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How to Develop Charismatic Personality?


Chrisma or charismatic trait in a person is something we all are attracted to, we are always trying to impress other people and want to become more interesting. There are certain qualities about a person that attracts us and we wanted to be around them or to be like them. We always wonder why people are attracted to them and how their presence can make the other person feel better. If you are thinking that they are born with innate properties then you are wrong. Although some people just learned this behavior due to the natural and productive environment in which they are brought up. But this skill can be learned and you can learn how to have a long-lasting effect on others and how to attract them with powerful magnetic behavior.

Let’s see what are techniques or ways to be more charismatic and how you can impress the people in your circle and have a long-lasting relationship with them.

1. Embrace your perfections:

One misconception most people have about charismatic people is that they are perfect in terms of beauty, intelligence, and communication, their behavior is all perfect. But the reality is that they are as normal and they have their imperfections but they accept them and that does not seem to bother them, it makes them human. It is their imperfection that makes other people feel better because they own it whether good or bad, they love themselves for who they are. If you do not love yourself enough how can you make other people love you?

Richard Wiseman, a psychologist said in his interview that “Vulnerability is something that makes us likable”.So this is one of the most important and noticeable characteristics of charismatic people.

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2. Listen more and talk less:

The other quality of charismatic people are they listen to others. You might be wondering how this quality can make them charismatic, because we tend to know about a person when they talk, the way they communicate. Everyone in the room is constantly trying to talk and express themselves and if you listen to them, it makes them realize that they are important and indirectly you draw your attention without knowing. Charismatic people do not try to become interesting by speaking all the time. They are interested in what the other person is saying,listen to them with full attention and lend their ears to them, this thing makes them draw their attention. They only speak when they have something valuable to share and they talk about other people (any important point in the discussion or to praise them).

3. Be Positive and praise  for little things:

The other way to grab attention is to be more positive. Charismatic people have an optimistic approach and they always make other people feel better with their conversation. They do not talk about the things that will make other people embarrassed, instead, they try to cherish them with a positive attitude. The people love them due to their meek and humble nature. We are naturally attracted to them as they can say healing lines and it will help the people to feel better. They praise you for little things like admiring your clothes, your attitude, your confidence, or anything that might be unnoticeable to others. They exchange beautiful words during conversation and do not try to mock or be sarcastic toward other people. Charismatic people have an accepting nature. They can feel and understand you, that’s what makes a person charismatic.

4. Be more confident:

It’s very difficult to talk to a person when you know nothing about that person. Sometimes you cant even start the conversation because you have a gut feeling that it will have a bad impression on them or simply you cant talk to a person openly in the first meeting. Well, That’s okay. If you want to be like charismatic people who can create healthy communication and overcome the gap in the first meeting. These are very confident people and they are very sure about how to approach the person even if you have not met before.

They start the conversation with normal greetings and talk about the things that will instantly grab the attention of the other person and after that. Strong ability to talk for hours and hours without knowing how the time passed, from strangers to being friends. They are socially interactive and intelligent. Charismatic people are highly confident and they can attract other people with the positive energy they carry.

5. Non-Judgmental and Flexible nature:

Charismatic people do not judge people. They welcome every person with their gentleness and politeness. They do not lend ears to bad vibes. Whenever they are talking with other people, they never gossip about others because they know that this backbiting can hurt other people. They accept the flaws of other people and approach the negative people with a smile. The people who gossip are least respected although they have a misconception that they have entertaining nature and the people like them. Charismatic people do not laugh at other people to humiliate them rather they cherish other people. They do not offend other people with their behavior, rather they try to understand their situation. Impress people with their high emotional intelligence and they reflect only positive vibes wherever they are. They focus to build a healthy environment with other people in their presence.

6. Ask interesting questions:

Charismatic people focus on how they can interact with other people effectively so that they can reveal themselves. They ask interesting questions so that other people know that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying. The charismatic people pick up interesting questions so that the person can tell the story. It will help to build a connection with them and they will feel calm in your presence. They will discuss things more openly and be more comfortable. So you should lend your ears to the other person to be more charismatic. During the conversation, they hear attentively and ask inquisitive questions. If you want to become charismatic, you should hear attentively and be genuinely interested in what the other person is trying to say.

7. Talk with body language:

Charismatic people talk with their body language and use hand gestures to express or explain things. According to experts,55% of your conversation depends on your body language. Body language can impact the way we are talking. They understand how important is to talk with your body language. Their facial expressions change when they are surprised, happy, intrigued, or sad. According to a psychological fact, the people who use their hands while talking are considered more trustworthy than those who don’t use their hands. If you want to have a deep and impactful conversation with other people, use your hands.

8. Gaze Deeply:

Whenever you are talking with someone, build eye contact with them and do not move from your place when they are speaking. Eye contact can help other people know that you are interested in what he is saying. Don’t over-gaze at that person, make eye contact for an instant. Bow your head to sound like you are getting the point. There is scientific evidence that people who can make eye contact with other people are more interested in what the other person is saying. If you want to become charismatic and magnetize other people, make eye contact with them often while they are talking.

These are some of the qualities and traits of charismatic people that can draw the attention of other people. Charismatic people have a long-lasting impact on others because they are highly amicable and humble. They listen to others, they do not offend others, and they try to understand. If you have idealized charismatic people in your life, simply follow this technique to be the center of attention.

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