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Color blindness is not any sort of blindness. Deficiency to recognize red and green is called color vision deficiency (CVD) sometimes yellow and blue light. The person suffering from color blindness can see but difficult to differentiate between red and green and all those colors which are made or mixed up with red or green to form a whole color. Just like purple, red and blue mixed to form purple. The one who is suffering from color blindness could not get this color in an appropriate color or like a normal person distinguish red and green. Color vision deficiency occurs when light sensitive cells in the human eye retina fail to respond appropriately to variations in wavelengths of light that enables a human to see an array of colors. It has been calculated that color vision deficiency occurs mostly in males in comparison with female 1 out of 12 men (eight percent) and 1 in 200 women (less than 1 percent). Surprisingly out of 4.5 percent millions of entire population 2.7 percent millions people suffers color vision deficiency in the world.

CURE TO CVD – Color vision deficiency:

The blue-yellow deficiency generally occurs in male and female equally. Sadly, color blindness is not much curable yet. Even science has reached to its best peak point but color deficiency in a person could not be treated when it comes to gene transference from parental side to children. Curing color blindness would require some sort of gene therapy, repairing the damage chromosome that creates color vision deficiency. If you become aware of a color deficiency early enough in your life you may be able to compensate by training just like in traffic lights you know it is on the top. Some cases among color blind people are those who even cannot judge a single color that means black and white. But this is rare case. The most common color blindness is red/green color deficiency this means person suffering to it cannot differentiate between these two colors and all the colors mixed up with these two colors similarly this blindness can arise across the whole color spectrum affecting all colors red, green, orange, brown, pink and grey. Even black color can be confused as dark green or dark blue while distinguishing colors.

ENCHROMA – see all rainbows of Life!

A human eye have 3 cones in the retina and each cone senses either red, green or blue. According to detection of color vision deficiency some cases are mild some are moderate and some can be severe. It depends upon the condition throughout your life. Some deficiency could be resolve by removing the cataract by surgery and may restore normal color vision. If it is inherited like genetically transference of damage chromosome it would not be worse or good. It will stay same throughout a life span. Inherited color vision deficiency could be treated or corrected but there are ENCHROMA glasses exits to restore this drawback. For 80 percent of us this really works and helps them to restore the missing colors like red, green, blue or yellow. Some color blind sufferers happily results in overwhelming and emotionally thankful to their doctors.

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