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Drug addiction an enjoyable poison, beget homelessness

Drug Abuse and it`s Negative Aspects.


“Once the heroin and crack addiction turned me into a homeless prostitute, I pretty much gave up on life. Laying there in a bed just staring into this mirror, I would sometimes see the beautiful little girl I used to be looking back at me”

Added by “Lisa S” in her tale.

Once you try to be like drug addict you have no way to dodge or escape. These expressions were recall by a lady Lisa clearing up her dilemma happened by drugs.

Prologue sense:

Addiction is sickness that effects on your brain performance and conduct. Drug craving is not only restricted to psychosomatic or corporeal tribulations. In every part of the world, drug addiction is found. Most eminent doctors of the world have expressed their opinion about its awful and dire effects. At the present moment drugs have been the fashion mark. Drugs undoubtedly invigorate one’s nervous system after physical and mental exhaustion and overtiredness. Certainly drug abuse is a grave public health catastrophe. Every year intake of drug brings about millions of health injuries all around the world.

Veracity of drug fascination and craze:

Drugs never bring in an unpleasant vibe or sensation. At first, when you switch into this awful addiction you get in high spirits. You have such jovial sensation that you bump into the addiction without resisting yourself up. No matter on what a great extent it harms your physical condition and health. This is what addiction called to be, “A silent killer” later on drugs have a hold all over your soul. You start being ill mentally, physically, monetarily, and others. You get into a timely diminishing addiction and you are powerless to cope up with it. Addiction is when you cannot resist by hand. Not when it plunks your health in jeopardy. Not when it plunks your life and your loved ones in crisis. It pleads to get and bring drugs into play every minute of time, even if you feel like to quit.

I have absolutely no pleasure in the stimulants in which I sometimes so madly indulge. It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason it has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom”

Edgar Allan Poe

This is how your brain holds to such a peculiar state that you are coerced to take them on a regular basis. A human nature always espouse on to such habits that comprise remorseful outcomes.

Drug abuse and infirmity:

A frequent type-cast of living-rough people are widely addicted to drugs and alcohol. Drug abuse is not just regarding street or lane drugs. Above and beyond weed, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, are the most commonly dealing drugs today.

  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 2003 calculated approximately 26% of abused drug population. Somehow today a large number of drug abused community has been raised up profoundly.
  • Around one million people are homeless today and 50% of them are chronically involved into drug abuse and alcohol both. Around 70% are just involved into drug addiction.
  • An inspecting survey carried out by United States of America asked 25 countries to share the top listed reasons of homelessness. 68% of them reported that drug abuse were the foremost reason amongst single adults.

Drug addiction is just like an octopus. Drugs grab a soul and start destroying all the facets of substance abusers life. Abused drugs may include the following:

  1. Methamphetamine
  2. Anabolic steroids
  3. Club drugs
  4. Cocaine
  5. Heroin
  6. Inhalants
  7. Marijuana
  8. Sedatives, tranquilizers, stimulants and Prescription drugs.


Every drug gives a high splash of pleasurable sensation. Meth also endow with a good feeling at first. But after some pleasing moments, it gives numbness and nervousness that make the addicted person more touchy and over-sensitive. Drug users sometimes have angry, anxious, tensed, and fearful feel after using this drug. The person using this drug suffers from bundle of medical issues and diseases. It includes:

  1. Over thinking and sentimental dilemma
  2. Stern itchiness and skin complaint
  3. Meth users can have broken teeth and parched mouth

Anabolic steroids:

Anabolic steroids can be recognized as male sex hormones. They are synthetic. Generally doctors and physician prescribe anabolic steroids to solve hormonal problems in men. Anabolic steroids can be used to treat delayed puberty and muscle loss from some malady or illness. The most callous act is when body builders use them to get bigger muscles. Some people use them to enhance their muscle mass and to perk up their athletic performance. Using these steroids in this way is neither officially permitted nor healthy. Abuse of anabolic steroid has been associated with many health complications. This includes:

  1. Liver diseases including cancer or tumor
  2. Shrinking of testicles in men
  3. Breast growth in women
  4. Voice deepening and growth of facial hair in women
  5. Hypertension
  6. Heart problems including heart attack
  7. Kidney damage
  8. Acne
  9. Aggressive behavior

Above mentioned side effects are clear to elucidate that anabolic steroids are not fair to intake them.

Club drugs:

Club drugs are usually identified as psychoactive drugs. These drugs act on Central Nervous System CNS. Changing of moods, emotions, feelings relate with these drugs. It usually gives you a sensation that you act out of ordinary. Abusing these drugs can cause serious issues and sometimes loss of life. They are more unsafe to use with alcohol. These drugs mostly used by young generation and adults in different bars, clubs, dance parties etc. They include:

  1. Ecstasy XTC, Adam, Molly, Hug Beans, Love Drug
  2. GHB, Liquid Ecstasy, Soap
  3. Jet, Vitamin K, Special K
  4. Roofies
  5. Glass, Crystal, Meth, Ice, Chalk, Speed, Crank
  6. Acid, Blotter, Dot

Club Drugs are brought into play as “Date Rape” too. Subsequent drug is operated to manipulate someone. It makes a person unable to say “NO” and to fight back against sexual assault.


It is a white powdered drug which can be snorted up the nose or mixed up with water and injected to the body. Cocaine is the most dangerous drug and when mixed up with other drugs or alcohol it becomes perilous. Cocaine speed up your whole body you may feel angry, energetic, happy, excited, nervous and sometimes you may be out of control.

Side effects of cocaine include:

  1. Hepatitis
  2. HIV Aids
  3. Cancer
  4. Once you become addicted to cocaine. And you absconded, still you will have cravings years later.


It is a brown powder made up of Morphine from an Asian poppy plant. This drug can be smoked or snorted up or injected with a needle. Heroin quickly effects on brain. The abuser may have tolerance issue, abuser need the same effect time to time by abusing heroin.

Side effects include:

  1. Heart issues and infections
  2. Miscarriages
  3. Death from overdose
  4. HIV Aids and hepatitis


Inhalants are the house holding products which are used as a drug. They include glues, hair sprays, lighter fluid, paints etc. Parent should be aware that their kids might have been addicted to these inhalants by snorting them up. Side effects include:

  1. Serious harm to brain, heart, kidneys and liver
  2. Disordering of the heart rhythms and lower oxygen levels.


A green/brown power made up of marijuana plant rolled up in a cigarette or smoked up. The abuser may have memory, learning, coughing, breathing issues, and behavioral problems.

Consequences and dilemma of addiction:

  1. Brain problems (effecting your judgmental, decision, memory and ability powers)
  2. AIDS, diabetes, liver diseases, pneumonia, sexually transmitted diseases, and other serious conditions.
  3. Mental illness, paranoia and hallucinations.
  4. Anxiety, depression, muscle weakness, nightmares.
  5. Body aches, sweating, nausea, vomiting

Thumbnail sketch:

When an adolescent sees his or her friend abusing a drug and getting pleasure from it he start desiring for it. Parent should be meticulous and cautious in case to secure their close ones. Youngsters keep often their drug issue in veil from parents. Drug abuse is indisputably perilous to health. Once you get addicted treatment could be worst and complicate. The merely way to save an addicted life is to confiscate the cravings.

Keep your beloved ones far away from drugs and addiction. Drugs are fatal that leads to serious problems. Help abusers from the silent poison as for the sake of humanity. Love them, before it`s too late.

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