Childhood Is The Father Of The Man

Childhood Is The Father Of The Man

Those were the days of remissness and thoughtlessness. Life was not so convoluted at that time. It was a life without worries, confusion, pessimism, fears, and anxiety. In short, it was a life full of optimism, exuberance, and hope above all. My childhood days were filled with fun and laughter, like those of most children.  Whenever I see my children playing and chuckling together, I revert back to my childhood. I love to cherish those exquisitely beautiful childhood memories. Whenever I plunge into my childhood days, my inner child rejuvenates.

I think everybody remembers and recollects their childhood days with pleasure because it is a period of innocence and purity. It’s such a delightful course of time when everybody is free from worldly desires. It is the first-ever stage of human life and it is always enthralling and fascinating. Youth days are unforgettable as childhood memories are some of the most precious keepsakes to hold dear to your heart-especially as you grow up.

The memories of our childhood stick with us for a lifetime. Some of my childhood experiences have made my childhood much more exciting and magical. Every child has experienced some of the most ravishingly beautiful moments in their childhood days-which are simply incredible. That splashing in muddy puddles, ringing neighbor’s bell, and catching ladybugs must be experienced by every child I guess. I wish I could turn back time when I used to sleep like a log and cry like a baby on trivial matters. The things I used to be worried about were getting fewer marks in Mathematics even after preparation, not getting money for ‘NAAN SAMOSA’, and the thing which used to sadden me the most was when something which I despised the most being cooked for the lunch.

I miss my school days terribly when I used to be in high spirits usually. I used to be the jolliest person ever and people used to admire me for being like that. My friends and I loved to spend hours talking to each other and my teachers used to call me a chatterbox. They used to chide me for not being attentive in the class most of the time and I miss that too. I do miss my mother’s nagging for not having breakfast, for being careless, and for being a wanderer.

The thing which I miss badly is when my father used to wake us up for school. He asked us to jump out of the bed and we had to do that silliest thing ever while rubbing our eyes. He used to do that purposely for making us active. I had enjoyed my childhood period to the fullest. Our house used to be known as the boisterous home because of our loud noises and mischievous acts. At times my heart cries out with longing to relive those happy moments again but then I see my child who makes me hear those loud popping noises of my childhood as they echo in my ears most of the time when I wake him for the school-the most difficult task ever.

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older. Childhood is a short season but its effects are long-lasting because it’s the happiest time ever. It’s the most enjoyable part of our life and we want to recall it time and again. Whenever we think of our childhood days, we have a soothing effect that gives us exhilaration. People who truly have fond memories of childhood tend to have better health and life ahead. John Milton says:

Childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day.

John Milton

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