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Book reading can be a curse


Devoid of being sugar coated. I am not along with low-key and melodramatic people divulging books as “A Friend of Human Being”. Stop being in-favor of damp perceptions about reckless and idiotic reading all day plow nights then participating in their nightmares too.

The murk and dark side of books:

If you are accepting wisdom about book reading intellectual, cogitate again.  Pondering book-reading as a mark of astuteness is erroneous and flawed perception. A book can be a source of learning, erudition, education and literacy development. You may find a book to gain excessive skills and knowledge power but no book-worm can be a doer and a live wire. On a great length reading books can stick you up with loneliness and insecurities. Once you get heart broken or mournful you keep on reading identical tales imposing your mind ruined.

Book-Readers belief their life flashes comparable to the climax of their tales. The more you read books the more you become fiery and obsessed.

Books obliterate intellect:

Reading a novel, tale or a fictional character may demolish your sense of humor. You start considering a rough crude rhombus as a gleam diamond just for the sake of false plot. Yes indeed! Reading too much certainly brings your mind bamboozled. You indubitably move in the dark spaces so you are incapable of what to believe. You find twenty biographer writing twenty paradoxical brain waves.

Not every book that worthy to earn your time and vigor.

Vulnerable readers turn out to be stern cloistered:

Books are presumed as to build healthier and improved personalities. On contrary in the present day book-worms gives the impression of heavy-eyed, indolent and secluded personalities. Readers are just about subversive and seditious. They never have a preference to be socialized. book-worms feel affection for the corners being drowsy, obsolete, and outmoded. They never feel good when it come to become a member of any jamboree or social event.

Histrionic melodramatic upshots:

Beyond all doubts many novels, stories, and work of fictions have high strokes of low-priced and outrageous odds and ends. Shoddier novelists try to make things exaggerated and theatrical in their tales. Ultimately, readers are imposed to feel poor on such psychosomatic tales. They are tended to believe on mystifying culminations which have no resemblance to realism. Eventually these tawdry tales bring fine lives to an end of maudlin and self-pitying terminations.

Genuineness of bewildered fictional anecdotes:

Undeniably I believe on the adage that “Knowledge is Power”. But no learning or wisdom ought to be pleased when it is futile and of no use. Fiction has doomed our world to failure and gobbledygook. Reading is speculated as a mark of education, teaching, and wits. Fictional tales spoiled this impression, twisting the damn squander in the mind of readers.

  1. Horrific and ethereal stories fritter the minds away from productivity.
  2. Fiction turned down religion, science and philosophy.
  3. Fictional characters are highly flavored. They make a natural being likely to be an aberrant.
  4. Person reading fictional stories start dreaming about flight of fancy. They start feeling superfluous powerful as how they understand a fabricated tale character.
  5. Human minds are a playground for fictional writers. Catastrophe, misfortunes, disasters, heart-breaks are their errands. Even book-lover may perhaps ignite in psychological crisis.

“The fashionable follies of the last century are now deemed matters of wonder and derision. Just as the follies of our day may be laughed at a hundred years hence”

E.S. Jane’s (Writer of “Introduction to Popular Amusements”)

Outcomes of reading novels:

Not a single quality can be justified to confiscate adverse effects of novel reading.  Novels are narrated as a work of repugnance. Most psychosomatic and gratis people prefer wasting their time, energy, money, and most significantly mental potency.

Novel writers manipulate the readers as to bring them on certain state of mind. Novels are mostly familiarized as a source of idealism, romance, and disgraceful tales. Novel readers start comparing their life’s mundane incidents with these exaggerated anecdotes.

Dramatic life events in the novels tend readers staying in dark, isolated and secluded places. Novel reader’s state of minds may vary tale to tale. They may behave depressing, cheerless, suspicious and abhorrent. It goes with their novel tales. Disgusting novel stories sink the reader into melodramatic emotional state.

Pessimistic effects of dirty Books on ‘Readers’:

Dirty books are an additional source to mess up the mental balance of the society. They say,

“Sometimes we need dirty, dark stuff for relaxation of mind”

In the point of fact, dirty books, digests, novels are devastation today. The person reading such vulgar and offensive stories slowly reduce to rubble. Authors of ‘dirty-tales’ should be ashamed of writing stories that are totally based on humiliation and disgrace. If truth be told, reading dark & dirt spoils the nature and brain of readers. A person does not remember about his family, worship and employment. He is rushing towards eternal happiness and self-discovery. Whoever calls it “A piece of levelheaded point”?

Dear authors of ‘Dirty-tales’, Have some wits. Construct minds of readers if you have potential. Kindly, just don’t let your pen in worsening of society.

10 horrendous facts as regards excessive reading:

  1. Excessive reading grows your eye-sight weaker bit by bit. You have to put on spectacles. To be honest wearing specs in no way a symbol of whiz kid or genius.
  2. Reading too much ultimately formulates a mind confused and perplexed.
  3. Sometimes you read dozen of books but what you read might be valueless. Insignificant material makes the most of your energy utilized.
  4. Many books convey infuriate stuff. Reader might feel hatred, extreme tremendous or over melodramatic.
  5. Fictional stories are agonizing. Fiction sickens the mind of readers, resulting into numerous miss-happenings in real lives.
  6. The most destructive consequence of surplus reading is laziness and indolence.
  7. Voracious readers mostly loose hold to human wisdom, imaginations and opinions, knowledge and thoughts. They just incredibly believe on whatever they have read as from their beloved fabricated books.
  8. Treasured is what called ‘time’. Once gone never will able to restore. Reading too much devours your time as a matter of fact.
  9. Book-worms bound to be cosseted and cloistered.
  10. They read, in spite of the fact that buying stupid books is consumption of money.

Bogus perceptions:

“Read because you love to. Read because you can’t see yourself without a book in your hand. Read because the world would be a better place if more people read more books. Read to escape. Read to experience. Read to grow”

Keep yourself updated. Live a fresh and healthy life without being exasperating. Don’t commit sacrilege life bumping your-self towards maddening behavior. Avail yourself by extracting intellectual benefits as of books. Break your journey of terribly addiction to books. Hang about to be in this world rationalized not being a clairvoyant and ostentatious.

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