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Homosexuality today in the Muslim world


No Qura’nic verse even no hadith accommodate homosexual acts. Noticeability, the Muslim’s heartlands are on high risks. Due to establishment in the views of homosexual acts and controversial stories claiming that LGBT raising his heads in mother lands of Muslims. Beyond doubts visibility itself first achieving right to speak up things.

Oxford Dictionary” elucidates what “homosexuality” actually is,

Involving or characterized by sexual attraction between people of the same sex.

Pre-domination towards homosexuality:

Regarding homosexuality false perceptions are hovering that is a natural occurring state of mind. Many people today, labeling themselves liberal by encouraging same sex relationships. Influence of homosexuality has been supposed in Muslim states amplified than before. Homosexual respondents in regards to social positions were seen in “liberal” than “conservatives”. The promising Muslim governmental organizations are still weak in their countries where homosexuality origins are taking place. Not only boosting in this reprehensible act is increasing but also an element of in-security of Muslim’s kids from this evil. Many innocent children under 5-16 age groups are getting attack from their surroundings. These are the harsh facts fostering in Muslim countries which cannot be neglected anyhow.

Muslim states suspected to homosexuality:

Ascendancy in variety of homosexuality in Muslim countries leaning supplementary eradicate. Though, being populace of Islam domination towards homosexuality is crowning to be condemned rigorously. LGBT in Islam is influenced meticulously by the religious, legal and social history of the nations of Muslim population. Recently extreme bigotry stuck with much of Islamic world of people who engage in homosexual acts. Even with in the dominance of it many groups or individual holds up support to LGBT. Bitterly many sophisticated Muslim citizens have taken the approach in welcoming with homosexual feeling and emotions. Not merely this, even more or less encouraging them to work towards its harmful effects in their lives. What a pie of shit…! Do this so called benevolence a part of a Muslim?

Certain view to governmental commandments of several Muslim lands led me to a state of heart-wrenching blues and depression. Many Muslim states even do not have established doctrines or policies against monogamy sex relationships.

Lesbianism evolution:

Another traditional gender disrespect spectrum put up with lesbianism today. The state of a female being greater influenced towards another female have a high regard today. The reason for the rise of the girl-girl relationships activist movement is admiring distinctiveness. There is no mechanism in law to punish lesbianism activities in supreme courts of Muslim lands.  2012 was reasonably an upright year for the international lesbian rights moments all around the world.  A number of countries and states including US decided to legalize same sex marriages. Lesbianism influenced in middle-east a cut above with a reputation of louche and frivolity, though it seems to have been broadly tolerated in some years. Lesbianism goes broadly unnoticed. Probably, in male-oriented society men do not regard it as a very significant. Homosexuality between female-female are legitimately allowed in Kuwait, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan spitefully. It is slanderous to promote objectives and informal kind of mandate approval of homosexuality.

Muslim State`s Imam contributes homosexuality:

Some Muslim Imams have recognized rancorously in homosexual activism. Noticeably in religious fronts Islamic world has been challenged here on a scale by Imams in different Mosques immersed in Homosexuality. Few and far there are openly gay imams and a handful of gay friendly in Islamic Mosques. Operating Islamic views in Muslim mosques describing themselves a Muslim leader including Daayiee Abdullah an African-American gay Imam in Washington DC, Muhsin Hendricks in South Africa, and Ludovic Mohammed Zahed a French-Algerian gay Imam in France. Switching the lifestyles towards gayness is a major agenda against Islam. Homosexuality is entered to transform a distracted society. Homosexual activities will create space in generations holding disordered families. Some Non-Governmental groups are also working in Arab countries for LGBT rights. These organizations are focusing on the health and HIV prevention. Also in early 2000’s some other countries, Muslims are establishing organizations for gay rights.

A “Rainbow Quran” has been introduced with a gay edition as labeling it “an ideal gift for Muslims” other than this many warriors in Afghanistan were suspected with homosexual activities, in Lebanon soldier in uniforms holding hand in the streets, a committee in Egypt proclaim that there is nothing wrong with same sex kissing so long these Muslims are called former heads of “AL AZHAR FATWA”

Punishment to Homosexual acts:

Homosexuality has been declared one of the prodigious crimes. Islam has case histories about reports in the Prophet’s life which shows they were acquainted with three types of gender diversity other than the usual male-female binary. Allah punished them who did homosexuality as it is worst of sins and abhorrent of deeds. Homosexual acts are forbidden in Islamic jurisprudence. These acts are liable to punishment as “PEOPLE OF LOOT” were destroyed by the wrath of Allah. They were engaged in lustful carnal acts between men-men.

Allah says Al-A’raaf


84- “AND WE RAINED DOWN ON THEM A RAIN (of stones). THEN SEE WHAT WAS THE END OF THE MUJRIMOON (criminals, polytheists and sinners)”

Prophet Mohammad SAWW said,


(Al Tirmidhi 1456, Abu Dawood 4462, Ibn-e-Maajah 2561)

Sahaabah were agreed in execution of people associated with homosexuality. The punishments of homosexuality differed as how these criminals to be executed. In addition, should be punished severely than in “Zina”

  1. Should be burn down. Ali Ibn-e-Talib and Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him)
  2. Should be thrown down from a high place. Then stones thrown on them. Ibn-e-Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him)
  3. Should be stoned to death. Ibn-e-Abbas and Ali Ibn-e-Talib (may Allah be pleased with him)

Governmental Right activist against homosexuality:

In some countries homosexuality is no matter of witticism.

  1. In Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, U.A.E it is “Sentenced to Death”
  2. In Pakistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Chad, Malaysia, Qatar, Syria is “Illegal”
    1. In Jordan, Tunisia, Bissau, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Tajikistan, Turkey, west Bank (state of Israel-Palestine), and most of Indonesia (except in Aceh kingdom and South Sumatra) provinces and Northern Cyprus “Laws against LBGT have been passed”

However, in 18 majority Muslim nations homosexuality is “Legal”


The rusted minds turned back on from the dignity of religion Islam. Disremembering what history repeats when Muslims turned away from the regulations of Islam, Allah turned away from them.

  1. Stop being an in-gratitude with a great artistic gift by Allah.
  2. Stop promoting unhealthy homosexual lifestyle. Protect your kids. Deserves a mother and father not two dads.
  3. Stop promoting homosexuality in your TV commercials, media, serials or movies

Don’t allow to propagate such immoral and unnatural behavior to our children by attempting to make homosexuality appear as normal.

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