Back to School: What To Buy Now, What To Wait For

Back to School

It may be sum- sum-summertime, but now is also the time for shop-shop-shopping for back to school…at least part of it. 

Consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch says timing is everything. Woroch says there are items you need to buy right now. 

Summer Staples

Snag extra shorts and tank tops while merchandisers are clearing their shelves for the fall … and prices are slashed by 50-70 percent. Kids can wear them now and layer later if the temperature drops.


It’s a backpack bonanza as several stores are already discounting the must-have items up to 25% including L.L. Bean, Office Depot , Staples, and Kohl’s.


If you need a laptop, retailers are releasing all kinds of back-to-school bundle promotions and packages right now including Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. Also, Mac is giving college kids apple gift cards with their purchases.

What To Buy Later

You should hold up on some things, though!

School supplies

According to NerdWallet, last year 90% of back-to-school items for sale in July sold for the same or lower prices in August. So for school supplies – think paper and pencils-August is the time to buy.


Believe it or not, the best time to buy jeans is in October… after the school rush.

Fall/Winter Apparel

And, if you’re already looking ahead to bundling up with sweaters, boots and coats… try to wait until the holidays. That’s when you’ll score the most. 

While kids have to head back to class fully stocked… remember, you can get an ‘A’ in keeping your wallet stocked, too! 

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