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How parenting styles can effect your Child’s personality?

parenting style

This article will shed some light on the importance of appropriate parenting style and its impact on child’s growth.

Children are the benefactors of forthcoming time. The way the child is brought up has an ultimate impact on him and the society he lives in. In the age of professionalism, where before taking a  single action we are supposed to take a consultancy with its professional.  It should be a part of the cultural context to develop a parenting education institute. Because the image of parents is generally a direction of life to be led by their child in future. Home is the first exposure of an infant and parents are his first teachers. The brain of a  child is like a blank paper. One should keep in mind that what the parents will write on it won’t be going to erase throughout his whole life.

Hence parenting style is marked as one of the most lasting impressions on little one’s life. This will further develop the kind of nature they will adopt, the profession they may choose or who they want to be or to whom they want to marry all these matters involved with the environment in which they are nourished.How a person is nourished is really have an impact on him and his generations too because children of this time are going to be the parents of their offspring, to whom they gave definitely what they received from their parents. So if a child’s development process is influenced by what he receives from his parents the what should parents be like?

Parents must be attentive, proactive, and thoughtful for their child’s development process.Although all parents influenced their kids through similar circumstances, the ultimate impact on the kids differs on parenting styles. The key is to improve parents understanding of the cause and effect of a chosen style and provide tips on tailoring this for the individual family environment. And this will give you a highlight of what good parenting style requires.

Love for Peace:

Parents, having a cooperative relationship with their children are more likely to see their children as a successful and a proper individual in a society. As this teaches children respect, love, and adore their parents for being loved and perfectly nourished by them. These parents are responsive to their children problems and their daily routine hurdles. These children are taught to follow rules, ask questions and have their own opinions. Louisiana state university’s research reports that authoritative is the most followed and successful parenting style of the world because negotiation is appreciated in this relation.

parenting style

If home environment is loving and caring so outside influence does not matter. Appreciation and support are the key points for maintaining a healthy relationship. Children of authoritative parents are usually disciplined, confident and famous in their social life. They have an incremental intellect which leads them to the zenith of success.

Social impact:

Even this happy-go-lovey relationship should have rules and regulations. It should consider restrictions at times that too is for the benefit of your child.

A big NO to absolute authority:

The kind of relationship where parents demand their children to be as mature as they are and to be as responsible as they demand is simply sickening. The word “mistake” is usually not scribed in their dictionary. What these parents fail to realize is that it must be kept in mind that too much discipline causes rebellion which no doubt results in an unstable state of mind of their children. In fact, sometimes it totally devastates one’s life and leads unhealthy activities.

This parenting style may give your children good grades in school or they may become an epitome of discipline but internally they are hollow with lack of confidence. And to be honest lack of confidence alone can destroy one’s personality.

One more attribute of such parents is that their children are prohibited to communicate with them whenever they want. They are compelled to tackle their most problematic situations alone. It has been seen that in this type of environment children become emotionally distant and does not have the courage to explore new horizons. Or worse they may at times take some wrong decisions because of the communication gap held between them and their parents.

Another important thing that has been noticed in such parents is that they expect their children to follow the rules without any question. They are compelled to act according to discipline list they are assigned and if they do not follow them, severe consequences would employ to them. One should keep in mind that criticism is never appreciated when it crosses the limit. This type of parents assumes it to be their insult to help out their children in the matters they’re weak or unable to solve their problem. However, this parenting style is highly demanding and less recognizable to their children.

Social impact:

On personal grounds, a big NO to such parenting. On professional grounds too, this parenting style should be avoided.

Lenient: To be or not to be?

Permissive parents are more likely a friend of their children in spite of having a disciplined relation. In this parenting style, children do not have any sort of boundaries to shape them well. Instead, they are free to do what they want. These children enjoy extreme freedom from their parents in which everything is fair.

There is lack of any kind of restriction on the children. Whether they come late to home, involved in any kind of hanky-panky activities or irregular pattern is studies or lifestyle.  Such parents either don’t have any concern about it or are so much concerned that they feel questioning their children may hurt their feelings. (Absolutely ridiculous btw) These children, deprived of discipline, have extraordinary confident personalities.

Children as a result of this parenting style disregard rules as their brought up were totally lacking in boundaries. The life of these parents encircles around the wishes of their children. Those wishes they want to fulfill by hook or crooks making their children more and more demanding and stubborn. All in all, in this parenting style, parents are more responsive rather than being demanding.

Social impact:

Just a little balance in this parenting style can have a really positive impact on your behavior. In fact his the whole experience of your child’s upbringing can be a pleasant one if some love and some rules are incorporated into your household.

Uninvolvement is scary:

This parenting style lacks responsiveness and demandingness both. Nowadays these parents after giving mobile or tablets to their children thought that they had fulfilled their responsibility now children should not ask for anything else from them. This parenting style reflects the selfish behavior of parents who are always busy in their life and have no time for their children. This kind of behavior from parents results in children getting poor grades in school, involved in drugs and alcohol and sometimes in criminal activities.

These parents would be the ones that do not show up at any school function of children, neither they had any communication session with children’s teacher since they do not have any communicative relationship with their children. Children nourished by this environment experience depression or inferiority complex and sometimes both. Most of the time they are feared to face their surroundings. Usually, this parenting style has an intense negative impact on their children.

The Desi Style:

Let’s not be ungrateful by ignoring the desi way of parenting which is by far and undoubtedly the most effective one. The one which most of us has gone through and neither one of us has an inferiority complex, lack of confidence, bad grades or bad manners etc. Instead, this desi way has taught all the basic life hacks in the best way possible. And as a by-product of this parenting style, we have manners to sit and talk, we know how and who to respect, we know how to be tolerant, and on top of all, we are successful just by walking along with our parents in the long run. Our parents may not be all loving, caring, and supportive all the time but they have given us memories to be cherished lifetime even in their strictness.

So all hearts go to the Desi parents who taught us three key parenting rules:

  1. Love your child as if there is no boundary but don’t let them know that there is no boundary.
  2. Be strict whenever it’s needed not whenever you feel like.
  3. Tell them what’s right and wrong but don’t tell them what to do. If they still don’t do which is right for them only them stretch their ear and ask them to do what’s right. (the absolutely desi amma’s style)

Summing it all,

It must be kept in mind that being a parent is not only a blessing but a responsibility too. This approach of parenting is not as appreciated in which couples after having a baby thought to what parenting style they should adopt. It must be the very first priority of couples to be proactive about the techniques and fashions of parenting style. Every parent wants the best for their children, to help make this happen, remember how your actions impact them. It must be noted that parenting style has an enormous effect on children.

As stated above, the best style to be implemented is the one in which rules should be framed for the children and ways of communication must be open in different situations. Supportive parenting style should be the goal of every parent. Parents should participate and engage with their children on regular basis. They should establish limits to help the child understand. And make them capable enough to handle tough situations of their life. Parents practicing a good parenting style can provide a solid foundation for children to lead a positive and meaningful life based on solid values and principles.

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