Saving a human life is the best act ever done in your whole life span. If a person needs any organ as a breath to life and then he could live a life, then why not a dead person’s organ could donate to him? Why their relatives and co-relatives deny in donating an organ for the sake of humanity when he is already dead? A dead body would be in the soil but a living body could live further if donating organ would be encouraged. To save a human is a grateful act to those needy patients who are going through in the clutches of death. Most importantly, it will give self-satisfaction to the donor. Donation has been always a promoted way to earn money when a person is in need. Donation should be respected in all ways because it’s a way to save a life. Organ donation should be encourage and promoted by the society whether with money or as a fund or to help a human. If needy you shouldn’t ask money. Another way of donation is to keep your organs as an agreement. We believe in human ingenuity. No one knows when he comes to death. You just what have to do that you have to sign on an agreement. Agreement is about “If you die and any organ could be use further for any needy patient it could be taken out and safe a life with that organ” that what a pleasant act called “donation”

An average rate of life after donation of an organ is 80% and just 20% chances to live without transplant. It should be kept in mind that around 11% among those who need organ to transplant are below 18 years. Sadly, just for the sake of some doubts and stress or being complex minded we reject donation of organs to those humanity who need them just to live. Kidney donation now a day is on highest level among all other organ donations, the reason is that a human can survive with just one kidney too and kidney failure is common today. So, kidney donations are above in the success rate. Mostly organ donation can be possible in the cases when a person suddenly got an accident and came to death. So the organs are much useable for transplantation to those who badly need them to live. Most of the humans give permission for organ donation after death. Sometimes it is not too much helpful because organs are not in condition to reuse for others. Organ donation is not possible if the donor have any sort of infectious diseases such as cancer. There are some rare cases when a person loses his vital body organ in that cases he needs organ to transplant from donors. One should never say NO for the donation of organs because it’s the righteous act ever one can do. It is more pleasant that an organ would live after death too.

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