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Mental Health: Topic That Needs Lots Of Attention

Mental Health

Mental health is about how people think and feel about something. Some people connect mental health with the absence of any mental disease. In reality, mental health is our emotional well-being. It affects how we feel and handle a stressful situation to make choices. Mental health is important is every stage of life. Taking care of mental health can preserve the joy of life.

Risk factors for mental health

Shot of a young businessman experiencing stress during late night at work
Shot of a young businessman experiencing stress during a late night at work

Everyone around you is at risk of having mental stress at some stage of life. Some risk factors are involved.

Being under lots of pressure:

Stress and anxiety are closely linked with mental illness. Too much pressure puts your health at risk causing high blood pressure, heart issues, and menstrual problems. All these situations can lead to mental health issues.

Facing enormous changes in life:

When a sudden and unexpected change happens in someone’s life, the brain naturally takes such change as negative. It can influence the area of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, due to which decision-making ability is greatly reduced and feelings of depression and anxiety are increased. The best way is to learn the right techniques to cope with unexpected changes in life. It can be beneficial for you.

Having the extra burden of responsibilities:

Doing extra work while suffering from some sort of mental illness is a worse condition. A heavy workload is not beneficial for mental health. You should properly organize your work and responsibilities with your daily routine. Give yourself some time to enjoy and relax. Make a timetable in which you can work as well as give yourself some time.

How do maintain positive mental health?

Managing the stress
Managing the stress

Surrounding yourself with good people:

You should spend time with family and friends as well as people you trust. Spending time with good people improves your self-confidence and self-worth. It fulfills your emotional needs and greatly improves your mental state.

Exercise regularly to improve mental health:

Doing regular exercise daily has lots of benefits. It helps in weight management. It reduces the risk of having any kind of cardiovascular disease. Exercise strengthens bones as well as muscles of your body. Blood pressure also remains under control when you exercise on daily basis. Physically active people always have good mental and physical health. Apart from exercise, a healthy diet is also important in order to maintain good mental health. A good diet boosts your immunity and increases your chance to live longer.

Develop new skills and learn something new:

Learning something new can greatly increase your knowledge and understanding. When you are learning some new skills, you are basically training your mind, which can enhance concentration and problem-solving skills. Learning in multiple ways is quite helpful.

Avoid harmful drugs:

The limbic system is part of our brain that controls emotional behavior. Drugs can have a bad influence on the limbic system. Damage to this area can cause emotional disturbances and mood swings. Long-term drug use can also affect your ability to socialize. It is also related to problems of the limbic system.

Most people use anti-depressants when they are having some sort of stress or depression. Overuse of such drugs not only makes you addicted but also badly affects your kidneys. Kidneys are important filtration units of the body that filter blood.

Whenever you are having any kind of mental stress or depression, instead of using medications, use natural remedies to deal with the situation.

Most importantly, mental health is not a minor issue. If you are having any kind of mental issue, consult a psychologist and stay away from harmful medications.  

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