Silence: Powerful tool


Silence is a powerful tool because it allows both parties to think their own thoughts, without the influence of the other’s thoughts. This can be good, or not so good. In a positive situation, it allows for creativity. In a negative situation, it allows a person to conjure up the absolute worst outcome they can imagine.

Nobody can read you this way, that is what makes you dangerous. Not a soul recognizes what you’ve planned or are thinking; making you incredibly unpredictable. Being quiet also helps you listen better and absorb more information while you think of a better way to use it instead of running your mouth all the time.

The less we talk and the more action we engage in, makes us seem much more significant, attractive, and might I add in control of ourselves rather than allowing others to dictate what they think we should be doing. Thinking things through with silence before responding or quickly acting allows us to be in control of our day to day lives. To not allow others to dictate or quickly manipulate our actions speaks “You’re not the boss of me” and I’ll decide when to move.

We all know about “Game of thrones”. Tywin is the perfect example. He mostly listens while others speak giving him an aura that speaks, I’m superior to you as people are wondering what he’s going to say or do. They also don’t know what he’s planned.

On the other hand Joffrey screams out loud I am the King. Tywin doesn’t need to say anything to show who’s powerful. He already knows he is. While Joffrey successively his mouth looks like a total idiot. Silence is what allows Tywin to set a frame. It expresses his charisma, confidence, and control of a situation.

It is a type of charismatic trait that introverts use to display their power and handling of a situation. Introverts tend to be great leaders thanks to this trait. Mature extroverts will typically prefer this over speaking too.

“Any man who must say “I am the King”, is no true King.”

– Tywin Lannister,

Game of thrones

Power of silence:

In some way, being quite is equivalent to keeping your mouth shut; not making your voice heard. But being silent is more about inflowing a sacred place within yourself. An inner reservation opens up when you are silent. Your mind calms down and is freed from the endless cycle of thinking.

One ‘s silence made him powerful in front of people Because no one Knows his/her plans, thoughts, feeling .so everyone gets anxiety and waiting for his words. The reason of this behavior is that either the person waits for his revenge to be taken by His God. Or he just forgives them with a big heart for great reward (heaven).

Do not do all the conversation, when you want to begin a relationship. Familiarize yourself, ask questions about the other person and listen. Study and try to learn round the other person. When the person apprehends you are listening to them, they will listen to you.

As soon you become silent, the faster you will get your answer. Most of people are embarrassed of asking a question and not discontinuing at the question mark.

Psychological benefits:

The psychological benefits of experiencing silence; even when it makes us uncomfortable, can mean more purposeful living. 

  1. Silence can increase self-awareness, self-compassion and improve decision-making skills with improved mental clarity.
  2. Use it to become more mindful and self-compassionate.
  3. Silence makes you creative and gives you sense of calm.
  4. It helps you to concentrate and focus the best. Awareness can be improved by practicing silence.
  5. Stress levels reduces by having a period of silence each day.
  6. Performance level improves when you exposed to lower levels of noise.
  7. Remaining silent and doing nothing increases the construction of new brain cells which could make you more creative in the future just by doing nothing. 
  8. Silence when regularly practiced, gives you more patience.
  9. It gives you sense of peacefulness.
  10. It reduces stress levels that in reverse reduces blood pressure which can prevent heart attack.
  11. Being silent makes you live longer.

Silence VS ghosting:

Being silent doesn’t work for a lot of situations. As a matter of fact, it can be damaging when it comes to relationships. Don’t get confuse between silence as a powerful tool and silence as harmful weapon (ghosting). It is considered rude behavior if you are ignoring someone by your silence. And human beings HATE being ignored. More than anything else typically

Generally, the absence of any kind of noise is known as silence. But in communication, we consider it as an absence of speech. It does not mean that the individual is not communicating with the other one. It is very powerful type of communication. But effective communication is the necessity of any relationship.

The meaning of silence differs on each event, depending on situation.

Silence can mean many different things.

  • Silence can be rude if you are disregarding someone, but at the same time, silence can be respectful if you’re interested in what someone is talking about. It’s contradictory.
  • Silence can mean quiet contemplation and deep thought.
  • It is hard to being silent or have silence, if not impossible to read and understand, like when someone emotionally feels a certain way you can tell. Silence you can’t do that with. Except someone tells you, you don’t really know why they’re inaudible.

Silence is extremely powerful for these reasons and many others.

Reasons to try silence in your daily communication:

  • Silence gets people attention

In a classroom and situation when the speaker stops talking a signal goes to the brain that something has happened. Suddenly, you wage attention to try and discover why communication has stopped.

  • Silence uses nonverbal language

Frequently, our nonverbal language is a more influential way of collaborating than our verbal language.

  • Silence can be an obvious answer

If we are in silence, we send a authoritative message that communicates that we don’t agree or are not going along with what someone is saying.

  •  Silence offers empathy to others

There are times in life where silence offers understanding and empathy to others. Occasionally, we don’t have the right words to communicate to someone who is struggling with a hurtful or sorrowful situation. We can show somebody we care and we are there for them without using words. We can offer comfort by our calming silence.

Maintaining inner silence is perfect surrender and perfect understanding. You don’t have to be perfectly good at it. But there’s nothing else that needs to be done. The more you practice silence, the more you are near to yourself.

Ways to incorporate silence:

  1. Take 5 inaudible minutes before growing each morning to clear your mind and listen to your breath.
  2. Find a soft or silent corner at home that you can foster as your “sanctuary” somewhere you may read or journal in peace, without intrusions.
  3. Sip your morning coffee outside on the patio instead of in front of a television. It’s not precisely silent out there, but listening to Mother Nature’s calmness can bring an inner stillness that’ll stick with you all day.
  4. Turn the radio off while you’re driving. Give the act of driving your full attention. You may be surprised by what you notice around you!
  5. Pause and take a few seconds to organize your thoughts before rambling onto the next speech.
  6. Sit and meditator for just 10-15 minutes and let your breath clear the mind of clutter. Increase the time as you nurture your practice.
  7. Go on a hike and leave the iPod in the car. Let yourself to lose your bearings in the spirit and the echoes of Mother Earth.
  8. Enjoy a silent evening. Disconnect from the laptop and cell phone.
  9. Make room for quiet contemplation or prayer. Purposely delete the mind of the past and of the future. Let the mind just be.
  10. Savor the silent space before the mind drifts to sleep. It will encourage a feeling of rest, bliss and balance.

In my opinion:

when we are right why we should argue with someone?

Those who are wrong try to do everything against the truth, the insecurity create damage for their mental peace, they will look into someone else life to find mistakes. Such kind of people can’t be quiet, they spread rumors, try to defame other individuals, they create theories because they wanted to satisfy many others. Their life is not their own. When they live and find their own freedom? Because their autonomy is limited, it’s grounded on someone else activities.

Sometimes for me, silence means that I am tired of explaining my feelings. It is vehicle to take me to my innermost center, which is the place for all authentic practice.

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