Parenting today is been a curse since it comes to the latest century. To have a baby is a blessing but to keep them safe from all troubles and make them aware from all the negativity of this world keeping them in good is greatness today. You don’t have to blame yourselves that why parenting has been a big hurdle for each and every parent. There are so many consequences making your child unhealthy, unsafe or destroyed today. Parents even aren’t aware from those harsh tactics that are making their precious bundle of joys in to a big problem. Keeping an eye to the evil has been almost impossible they have so many tunnels making your mind uncontrolled in results, you scold them you treat them how you should not have to, you try to empower upon them, immobilization, shaking them from the rebellious attitude towards the connecting people.  Why this happens? Why parenting has been a serious issue than before couple of decades or more? Because every parent needs to be aware from all those happenings and try educate yourself about the child safety against the society evils.

Responsibilities of a parent should be advocate properly. To give them a shelter and food is not enough for them, a hostel can do that too, many of today’s parent with no doubts separate their children from them keeping in boarding schools. Some of the reasons are they don’t have time, they may be connected to jobs or social activities, they may be not sure to make them proper child so they keep them in boarding schools. What a ridiculous mind! When these children come back to their homes they have a smile which faded away slowly because the most important period of affection they have missed. They don’t have much understanding with their parents, they are capable to handle their joys and sorrows with their own learned way and that may be wrong or harsh. What should parents do is to keep your children with you, give them time they will be energies in future for you if grow in a good environment. Love them as they have right to get your affection, to be cared, to be hugged when in-troubles. Never make them down! You have to make your child strong and peaceful.

Today, most of the evils come from the technologies. Rather they leave a strong impact on children and parents too. When the parents kept busy in their lives like with cellphones, their time consuming jobs, their social circle, their relatives and most importantly when they can live a better life-style with their children but they choose to get on to one more stair this goes in result to an un happy environment between you and your kids. Many parent kept busy in their cellphones, their kids do spend their times on cell phones. All the people of family have a behavior like they are strangers they don’t have time to talk. And they are now bullshit modern or materialistic. Spend your golden time with your kids, supervise them in every bad or good, now this should be kept in mind if you spend on them you would get fruit in a sense they would love you back, they keep you up with their behavior, they will be a good citizen, they will respect you and finally they will protect you when you will be old and you need their affection in return.

Some parents are too much psychotic about their kids. They are so much over protective and stiff about their kid’s life. Remember to be cautious is more than good but to be a psychopath about the micro things to be managed is not appropriate. Make them aware of all the cautions rather to stop them. Some parents are like don’t go there, don’t talk to them, don’t go outside and all. It is not a healthy guidance to them. This makes your child scary about little things, they stop stepping out from the houses they will stop talking. They might be caught in some mental issues. In results when it comes to deal with people or society they fail, they feel inferior, they are not confident, they are shy and a will be in their own corner. They feel difficulty when it comes to show your abilities. Make your kids confident to tackle all the situations. Just make them aware of troubles but let them deal with. This will polish their hidden talents. They will learn good or bad. They will be competitive with their co-kids to be best. They will stand upon their own feet just make them aware of hurdles and keep observing them walking their way don’t stop them to walk just being psychotic about the hurdles they might not able to tackle with. This is critical.

The wiser your decision is the less you will worry about your children.  Educate yourself in way to deal with the right way. If you have detected your kid in some wrong doings like spending too much time on internet just don’t start being harsh or mad on them. Scolding them or beating them, taking back televisions, computers and their cell phones from them. Observe their acts first then warn them about that your words should impact on your kids as a deadline. Sometimes this do not works so take the internet for an instance. Make your child known to his wrong act then keep his promise as he is ashamed of the act he done and he will never do that again. This is the way to tackle with any wrong act of your child don’t go down to make them good. Don’t immobilize them. It might be an evil spread out in a form of hatred. Instead of forbidding your children try to teach them carefully showing them how to use these things safely and wisely.

Parenting could be a pie of cake if it is done in good way. Parents should be a friend of their children. They should safe-guards their children from the troubles of 21st century.

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