Why is it so hard for some people to appreciate lives?


They can’t appreciate their lives because they have a “Social Media Mindset”. Most of us do so the small amount who never have enough stand out. The people who crying not having *everything they wanted, their parents always did them wrong, school sucked, siblings blow, dating sucked. Some people do have reasonably bad conditions and good reasons to believe they can’t appreciate their lives. But the flipside of the coin is that fakers who actually are not focusing on appreciation when their lives are pretty amazing, will use the same talking points as legit miserable people, downtrodden people, to get social points.

The toxic kind, where they want to be glamorous celebrities, loved by all, and don’t we all want to be noticed and loved? Maybe, except the people who aren’t appreciative of their lives, already are noticed and loved.

  • Some of this maybe related to a prevailing notion that, material success is the gateway to spiritual fulfillment and all personal happiness.
  • Nearly of this maybe related to a sense of pride.
  • Some of this maybe related to being in a relatively privileged position.

So, they can’t appreciate their lives maybe because of their sense of needing more than they have out of entitlement (Pride), maybe because they haven’t witnessed a lot of actual suffering, maybe they chase “supply and demand,” treating each bit of attention and care, like currency.

What can make someone appreciate lives or anything?

The value, priority and concern attached to that very thing is what can make someone appreciate lives or anything. In most cases, people will be more appreciative of things that they know their true value of.

If what you value the most in your life or my life is a job, then I will appreciate more my job than my own life.

Once I lose a job or retires, then life will be challenging as what would give me my identity. Or what will make me feel not completely empty, make me not to lose my sanity. Or make me feel some kind of meaning in life will no longer be.

That is why, in such a case, most people tend to feel that their life is over. They may for the first time feel truly lost. They will not know what to do next with their life for they will not have found something that will give them a new identity, new meaning, a sense of purpose. Or give them a reason to wake up in the morning or to live.

What causes people to feel lost?

First, let me say, we as humans normally have little or no interest in things, we do not know the true value of.

It can be something very important. Yet everyone for as long as they are not aware, they will have no interest, no motivation, no concern, no time, no value attached to that.

At that theme, certainly what will bound people will be what is in their personal mind. That is ideas, thoughts, concepts, philosophy, mentality, principles, values, standard, behavior, habits, attitude, and their own definition of what life is and its value.

Considering someone has located his highest priority, identity and value in his or her job. That purely means everything else in such a person`s life comes second, third, and so on. If the first priority is no more, that means life for such as individual will be in crisis mode. Serious physiological and mental problems causes by what his or her life anchored.

The truth is that life is bigger, more important than a job. Life is far more important than fame, a job or materials things (money, cars, or houses which are what many people seek as their most important priorities).

If you do research today, you will discover that most people, even those most of us admire to be successful do not truly live a life of true meaning, fulfillment, love, peace, and happiness. In fact, the majority led a life of emptiness, guilty, no joy. While having a lot of money, cars, houses, or any other thing money can buy.

Do not get me wrong. Money, houses, cars are necessary tools. In fact, these tools enhance the quality of life. But the truth is that they do not in themselves result in one having a life of true meaning, fulfillment, love, peace, and happiness.

Some sympathetic kinds;

The last motivation’s kind is of more sympathetic; Because they were abused early in life on a continuing basis and the only way to survive was to adopt a grim mindset where you always anticipate the next bad thing happening to you. These kinds of people are suffering from tragedy induced loss of focus and stress.

But the rest of them? I would bet that maybe they labor beneath the idea that if you have Likes, if you’re pretty, rich, whatever; You’ll be happy.

In my own opinion;

most people do not appreciate and value their own life. I am making this assumption because to me, someone who truly appreciates, knows their true value and worth. He cannot allow himself or others to abuse him or her.

To overwhelmed this; like Albert Einstein detected, “The momentous problems we face cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking we were at when we shaped them. Or, as the saying goes “old keys won`t open new doors”.

Scenario of why people can’t appreciate their lives:

Most people can’t or won’t appreciate lives because they always worry about the things they don’t have.

Here is one scenario,

A guy recently went to an interview, he cracked it and got the job. He is happy until he learns that one of his friends got a job in some good company with a better package. He is sad and angry instead of being happy for himself and his friend.

This is what most people do!! They compare their lives to that of others and always find something the other person has and they don’t and end focusing and thinking about that and complain!!!

What these people don’t understand is that there are people in far worse conditions, some people only eat one meal per day. Some people don’t have water at least to drink. People must stop complaining and Start counting their Blessings.

Moving forward, consider, learn and understand the following truths,

  1. A person cannot be motivated fully to live his or her life effectively and reach his or her maximum potential without knowing who he or she truly is and his or her purpose in life.
  2. Fulfillment, meaning, joy, peace of mind, true love is only possible when one discovers his or her true identity and purpose.
  3. True personal identity produces purpose, purpose produces potential, and potential is secured by the right principles.
  4. The value of each one of us IS NOT IN OUR JOB, it is in our gifts (potential) each one has and in our uniqueness.
  5. Refine your gifts (potential) and you will be more valuable.
  6. Education was or is meant to bring out an individual’s unique potential or to refine your gifts (potential).
  7. Lack of knowledge of the right principles and/or violation of the right principles destroy purpose and potential.
  8. The principles, values, and standards each one follows and uphold are the keys to life and effective living.
  9. Right principles produce discipline, discipline is key to progress, protection, and success.
  10. Sustainable results are built on patience and consistency.
  11. Whatever you and I invest our time, effort, energy, and money in, we become good at it.
  12. Learning (acquiring of truthful knowledge) is the easiest way to open up one’s eyes and mind.
  13. Hard work, continuous self-improvement creates identity, from identity purpose, from purpose clear vision, from vision discipline and focus, from focus passion, from passion success.
  14. Simple and easy decisions (decisions that favor pleasure and laziness) lead to hard and painful results. Difficult and hard decisions (decisions that favor acquiring knowledge, hard work, continuous self-improvement) lead to simple and enjoyable results.
  15. Success is a result of making consistently good decisions; failure is the result of making consistent bad decisions.
  16. Life is simple, exciting, and enjoyable, you and I only decide what we make it to be through the choices we make every single day


For anything to change, there must be a shift in mindset. Why this is so is because the key to life is really what we know. You and I cannot think, know, believe, and go beyond what we know.

In essence, the quality of life, quality of decisions we make (good or bad) is really the manifestation of what we know and what is deep-rooted in our minds.

That is why, it is said, what defines a man is not what goes inside, but what comes out of his heart/mind.

This then implies that, until you will have a mental transformation (change of the entire belief system, that is ideas, thoughts, concepts, philosophy, mentality, principles, values, standard, behavior, habits, and attitude), nothing can truly change.

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