the disease themselves by taking awareness through social media. Then they seek medical help from the respecting experts. There are numerous organizations spreading awareness about diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac problems, hepatitis and allergic reactions. Accordingly, people are facing these issues simple by taking preventions.

Role of social media in fashion industry

changing fashion trends
changing fashion trends

Social media is like a game changer in the fashion industry. If we say it is influencing the fashion industry more than any other industry. Brands put the style ideas on their pages or websites and general public take ideas from these sites easily. This is the reason; everyone is well aware of current trend. In other words, we can say that social media has turned a local trend into a global trend.  

Let’s have the incredible changes of social media in fashion world.

Becoming a style icon

Gone are the days when people had to go for audition to become a model. They had to put a lot of efforts to prove themselves and to get the fan following. Today, social media has ended up all these difficulties. Now people can easily become style icon by making a profile on Instagram. It becomes so easy to get millions of followers by updating them with stylistic content.

Tagging brands

On Instagram people tag the brand of what they are wearing. In this way, followers can easily reach to the brand and can get the following thing easily. There are number of fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram who give reviews about the beauty products, clothes, bag, shoes and everything of personal use. In this way, it becomes easier for others to follow the brand if it suits them.


Hashtag Hashtag Hashtag. All the social media users are well aware of this label. It helps others if they are interested in a certain topic. In in this way, they can get more of that topic only by clicking the hashtag. If someone wants to learn about the hairstyle he will simply write #hairstyle in the search bar. Conversely, another person will post the picture of hairstyle with #hairstyle. Similarly, these hashtags are opening the wide range of ideas for others. They can use any hashtag related to the picture. For example, #longhair #hairvibes #beautifulhair

Fashion Hacks

No Doubt the role of social media in making everyone fashionable is admirable. But the naked truth that all the fashions are not so affordable for everyone.  Alternatively, it becomes easier for all just because of fashion hacks. Social media is full of little tricks to be fashionable in an affordable way. Preteens and teenagers are highly taking advantage of these clever hacks.

Two-way fashion street

Social media has built a two-way fashion street in which consumers are the contributors. Consumers create new ideas and they circulate on social media in no time. In addition, they give suggestions to improve the fashion. Similarly, some fashion brands take new ideas from social media for new styling. Likewise, their followers take ideas from them.

Fashion diversity

Everybody has a different taste of style. There is a huge range of fashion trends moving from street wear style to flamboyant style. So, everybody has open choice to follow his or her type of fashion icons and brands.

Political activism on social media

political activism by social media
political activism by social media

In earlier times politics was considered as interest of only the senior member of society. Today, it become popular among young generation as well. people remain active on social and political campaigns. They give their remarks on budgets, political movements, corruption cases, democracy, current affairs and international relations.  They take interest in polling booths and cast their votes to their favorite political party. That’s all because they are well aware of their political rights. Different political leaders also share their view on current affairs. Their followers follow them and create the personal ideology. In this way, social media is enabling the youth to understand the folds of politics and making them aware of their political rights.

Highlighting the benefits of social media how it is contributing in changing the lifestyles of people. It is helping us from domestic problems to international affairs. But on the other hand, there are number of disadvantages of social media as well. As it is in the focus of teenagers. That’s why according to a report many teenager are the victims Cyber-bullying. Moreover, frauds, addiction to social media, hacking, health issues, idealizing drugs and alcohol and cheating in love relations are the inevitable disadvantages of social media. In short, social media has both advantages and the disadvantages but its all about the user how he or she use it.

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